6 Bra and Lingerie Dropshipping Suppliers

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bra and lingerie dropshipping suppliers


Venturing into the lingerie dropshipping suppliers and related business can be an exciting opportunity. By partnering with the right suppliers, you can offer a diverse range of products that cater to various preferences and sizes. With no requirement for a physical inventory, you can reduce overhead costs significantly. Nevertheless, the success in this industry relies on understanding the intricate details of bra types and structures, as well as the importance of maintaining high-quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Dropshipping allows you to sell lingerie and bras without holding physical inventory.
  • Choosing reliable suppliers is crucial for a diverse and high-quality product range.
  • Customer satisfaction hinges on quality, variety, and efficient logistics.
bra and lingerie suppliers

Understanding Dropshipping in Lingerie and Bra Market

In navigating the bra and lingerie market, you’ll find dropshipping a key player in connecting suppliers and consumers more efficiently. This method has revolutionized how lingerie is sold, particularly in terms of speed and variety.

The Rise of Lingerie Dropshipping

The projected growth of the global lingerie market is substantial, estimated to surpass 34.5 billion by 2027, showcasing its significant role in the women’s apparel sector. Surprisingly, studies suggest that approximately 8 out of 10 women wear ill-fitting bras, underscoring the critical need for correctly sized undergarments.

The lingerie market has seen a surge in popularity with the advent of dropshipping. This model allows you to sell bras and lace-adorned lingerie without holding any inventory yourself. Instead, when an order is placed on your ecommerce platform, it is fulfilled directly by the supplier. Notably, in the USA, numerous dropshipping suppliers have specialized in women’s clothing, including lingerie, aligning with the latest fashion trends.

  • Speed: With dropshipping, the time from order to delivery is significantly reduced.
  • Variety: You can offer a wide range of styles without the risk of unsold stock.

Key Factors Driving Demand

Several factors boost demand within the bra and lingerie dropshipping market:

  1. Quality: Consumers nowadays expect high-quality fabric and construction in their underwear, including soft lace and durable clasps.
  2. Fashion and Trends: Keeping up with evolving fashion trends is crucial, and dropshipping allows you to quickly adapt your offerings.
  3. Ecommerce Growth: More women are turning to online shopping for their intimate wear, which has been favorable for the dropshipping business model.

      4. Demographics: Shifts in demographics contribute to the market’s expansion, as a     diverse audience begins to appreciate a broader definition of what lingerie can be.

By remaining updated on these dynamics, you’re better positioned to anticipate changes in what your customers want and how you can profitably deliver it.

bra cup sizes

Understanding Bra Types and Structure

When you’re considering dropshipping bras, knowing about the different bra cup types and structures can help you cater to a diverse customer base. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Full cup bras offer complete coverage and are ideal for support.
  • Balconette bras have a horizontal cut, which creates a lifted effect.
  • Demi cup bras cover about half of the breast, offering less coverage than full cup.
  • Push-up bras have additional padding to enhance cleavage.

The underwear belt size, also known as the band size, is crucial for providing the right support. It ranges typically from about 28 inches to 44 inches and should fit snugly around the torso.

Let’s make it clear:

  1. ABCDEF and beyond: These are cup sizes, with A being the smallest and usually corresponding to a bust measurement that’s 1 inch larger than the band size. B is typically 2 inches larger, C is 3 inches, and so on. Once you get past D, the sizing can vary a bit more between brands.
  2. Band sizes (M, L, XL): In some brands or regions, you might see bra sizes denoted with letters like M (Medium), L (Large), XL (Extra Large), etc., for the band size. These usually correspond to a range of measurements. For example, M might cover band sizes 34-36, L might cover 36-38, and XL might cover 38-40, but these ranges can vary between brands.
  3. Combined sizes: In some cases, you might see bras labeled with both a letter for the band size (M, L, XL) and a letter for the cup size (A, B, C, etc.). For example, an M might come with an A cup, while an XL might come with a C cup.
sports bra

Sports underwear is designed for physical activities. They provide extra support and reduce movement during exercise. Look for sports bras in different levels of intensity to cater to various workout types.

Wireless underwear or wire-free bras are all about comfort. They offer a softer structure without compromising on support, making them perfect for all-day wear.

For a sleek look under tight clothing, seamless underwear is the way to go. These bras are smooth and invisible under garments, ensuring no lines are shown.


  • Underwire bra: Best for shape and support.
  • Wireless bra: For comfort and natural shape.
  • Sports bra: For active use.
  • Seamless bra: For an invisible look.

Understanding these key aspects of bras will certainly help in choosing the right suppliers and appealing to a range of customers. Choose wisely to ensure that your dropshipping store stands out in the lingerie market!

Top Dropshipping Suppliers for Bras and Lingerie

Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers is a crucial step for your online lingerie store. Whether you’re looking for variety, quality, or geographical convenience, there are suppliers that cater to every need. Here’s a closer look at some of the top options available to you.

