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Top 10 most popular products for dropshipping in 2018

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Finding winning trending products is not an easy task for dropshipping sellers. This is especially true for the dropshipping model, which allows you to add a variety of products at will.

So the key is to find products that will make you stand out.

To find a successful product is not easy, this article lists ten unique dropshipping products that are best for sale in 2018.

This article will also provide you with some marketing advice on behalf of shipping, to help you drive more traffic while selecting products.

Here, let us think a question: What kind of Dropshipping products are unique enough?

• Hard to find elsewhere on the web

• It is difficult to guess the price

• Interesting and attracting clicks from buyers

• Do not need to do too much research before buying

• Not too expensive

There are not many words, let us look at what products are there:

Moon Lamp

The first product is the moon light, this product will definitely make you stand out from a large number of competitive products.

If you want to enter the niche market of household goods, it is necessary to find enough unique products, such as the moon light, because there are already many well-known brands familiar to the audience in this market.

However, this does not mean that you have no chance at all.

If you can provide products that are attractive enough and buyers have never seen them, then they will definitely consider buying from you. After all, they don’t know where to buy these things.

The moonlight product is still not well known, but we expect it to become popular in the future, which is why it is on the list.

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Spy Camera

The second dropshipping recommended product is a spy camera.

The connection between technology and our daily lives is getting closer and closer, and now it has also set off waves in the field of home security.

Spy cameras allow you to monitor your home activities with your mobile video whenever and wherever possible, thus preventing intruders.

This product is still relatively untapped globally, so if you can add them to your sales list and do some effective marketing campaigns, you have a good chance to build your brand as One of the industry leaders.

In addition, the cost of purchasing spy cameras is relatively cheap, and they are very light, the seller can quickly deliver the products to them with the international ePacket.

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World Map Watch

According to the data, the skeleton watch is one of the most popular dropshipping products this fall, and the next popular one is probably the world map watch above.

Watches are a classic product, and this world map watch offers a new modern style that makes them a great addition to any seller of fashion accessories.

Because of the trendy and neutral nature of this product, and your audience may not have seen them before, this makes it the perfect dropshipping product.

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Gold-Plated Flower

Giving flowers to a lover is a classic romantic move, but unfortunately, these flowers will eventually wither.

Instead of giving your lover a gift that is relatively short-lived, you can also choose to give them an “eternal” gift, such as a bunch of gilded flowers, which are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day.

There have been many sellers who have achieved great success by selling these sought-after products.

You can add them to your inventory and promote them to your audience through a well-designed marketing campaign. If you add the positioning advice of the shrimp, this product is entirely likely to have a huge impact on your sales.

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Dog water bottle

Buyers who are passionate about their pets often like to pamper them with new and interesting products. This fact makes them an extremely valuable audience for e-commerce sellers.

However, it has been found that there are quite a few savvy sellers of this value, so unless you have a product that is unique enough and the buyer has not seen it before, it is difficult for you to enter the pet supplies industry.

With this in mind, the water bottle designed for dogs has entered our field of vision. This product is a good choice for dog owners who like to walk the dog, and it is currently relatively unknown in the pet industry, which makes it the perfect choice for the seller of the delivery.

If you can use this product with some marketing strategies, I believe you can successfully sell these products.

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Elephant Pillow (Elephant Pillow)

If you are looking for a suitable children’s product to expand your inventory, we strongly recommend that you consider elephant pillows. This unique product is perfect for dropshipping because it’s relatively inexpensive and difficult to find elsewhere, and customers often don’t need to do much research beforehand to buy.

However, the most prominent part of this product is its huge profit margin.

Since the purchase cost of this product is relatively cheap, you can consider adding it to your sales list. This also means that you will be able to generate more income and reinvest the money into the marketing activities of the product.

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These are the most unique and popular dropshipping products we have stocked in 2018. I hope you have found your own inspiration from this list.Hope this  will be helpful for your dropshipping business.

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