10 Best-Selling Home and Garden Products in 2023

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Having lived through global lockdowns, many people have rekindled or discovered their love for gardening and other indoor hobbies to pass the time. 

For some, home improvement was one of their top priorities. In 2023, even though people can freely go out, there are still top home and garden products worth adding to your dropshipping store. 

In this article, we’ll be enumerating the 10 best-selling home and garden dropshipping products to sell—in no particular order. We’ll also answer a few questions related to this niche. 

Let’s get started!

Best selling home and garden products

Top 10 Home and Garden Dropshipping Products to Sell

The ecommerce market for the home and garden niche is expected to grow by $102 billion in 2024. The lockdowns may have eased up but the niche isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

With such a huge number, it’s definitely reasonable if you want to be a part of this market. 

The top 10 items below are a few items you should consider adding to your store. 

Flower Pots

Not many people are privileged to have their outdoor garden. So as much as they want to plant in actual soil, they’ll have to opt for flower pots. 

Hence, flower pots are a top product to dropship. Mind you, these pots aren’t always made of ceramic. For the past few years, manufacturers have explored plastic, recycled materials, and even glass as the main material for the pot.  

Adding flower pots, however, need a bit more effort. You can choose to add random pots, but it’s best to study what kind of pots appeal to your target market.

It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not, you only have to make sure your customers will buy it from your store. 

If you opt to sell the fragile type of pots, look for a nearby supplier and ensure they offer good shipping options. 


Yes, blankets. 

Two types of blankets have found their way to mainstream media, and people are loving them. 

One of the more popular types of blankets is weighted blankets because these improve sleep quality, ease stress and anxiety, and provide comfort and security. 


Knitted throw blankets are also a top product because they’re perfect for cozy afternoon naps. Although most countries have four seasons, this will still be suitable for a good night’s rest. 

These two types of blankets weigh differently, therefore, there may be some variables in terms of shipping. Don’t worry though, they’re still pretty easy to ship given that they’re not fragile items. 

Gardening Tool Kit

There was a time when social media platforms were filled with all sorts of plants. As people discovered—or rediscovered—their green thumbs, they found love for gardening tool kits. 

These tool kits often have the necessary items to keep plants alive and the ground cultivated. Tools kits vary according to the number and types of tools included. 

However, some common tools include shovels, shears, rakes, and knives. These are made from different kinds of materials, so just select ones that are known to be hard-wearing. 

As a dropshipper, you’ll be delighted to know that these are affordable and will give you a significant profit margin. Find a good supplier, create a great marketing strategy and you’ll be good to go. 

Home Organizers

Home organizers come in all shapes and sizes. More often than not, these items are used to tidy up spaces where make-up and skincare products are usually found. 

But some have been pretty creative in using them. 

Organizers don’t have a single type of design. These days, rotating and adjustable organizers are at the top of their list because of their convenience. 

Kitchen organizers are usually ones with shelves to save up space and make room for other appliances or items. Some collapsible organizers can be used and stored easily. 

Home organizers

Regardless of what type of organizer, these are items that people will always look for because of their space-saving characteristics. 

These are easy to ship because they’re often lightweight. The price point is also a plus because they’re affordable. 

Memory Foam Pillows

Gone are the days when there was just one type of pillow. Now, pillows are used to solve lots of problems like backaches, sleep quality, and chronic pain.

A popular item is the memory foam pillow. This pillow relieves shoulder, neck, and back pain because of its design. It’s also more stable even when you’re constantly moving while sleeping. 

Relief from pressure points and material breathability is also the advantages you get from this pillow. 

Although these are significantly more expensive than the usual pillow, the advantages will make it an easy purchase. 

Be sure to find a good supplier and have the pillows wrapped properly. 

Hanging Planters 

Hanging planters literally take plants to the next level. 

This product hits two birds with one stone. It’s not just for those who love plants, but also for those who want to use nature to liven up their home. 

From macrame to stainless steel hanging planters, there are just too many to choose from. Adding the right ones will most likely depend on who you want to target. 

Do note that the price points vary based on the material of the planter. Don’t worry, they’re affordable, giving you a reasonable profit margin. 

