Hey guys, Sam's here from NicheDropshipping, can't wait to support you for your orders.

Hey guys, I’m Sam, a member of this charming NicheDropshipping family.

Speaking of dropshipping, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce etc., these related words come to you, yes, if you have one of these stores, and would like to have a reliable dropshipping supplier for fulfilling your orders, don’t hesitate to come to us, to me, Sam who is here to offer support for all issues of your orders.

An ERP system is a must to have dropshipping orders to move smoothly, faster and intelligently, to work out your all related and potential issues. And that’s one of the biggest differences between us and other small firms.

Quality service. Nowadays quality service is also an important indicator to define a company, timely respond, professional on products, process, teamwork etc. These all are the key to accomplish our promises to our customers.

Free free to conact us for futher details and looking forward to say hey again.

Who Needs My Help

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You could just share the product, for example, Christmas tree and would like value-added service, we’ll consider adding ornaments on or offer you a couple of options for you to select.

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New Online Seller

We’ll have a first chat to discuss about what kind of niche is suitable for you and offer our suggestion for free. Guide you the steps one by one.

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Strict Requirement on Shipping Time.

To purhcae and stock your own inventory in our warehouses abroad, the US, Thailand, Germay, etc., could ensure a fast shipping time.

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Brand Developement.

This is a major part to our customers, we always help analyze and give our professional suggestions on the date and solutions

My Working Experiences Tell More About Me

call center agent

Timely Respond.

Always answer wthin 1-3 mins. And try to keep it even if we’re out of duty or on public holiday.

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With 8 years of woking experience on foreign trade & dropshipping, I could quickly offer suitable ways to solve all issues that my customers meet, extend their magic ideas, and suggest the cost-effective options.

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Familiar with Various of Products

Especially hot-selling ones, like fitness, household supplies, pet supplies, lady handbags, wallet, sunglesses, stickers, etc.

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Fully Understand Customers

Basically I met all potential issues after these years. I fully understand customers on their feeling and concern, which is very helpful for me to service well for my customers and have a nice relationship with them.

Professional Skill

Kindnessnad patience
Sense of Repsonsibility 98%
Work effiency
Response Speed
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Real Customer Case and Evaluation

We collect some of the problems encountered by customers with characteristic problems (with their consent) and show our solutions and results here. If you are also encountering these problems at the same time, you can always contact us to help you solve them

Problem from customer A

Customer would like to brand their scarf to add their woven label on it, but cannot find this service in system.


Considering scarf supplier doesn’t offer this kind of service for small qty. We found a tailor’ shop to work for this.


Sales of this product selling very well and scale, stable order qty now can easily meet custom order qty.

Customer Reviews

Sam and Niche team helped me a lot on my DW scarf project. I appreciate.

Problem from Customer B

Orders sent out with customer’s own packing box, but this is so bucky a cargo, huge cost on shipping cost each time.


We sorted out the style of bags, soft one to be packed with our polybag and express bag. Those tough one we tried to pack now 2-3 pcs/box and suggested customer to custom box in a more suitable size.


Shipping cost decreased and saved a lot of money for customer. Meanwhile, also no complaint on quality or damaged cases.

Customer Reviews

I had a great experience with Sam. Sam, you’re the best!

Problem from Customer C

Consumer complained that he received the product in wrong color.


Considering this barely happen (because there is a couple of steps to ensure). I quicky checked the products connection details, and found customer wrongly connected the color with his store and our system. We helped reconnect and sent again the right color.


I explained again the steps and details about the connection steps and matters that need attentions. Customer is more familiar with our dropshipping system.

Customer Reviews

Sam is such a patient guy. Thank you so much for your prompt and useful solutions.

What Customers Say?

I’m Sam, your support agent at NicheDropshipping. New one to dropshipping? It’s not a problem at all. Dimitri was one of them, now he has stable hundreds of orders each day. Can you imagine this just happened in less than 3 months?
We’d love to help you succeed, too. Come to us for a request.


Shipping cost much depends on parcel weight, destination and shipping method, There’s a calculator for this and also shipping time in our ERP system.

There’re two otpions avaiable

1) You kindly purchase your own inventory order first in our system, then orders in your stores could be sent out within 1-2 days.

2) After you get a order in your store and request us to fulfill, then our sourcing team will arrange to purchase from the related suppliers. Normally 2-3 days later goods will arrive at our warehouse, then sent out. This option generally takes 4-6 days.

Yep, this is workable. You could share details with your support agent.

No. For so most of products, no MOQ required.

Yes, for most niches we’re with much better prices, and one more point is that you could find all various of products you need to buy instead of placing orders to suppliers on AliExpress.

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