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1 Wholesale and Dropship Home Decor

Why Is Home Decor a Profitable Niche to Sell Online?

The global home decor market was projected to be at 714.2 billion USD in 2022. It is estimated to grow at an expected compound annual growth rate of 4.1% during the forecast period of 2022-2027, it’s value reaching almost 873.2 billion USD by 2027.

With the numbers above, it is obvious that home decor has a huge market in the retail industry. With the rise in disposable incomes of an average consumer household, the majority of the consumers are looking to decorate their houses aesthetically.

With the statistics mentioned above and the ever-increasing demand for the home decor among the customers, home decor is one of the most popular niches in the E-Commerce industry.

The advantage of choosing home decor as your main niche for your business is the flexibility to branch out and pick one among the many sub-niches in home decor.

Be it small furniture, wall hangings, kitchen and dining, bathroom decor, bedroom decor, artificial flowers, carpets and rugs, laminates, there are endless options to sell in the home decor niche.

Customers are preferring online stores to offline stores as they can conveniently select the home decor products and get them delivered without the hassle of actually going to the store.

The improvements in return policy, exchange policy, the number of deals from the online stores have been the additional factors contributing to the huge customer demand for the online home decor business.

Even the flagship stores for home decor business such as IKEA, Pottery Barn, etc., have online stores to cater to the needs of the customers online.

If you are looking for a niche that helps you earn good profit margins and grow your business exponentially, home decor niche is a suitable choice.

Now that you have decided to start your online business in the home decor niche, the next step is to get started on finding a dropshipping agent who helps you source the best products.

2 Why Is Home Decor a Profitable Niche to Sell Online
3 Why Dropshipping Business Model Is a Wise Choice for Your Online Home Decor Business

Why Dropshipping Business Model Is a Wise Choice for Your Online Home Decor Business?

The primary constraint with running a home decor business is inventory space management.

As the home decor business involves a lot of products that consume a lot of space, going with the conventional online business model, would result in investing a large amount of money on purchasing inventory space and storage space.

Due to these constraints, running a conventional online business would result in offering the customer a limited range of products to buy.

If you opt for the dropshipping business model, you wouldn’t have to worry about inventory space management. You can list hundreds of products on your online store catalogue without a second thought.

As you place the order with the supplier only when the customer places the order and the supplier ships the products directly to the customers, the question of maintaining an inventory is completely erased.

With dropshipping, you can always test out a variety of products like furniture, wall hangings, rugs, etc., and choose what works for your business without actually buying and storing the products and incurring extra costs.

Owing to all these additional advantages the dropshipping business model entails, dropshipping is the safe bet for your wholesale home decor business.

Worried about the quality of the home decor products for your dropshipping business? Seek the help of a dropshipping agent to help you out with sourcing the products of the best quality.

What Home Decor Items Sell Well Online?

Curtains are one of the most essential items in the home decor business. In addition to offering protection from air-borne particles, sunlight, rain, etc., and offering privacy, curtains also elevate the aesthetic value of the interior design of a place.

Sheer curtains, floor-to-ceiling curtains, two-colour curtains are some of the trending products in the curtain category.

Lamps are another of the home decor items which are both trendy and functional. Smart lamps, mood lamps, colour-changing lamps, USB lamps have become quite popular over the last couple of years.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, a lot of people have opted to work from home. People have been investing in setting up a work station at home. Office desks, office supplies with lighting have gained a lot of popularity in the last year owing to this.

Wall stickers category is one of the most trending categories in the home decor products. As they can be applied with ease and consume minimal effort and time and add an artistic look to the rooms, they have a huge demand.

Thanks to Marie Kondo and other closet organizing shows on Netflix. Storage organizers and cute storage compartments have become quite popular. There has been a consistent increase in the demand for these products.

Owing to the growing interest in holistic healing therapies, essential oils have garnered a lot of attention over the recent past. Along with the popularity of the essential oils, the demand for oil diffusers has also increased simultaneously. You can sell essential oil combos along with an oil diffuser to earn a good profit margin.

Wall clocks are some of the home decor items with a huge profit markup. The timelessness and the elegance they provide to any room make them a lucrative product to sell.

The products listed are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more options in the home decor niche which guarantee profits.

By now, you have decided what products to sell for your home decor dropshipping business. The next step is to source high-quality products to sell them.

No matter if you are someone who is just starting up the business or someone who is expanding the business, it is always a good idea to hire a dropshipping agent.

As the dropshipping agents handle most of the business activities starting from product sourcing till the end of the process flow – say, final shipping to the customer, your job as a business owner becomes easy. All you have to do is making sales.

4 What Home Decor Items Sell Well Online
5 Where to Find Home Decor Suppliers for Dropshipping

Where to Find Home Decor Suppliers for Dropshipping?

China is one of the leading exporting countries, exporting a majority of the home decor products all around the world.

AliExpress, Alibaba, LightInTheBox, TaoBao.com, 1688 and DHGate are some of the best Chinese suppliers to dropship home decor of high quality.

Sagebrook Home, Aspire Home Accents, Classic Touch Decor are a few of the US-based dropshipping suppliers for good home decor.

As China is one of the top exporting countries, the variety of the products available with the Chinese home decor dropshipping suppliers is quite extensive and available at much more affordable prices.

As there are thousands of products and suppliers on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best suppliers and products.

This is where a dropshipping agent comes into the picture. Hit the button below, tell us your needs, and one of our earnest agents will get in touch real soon.





Can NicheDropshipping Help Me Dropship Home Decor?

6 Can NicheDropshipping Help Me Dropship Home Decor

Yes. One hundred per cent.

Our mission at NicheDropshipping is to make dropshipping easier and help grow your business by sourcing the best products from the best suppliers all around China.

In addition to product sourcing services, we also provide quality inspection, branded packaging, private labeling and shipping services.

We offer a one-stop solution for all your home decor dropshipping business needs.

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