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The third quarter of 2020 team building tour in Huzhou, China

Our Team

Hi. As you can see, we are a dynamic and enthusiastic team. We are young dreamers who share the same goal, which is to help our clients improve their business through our comprehensive supply chain and extensive network in China, as well as our secure and convenient online platform and app.

By leveraging our strengths, we can help more entrepreneurs scale their dropshipping businesses safely and efficiently. Of course, it requires a team with rich practical experience to deal with our clients’ problems and solve their pain points. We believe that the best way to grow our business is to help our clients grow their business first.

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Stanley Nieh

Founder & CEO

Stanley, founder & CEO of NicheDropshipping, with over 10 years of experience in foreign trade, has helped 2k+ customers improve their dropshipping business.

Nick 4

Nick Chen

Customer Support Agent

With 10 years experience in foreign trade industry, Nick is your reliable agent of dropshipping business. He enjoys helping customers to grow and develop.

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Product Sourcing Agent

Our patient and dedicated sourcing agent Aruna helps clients compare suppliers and find products with better prices.  

0004 NicheDropshipping Sunny 2 1

Sunny Liu

Customer Support Agent

With 7 years of experience helping clients in business, Sunny is your reliable private assistant for sourcing and fulfillment in dropshipping.

Lily 1

Lily Ho

Customer Support Agent

With ten years of international trade experience and three years of purchasing experience, Lily will be your best helper for your dropshipping business.


Jeff Wu

Customer Support Agent

Jeff is a highly recommended account mananger for customers. He has 6 years of experience in dropshipping industry.

0006 NicheDropshipping Ella 9 1


Customer Support Agent

Xingyue, an energetic girl, with over 1 year of experience in foreign trade, knows the operation well. She enjoys helping customers get what they want.

0008 NicheDropshipping boshu 2 2

Boshu Yang

Content Marketer

Boshu is a content marketer at NicheDropshipping. Short paragraphs and proper capitalization can give her peace of mind.

NicheDropshipping girl2

Candy Xu

Accounting Specialist

Candy is an accounting specialist at NicheDropshipping. She has been engaged in accounting for ten years.

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Bin Huang

Photographer, Director

You don’t want to miss any moments Adam creates, which are incomparably beautiful.

NicheDropshipping woman 2

Wanda Wang

Customer Support Agent

Wanda, customer favorite account manager, with 3 years of experience in the dropshipping industry, she wants to help customers and witness their growth.

NicheDropshipping girl

Taylor Duan

Customer Support Agent

Taylor was graduated from English major and she also minored in international trade at school. She is very responsible and patient at work.

0001 NicheDropshipping Alextao 2 1

Tao Alex

Web Site Engineer

Alextao hopes that NicheDropshipping’s business and his colleagues who work together every day can meet with you in the best way through the Web site.

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