Are you Dropshipping from AliExpress.com?

No doubt about that Aliexpress.com is one of the biggest online retail marketplace in this world, it is easy for dropshipper to find new ideas and inspartions for any products,however sellers on AliExpress can be either companies or individuals, there are still many problems if you dropship from Aliexpress.

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The Common Problems of Dropshipping From Aliexpress Sellers

Unprofessional Long Process time Out of Inventory Customized Service not available

Few Aliexpress seller turely understand How Dropshipping really works in real business situation, and instant communications is not supported during events.

Sellers on Aliexpress usually have a longer process time, and it affects your customer’s buying experiences.

Sellers on Aliexress are middle man who buys from 1688 and add a high profits which will increas your cost.

Sellers on Aliexpress can not offer full range of custmized services for you according your Branding & Marketing Stratagy.

Check Niche Dropshipping All-in-One Solutions

Professional Services Short Process time Inventory Management Customized Service available

We will create Skype group or FB Messager group for each customer, and your assigned Customer Success Manager will be in the group to support you all the way from product Sourcing to order fulfillment.

Same day processing available with quick and fast shipping to your customer, for example We have more than 21 different shipping options shipping from China to USA to make the delivery faster.

Your personal sourcing agent and Customer Success Manger in the Skype or FB Messager group works together with our purchaser work together will help to manage the inventory effectively to avoid the out of inventory issue.

Do you want to create your own private label band for your dropshipping business? All of our Customer Success Manager are from the B2B industry with many years of experiences, we can help you not only source the existing products but also help you to build your own brand.

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