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Why Is Swimwear a Great Niche to Sell Online?

The global swimwear market is projected to increase from 19.8 billion USD in 2021 to 21 billion USD in 2022 with an expected compound annual growth rate of 6.3% during the forecast period.

Women’s swimwear revenue accounted for more than two-thirds of the share of the global revenue generated in the swimwear industry.

Swimwear is worn for specific outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, water skiing, water polo or even sunbathing.

There has been a steady rise in the disposable incomes of the households and their interest in traveling. As a result, there has been an increase in beachside vacations. This, in turn, increased the demand for swimwear.

Over the years, swimwear has become more of a fashion statement. With advances in technology, innovation and design, a lot of new designs, fabrics and varieties of swimwear have come up in the swimwear market.

Bathing suits, two-piece bikinis, one-piece bikinis, swimming trunks, coverups, etc., have been designed to be both functional as well as stylish.

Fabrics such as neoprene, nylon, polyester, blended fabrics, etc., are used to give the product the necessary stretch and to protect the customers from harsh sun, chlorine and water.

You can also expand your swimwear business to sell related accessories such as sunglasses, sandals, sunscreens, etc.,

If you run a traditional brick and mortar store, the main challenge is to keep up with the operational and upkeep costs.

If you run an online business instead, the setup costs will be less as you need not purchase a space for setting up for your store, unlike an offline store.

Customers also prefer online shopping as it provides them with thousands of options to choose from at the comfort of their own home.

Besides, online stores are providing good returns policy, speedy delivery options and attractive discounts to lure customers towards online shopping.
This explains why selling swimwear online is a lucrative option to earn higher profit margins at lower setup costs.

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dropship swimwear
dropship swimwear

Why Is Dropshipping Business Model a Wise Choice for Your Online Swimwear Store?

If you run a conventional online store, the primary challenge you are going to face is inventory management.

Although you can add hundreds or thousands of products to your online store catalog, maintaining a bulk inventory is almost impossible.

This would involve a lot of initial purchasing costs, storage costs and transportation costs. In case the products do not sell well, the products purchased in bulk would result in huge losses.

Swimwear niche is a niche that changes according to the latest seasonal fashion trends. The sales of the swimwear are heavily reliant on the relevance of the trends, comfort and quality of the product.

In this scenario, the safest bet is to dropship swimwear as you can carefully read the reviews, sample out the products and see which items sell well. Furthermore, there is no need for inventory management.

You would be placing the order with the supplier or the dropshipping agent only when the customer places the order. Once the order is placed, the supplier directly ships the products to the customer. This saves you the shipping time and costs.

There are hundreds of swimwear vendors in the dropshipping market. It is crucial to choose the best vendors to procure high-quality products to retain the existing customers and to attract new ones.

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What Swimwear Sells Well Online?

As we have already established earlier, swimwear is a popular niche with hundreds of varieties. To help you further with your swimsuit dropshipping business, we have put together some of the best-selling swimwear trends.

One-piece swimsuits are evergreen swimwear items, with consistent demand all around the year. Be it for that perfect beach vacation or just lounging by the pool, one-piece swimsuits are a hard-to-miss option among the swimwear fashion choices.

High waisted bottoms and knotted tee shirt bikini tops are on trend this year. Prints such as nautical prints, retro polka dots, animal prints, floral prints and tropical prints are a few of the best-selling styles in the swimwear market.

Although there are hundreds of varieties of bikini models in the market, metallic-hued bikinis such as gold, silver or aqua hue always have their charm.

Be it a picnic on a sunny day or a day-out by the oceanside, bralettes are a wise fashionable choice. They are cute, comfortable and very stylish. You can dropship color-blocked bralettes, two-toned bralettes, floral, lacy or crochet bralettes.

Neon-colored swimwear is one of the best-selling categories in the swimwear market. You can dropship neon bikinis, neon swim trunks, neon swim shorts, etc.,

Full-sleeved swimsuits are extremely popular among the surfers as they provide them with the necessary protection from the sun. For men, you can dropship swim shorts with various prints such as stripes, camouflage, tie-dye and tropical prints.

You can also sell coverups, kimonos, straw hats, etc., along with swimwear items.

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dropship swimwear
dropship swimwear

Where to Find the Best Suppliers for Swimwear Dropshipping?

While choosing a supplier for your swimsuit dropshipping business, please keep in mind that 

  • The supplier must be reliable and trustworthy. Read the reviews and testimonials.
  • The supplier must supply high-quality products.
  • Check if the supplier has fast delivery options.
  • Check if the supplier’s shipping and return policy are sound. 

AliExpress, CN Bikinis, Girlmerry.com, Alibaba, TaoBao.com, 1688 and DHGate are some of the best swimwear dropshipping suppliers in China. 

Nordstrom, Kiefer, WorldWide Brands, Wholesale Central and Lovely Wholesale are a few of the leading suppliers to dropship swimwear in the USA.

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dropship swimwear

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