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Why Is Makeup a Great Niche to Sell Online?

The global cosmetics market is estimated to grow to a value of 377.24 billion USD by 2029, at an expected compound annual growth rate of 5.8% during the forecast period of 2022-2029.  

Makeup is an evergreen niche with consistent demand throughout the year. There are numerous sub-niches that come under the makeup niche. So it’s easy to expand the business or sell the trending products.

Thanks to the YouTube beauty gurus, makeup has become an essential staple item for every household. Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, product promotions and reviews made makeup more popular and a customer-favourite niche.

Although the makeup market is predominantly dominated by female consumers, with the thinning of the gender-based boundaries, there are customers for makeup irrespective of the gender.

If you are selling makeup offline in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, there will be so many problems such as purchasing more inventory space and in-store space to accommodate the products.

Customers are also turning towards buying makeup online because of the numerous reviews available. They can make an informed decision about what kind of products they want to buy at the comfort of their home.

The flagship makeup stores such as Sephora, Loreal, MAC Cosmetics, etc., also have expanded their business to online stores, given the demand for makeup products online.

Now that you are convinced that you should start your makeup business online, the next step is to find a trustworthy supplier or dropshipping agent to source makeup of high quality.

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Why Is Makeup a Great Niche to Sell Online?
Why Choose Dropshipping Business Model for Your Online Makeup Store?

Why Choose Dropshipping Business Model for Your Online Makeup Store?

Makeup is a broad niche with a variety of products, each product having different variations for different skin tones and consumer needs. It is almost impossible to maintain a stock for so many varieties of products when it is a conventional online store.
This also makes maintaining an extensive catalogue of a large number of products impossible.

If you choose the dropshipping business model to sell makeup online, you can add any number of items to your online store, without worrying about inventory management. 

If you run a conventional online business, once you place the order, you need to wait for the shipments to arrive at your warehouse and then, ship them to the customers. This increases the waiting time, shipping duration, etc.,

With the dropshipping business model, as you place the order with the supplier or the dropshipping agent only when the customer places the order, the supplier or the agent will be directly shipping the makeup products to the customer, saving cost, time and effort.

Makeup products usually are tiny and delicate items. So, extreme care has to be exercised while packing and shipping them. This requires a great deal of attention-to-detail and time. 

As the suppliers or agents ship to the customer directly in the dropshipping business model, you need not go through the hassle of packaging, labelling and shipping. Instead, you can focus your attention and time on promoting the products.

The most important factor that makes or breaks your makeup dropshipping business is the quality of the makeup products that you sell. 

To ensure the sourcing of high-quality products, you can hire a dropshipping agent, who helps you with sourcing, quality inspection and many other business activities.

What Makeup Sells Well Online?

The sales of each variety of makeup products change according to the current seasonal trends. For example, fake eyelashes were not as popular a few years ago as they are now.  

Similarly, highlighters have gained a lot of demand and popularity as the influencers and YouTube beauty gurus have been using them a lot. Highlighters highlight the parts of the face on which the camera light hits predominantly, giving that picture-perfect selfie.

Common people are in search of cosmetics that consume less time for application but make their face look flawless. BB creams and CC creams are multi-functional makeup products which take very less application time and give that fresh look.

With the growing environmental consciousness among the people all around the globe, vegan, cruelty-free, organic makeup products have garnered a lot of attention. They sell well and also you can contribute your part to maintaining ecological balance.

You can sell cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic products such as foundations, concealers, blushes, lipsticks, etc.,

Brow styling products have become one of the trending products over the recent past. You can sell brow gels, brow pencils, brow styling wax, etc.,

In addition to the numerous makeup products, you can also sell makeup accessories such as cute compact mirrors, makeup brushes, makeup organizing systems, makeup brush cleaners, sponges, perfumes, etc.,

You can always study the market and see the trending products and make huge profits with your makeup dropshipping business. 

Once you have decided what to sell on your online makeup store, the next step is to find an agent who helps you procure products from the best makeup suppliers in the market.

What Makeup Sells Well Online?
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Where to Find the Best Suppliers for Makeup Dropshipping?

Makeup niche is a very competitive niche with thousands of products and thousands of suppliers. You must be very careful while choosing the suppliers for your makeup dropshipping business. 

A few of the factors that you have to consider before choosing a makeup supplier are: 

  • if they are trustworthy (check their product reviews and ratings), 
  • if they offer product sampling to ensure the quality of the products they sell and 
  • if you can build a long-term relationship with them.

AliExpress, Alibaba, TaoBao.com, Born Pretty, 1688, DHGate, LightInTheBox, and Tmart are some of the best makeup dropshipping suppliers in China. 

BeautyJoint, Nordstrom, WorldWide Brands, EZ Dropshipper, and ISO Beauty are a few of the leading suppliers to dropship makeup in the USA.

Gone are the days when you have to spend your business hours on research to search for the best suppliers in the market. Now, with a simple registration process, you can hire an agent who will find you the best makeup suppliers in the market.

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