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wholesale leggings

Why Is Leggings Niche a Profitable Niche to Sell Online?

The global leggings market is projected to reach 11.2 billion USD in 2022 with an expected compound annual growth rate of 6.8% during the forecast period of 2022-2026. 

Leggings are no longer restricted to sports or gym wear anymore. They have become an all-rounder outfit for numerous purposes. In addition to serving the purpose as sportswear, gym wear, yoga pants, etc., they have also been adapted as casual wear.

Thanks to the athleisure trend, gaining its popularity over the last couple of years. Leggings have become a prominent part of casual wear outside the gyms. People started wearing them while going out for shopping, in a picnic, while travelling, etc.,

Leggings have been embraced by an average income household customer and a billion-dollar earning celebrity equally. This is the reason why leggings have a huge market with an enormous customer base.

As a business owner, earning huge profit margins is one of the factors that you would consider before choosing a niche. Leggings have a huge profit margin. They can be purchased at prices as low as 5$-10$ and can be sold at 30$.

Owing to the increased use in digital platforms and the growing interest of the customers in the E-Commerce stores, even the traditional brick and mortar stores are turning towards online E-Commerce stores.

Leggings niche is one such niche with consistent demand throughout the year. Opting for an offline store would limit the amount of shelf space to showcase your products.

An online store gives you the benefit of cataloguing and selling thousands of varieties of products at the convenience of one single website.

As the online stores have a higher reach compared to the offline stores, there’s a high chance for the expansion of your wholesale leggings business globally.

Wondering where to start your legging business? Need help with your wholesale legging business?

wholesale leggings
wholesale leggings

Why Is Dropshipping Business Model the Best Choice for Your Online Leggings Business?

Leggings are one of the essential wardrobe items which every woman has. They come in various shapes and sizes. If you run a conventional online business, maintaining an inventory of thousands of shapes and sizes of leggings can be very difficult.

As leggings are fashion items that follow seasonal trends, if you stock too much of a certain style and it doesn’t sell well, you would incur losses.

If you choose the dropshipping business model, as you place the order with the supplier or the dropshipping agent only after the customer places the order, the supplier or the agent directly ships the products to the customers.

This saves you the costs of inventory management. As you place the orders on the customer demand, you need not worry about purchasing stock in bulk and incurring losses.

Once you gain popularity in the leggings niche, it is easy to expand your dropshipping business in leggings niche to other related niches such as shapewear, fitness wear, yoga clothing, etc.,

Not convinced yet? There are thousands of testimonials from the dropshipping business owners on online forums, social media platforms such as Reddit, Quora, etc., vouching for the profitability of the dropshipping business model.

If you have already made up your mind to start your leggings dropshipping business, the next step is to find a trustworthy dropshipping agent to serve your business needs.

What Leggings Sell Well Online?

Leggings have been known to be a major part of athletic wear for ages. Running leggings and gym leggings can be used for athletic purposes as well as casual wear or streetwear. 

Butt-lifting or bum-sculpting leggings have been trending in this category, as they provide your glutes with a nice shape. Quick-dry leggings with mesh inserts are one of the most popular products in gym wear.

Colorblock leggings, printed tights with various prints such as animal prints, abstract prints, abstract prints, etc., are a few of the best-selling products in the leggings niche.

Yoga leggings are one of the evergreen products in the leggings niche that guarantees you profits all around the year. While selling yoga leggings, you need to ensure that they are comfortable, stretchable and they fit well.

High-waist leggings are versatile fashion items which can be worn as loungewear, casual wear, maternity wear, gym wear, etc., The demand for high-waist leggings only keeps growing. So, make sure to add these leggings to your dropshipping store.

As the seasons change, fashion trends change and simultaneously, the varieties of leggings also change.

Ribbed leggings, knit leggings, thermal leggings, fleece-lined leggings, etc., serve the purpose of keeping the customers warm while still making them look stylish.

Capri leggings and crop leggings are the most trending products in the summer in the leggings niche.

With so many different varieties, shapes and sizes, and the high-profit margins they offer, it is a wise option to sell leggings for your dropshipping store.

While selling leggings online, it is very important to ensure that they are of high quality. The customers keep returning to your dropshipping store only when they can trust the quality, comfort and fit of the leggings they buy.

If you are a beginner or if you are someone who is still getting a hang of the dropshipping business, finding a supplier who supplies high-quality products can be quite daunting. Don’t worry, we have a solution – dropshipping agents.

The dropshipping agents get in touch with the best leggings dropshipping suppliers and help you in sourcing the best quality leggings for your business.

wholesale leggings
wholesale leggings

Where to Find Suppliers for Leggings Dropshipping?

In 2021, China was the top exporting country of clothing, contributing almost 52.2% of the world exports followed by the Germany and Bangladesh.

AliExpress, Alibaba, TaoBao.com, 1688, DHGate and Tmart are some of the best leggings dropshipping suppliers in China. A4 Apparel, Nordstrom, Wholesale Central and FashionTIY are a few of the leading suppliers to dropship leggings in the USA.

Since China is the leading manufacturer for textiles and is the leading exporter, you can get good deals if you choose a Chinese dropshipping supplier or a dropshipping agent for your leggings business.

Are you looking to hire an agent who would make your job as a dropshipping business easy? You are at the right place.





Can NicheDropshipping Help Me Dropship Leggings?

wholesale leggings

Yes. One hundred per cent.

We partner with the best suppliers and local leggings vendors all around China to source the best products within the budget you choose. 

We know how important it is to ensure that the products you sell must be of high quality. So, we have a specially designated team to perform quality inspection of every single piece of leggings we ship to the customer.

We also provide additional services like customized labeling, branding and packaging based on your requirements.

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