Standing and Floor Lamps

Given the chance, people will always make their house look aesthetically pleasing. To some, this would be in the form of great lighting. 

And the easiest way to add great lighting is to buy lamps, either a standing or floor lamp. This type of lamp saves you the hassle of going through house renovations. 

Standing and floor lamps

By simply putting it in a good spot, the lamp will do wonders for setting the ambiance. 

These products come in all shapes and sizes. Shipping can be a challenge, so make sure you find the right logistics provider or have a good talk with your supplier. 

With the right marketing and products, your target market will definitely love your store. 

Diffusers and Oils

Diffusers and oils have been a top product since time immemorial. A good-smelling house is always a great idea, even when we were required to wear masks. 

That’s why, despite the pandemic, people still bought diffusers and oils to make their homes smell amazing. 

Most of the diffusers these days are also used as night lights, too. A lot of diffusers now have light options that you can easily customize. Some of these are also rechargeable, making them convenient for traveling. 

Oils, on the other hand, should also be available in your store if you choose to add this product. The convenience of being a one-stop-shop will be a plus for your customers. 

Wall Decors

As you can see, we’re big on home improvements without the renovations. Products that fit this description are wall decors. 

This includes mirror wall stickers, macrame decors, stainless steel decorative frames, and fancy paintings. A couple of wall decors can easily elevate a living space, given the right arrangement and color matching. 

On top of that, a lot of these items are now more affordable. Just because it looks fancy, doesn’t mean the price point is through the roof. 

Just by finding the right suppliers, you can already set a good profit margin and still make it affordable for your customers. 

Although, this shouldn’t stop you from pricing it right if you know how to market your store well. 

Glass Terrariums

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about green thumbs who love succulents. No matter how small these plants are, they still deserve a good amount of attention.

One of the ways people elevate these plants is through glass terrariums. 

Glass terrariums

Geometric glass terrariums are suitable for those who want an edgy touch to their homes. On the other hand, gold or metal-finish terrariums should be ideal for those who want a classier look. 

But because it’s glass, this is evidently a fragile item. So, prioritize a reliable shipping option to avoid future issues. The price point also varies depending on the design and the supplier, so do your research and decide which best suits your target market. 

FAQ on Home and Garden Products

How to Dropship Home and Garden Niche Products? 

Dropshipping home and garden niche products are pretty much the same as dropshipping other types of products. What sets it apart is the branding of the overall store. 

First, you need to build a dropshipping store that targets those who are looking for reliable and useful products to use at home. Preferably, build a store that’s easy to use and aesthetically clean. 

Next, look for top products that your target market is looking for. You can add the ones above or opt to look for similar or complementary products. Just remember to offer something useful, reasonably priced, and safe to ship. 

You also need to find the right home and decor suppliers. Read the reviews, try placing and receiving an order, and decide if they’re the best option for your target market and location. 

Lastly, establish a good marketing strategy. Know what platform and method best reach your customers and make sure to maximize your budget. 

But all of these won’t work if you don’t dedicate time and effort to research and strategize when you need to. These aren’t set in stone, so constantly educate yourself on the latest trends and strategies, as well. 

Is the Home and Garden Niche Profitable?

Absolutely. The home and garden niche is profitable for anyone who knows how to reach their target market and sell the right products. 

Home and garden niche

There is a common misconception that popular niches are guaranteed to bring in the money. 

However, people often forget that despite the popularity, they still need to put in the effort to become successful. This means building the right store, selling the right products, and just being prepared for anything that goes your way. 

The same goes with the home and garden niche. Be diligent and do your research. Don’t just rely on what others tell you. Use your money wisely, and make sure you have the data to back up your expenses. 

In Conclusion

The home and garden niche remains to be one of the niches you should consider getting into. It’s a niche that will always be around, regardless of the year and decade. 

It’s good to note though that success in this niche also requires a lot of research and planning. The list above should be a helping hand if you’re unsure of what to add to your store. 

You also shouldn’t hesitate to seek the help of industry experts to get you started. You may contact us if you want to source these best-selling home and garden products for your next business venture. 

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