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Full Automatically Dropshipping?

By Just a few Clicks

8 easy steps to start your fully automatically dropshipping business, you will have total control of all the order fulfillment process with just a few clicks.


Step 1

create your dropshipping account

Create your account

Create a free account to use our app, it is free.

Step 2

authrize your dropshipping store to niche dropshipping

Store autorization

Authorize your store to our app.

Step 3

sourcing agent

Sourcing request

You can post FREE Sourcing requests, and our sourcing team will source products for you.

Step 4

Connect your listing to our drop shipping products

Listing connection

You need to connect the Listing in your Shopify store with Listings in our app.

Step 5

print on demand dropshipping

Start sell or place order

Then you can start to sell and all the orders will be sync to our app.If you have pending orders, our app will sync all orders from your store.

Step 6

Make payment for dropshipping orders

Make Payment

You can Choose the orders which you need us to fulfill, select them by one or two clicks and make in all in one or separated payments by just few clicks.Easy, Secure, and Accurate.

Step 7

dropshipping Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment

We will fulfill your orders within 48 hours, we remove price tag, make customized packing for your products and send them to E-packet or other chosen shipping methods.

Step 8

Shopify Integration

Tracking updates

Tracking numbers will be synced to your Shopify Store automatically, your customer will get the email notifications from Shopify.