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Dropshipping-Case Study 2: How I Safely Scale My Dropshipping Business

Notes: To protect our customer’s brand, we will not disclose any sensitive information regarding the store name, brand logo or details of the solutions. Thanks for your understanding.

“Get a proper dropshipping agent.”


Growth seemingly always comes with pain. For Paul, who was in the process of scaling his dropshipping business, it was true. Paul looked for solution in Facebook groups and got in touch with Nichedropshipping.



1. Unstable Supply

The worst nightmare for Paul when trying to scale his products was that the supplier ran out of stock all of a sudden from time to time. He had to soothe his restless customers all the time.

2. Overwhelmed by fulfilling orders

As more orders came in, it became stressful for Paul to send excel sheets to the suppliers to fulfill the orders as it took up too much time.

2. Pre-Order Inventory

Using our service, Paul is allowed to buy inventory in advance to stock in our warehouse for free. Orders with stocked products can be processed as fast as on the same day.

2. Automated Order Fulfillment

With Shopify store connected to our platform, orders can be synced and get paid in bulk. Tracking numbers are uploaded automatically to his store. The pain in order fulfillment is solved.


Stable stock and fast order processing made it possible for Paul to safely scale his business with less customer issues. His sales increased from 25 to 100+ each day.

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What Our Client Says?


Hello, I am Paul and I am just making this quick video to recommend NicheDropShipping and also to recommend Jeff Wu who has been helping me for the last month with my online business. I have been doing dropshipping for some months

now. Usually I fulfill my orders on
Aliexpress for some small products for testing but when scaling I basically get in touch with supplier and the way to do it is sending excels on a daily basis. And that takes some time you know like download all the orders, fulfill in the excel, send the excel, redo the excel and so on. So with NicheDropShipping, they have the APP which connects to your store and everything is synchronized. Jeff has always been supportive. His communication skills are great and whenever you ask him something even if he is doing weekends, he is always there for you. So I am pretty happy with them and I hope 2020 will be even greater. So yeah, I recommend NicheDropShipping and also Jeff. And I’m pretty happy with their services.

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