Suppliers in the USA

If you’re focusing on customers in the United States and want fast shipping times, there are the following companies for you to choose from.



Step into Glamorise‘s legacy since 1921, redefining comfort with size-inclusive lingerie. Based in NYC, it pioneered bras for all body types, offering bands from 30 to 58 and cups B to K. Its sports bra invention in 1975 furthered our commitment to innovation and inclusivity.


Enjoy hassle-free shipping with Glamorise. For US orders, including Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO, and territories, get free USPS First Class Shipping in 3-5 business days, including PO boxes. International shipping to Canada takes 5-14 days for prompt delivery. Discover confidence and comfort with Glamorise lingerie today.



Brabuilders.com is a premier destination for customized wholesale lingerie, boasting a heartwarming founding story that reflects passion and dedication to celebrating women’s beauty. Their blog provides seasonal color recommendations, ensuring customers stay fashionable. 

Specializing in factory production in Wisconsin, they offer a wide range of fabrics such as lace and various patterns, embodying a charming countryside and youthful aesthetic with a dedicated Kid Zone. Their products are priced between USD 30-50, combining affordability with quality craftsmanship. 


Domestic shipments under 12 ounces use first-class package at a flat rate, which may vary with postal rate changes. Items less than 2 ounces and slim enough for a small envelope ship for $1. Orders over 12 ounces have a flat rate based on postal charges. Non-dyed items ship promptly, often the same or next business day. Dyed items, except for Frost and select Midnight shades, may take longer to process.

Suppliers in China and Asia

Asia is a hub for dropshipping suppliers, with platforms like AliExpress leading the market. Suppliers like ComeonDear offer a vast selection of lingerie products at competitive prices.

  • Pros:
    • Extensive product variety
    • Competitive pricing
  • Cons:
    • Longer shipping times to Western countries


ohyeah comeondear

Ohyeah Co.,Ltd. is a reputable supplier specializing in wholesale, ODM, and OEM of sexy lingerie and dresses. Their extensive product line includes plus-size lingerie, babydolls, dresses, bodystockings, leggings, underwear, panties, and corsets. With its own factory, Comeon (Xiamen) Apparel Co., Ltd, and partnerships with top clothing manufacturers, Ohyeah Co.,Ltd. offers strong manufacturing and design capabilities.

International Market Focus and Services:

Ohyeah targets overseas markets such as Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and South America. They cater to wholesale, retail, and ODM orders, allowing customers to provide product images or samples for customized production with their trademark. Their services include design, development, production, and trade, supported by high-quality packaging and images suitable for store sales.

Advantages and Ordering Information:

It stands out with a range of advantages, including top-level copyright photos, high-end packaging, multiple size options, extensive stock availability, and personalized accessories services. They offer no-brand orders with a minimum order of US $100 and ODM orders requiring 500 pieces per style, color, and size. OEM orders have specific quantity requirements per product category, ensuring flexibility and customization for clients.

European-Based Suppliers

For those who are targeting the European market, Matterhorn Wholesale provides a mix of quality and regional accessibility. They are a reliable supplier stocking a variety of European brands.



Advantages of Poland’s Location – Wholesale Range and Integration Support:

Situated in Poland, the platform boasts several advantages for wholesale buyers. It offers a broad spectrum of products, including clothing and footwear, from various brands. Moreover, the system seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, facilitating efficient inventory and order management for shop owners.

Logistics and Availability – Flexible Orders and Global Reach:

The platform prioritizes customer convenience with no minimum order requirements, allowing buyers to purchase as needed. It provides worldwide shipping and consolidates shipments from diverse vendors and brands. With support for 14 language versions, it ensures accessibility for a global customer base. Explore an extensive assortment of over 30,000 products across more than 120 different brands.

Remember to evaluate suppliers based on their reliability, shipping options, product quality, and how well they fit into your business model. Whether you choose a supplier from the USA, China, Asia, or Europe, make sure they align with your customer’s expectations and your store’s brand image.

Professional Sourcing Experts



As a renowned name in the dropshipping industry, NicheDropshipping has solidified its position as a leading dropshipping company with operational bases in China and the USA. With strategically located warehouses, NicheDropshipping offers global fulfillment services for jewelry dropshipping orders, ensuring efficient and timely delivery to customers worldwide.

Extensive Bra and Lingerie Options with Dedicated Support:

It offers a diverse selection of bras and lingerie, catering to various styles and sizes. From bras to panties and more, partners have access to a comprehensive range of intimate apparel options. In instances where specific items are unavailable, dedicated dropshipping agents excel in sourcing them, ensuring partners can meet the unique demands of their customers effectively. This personalized sourcing support sets NicheDropshipping apart as a reliable and versatile partner in the bra and lingerie niche.



For over 20 years, JingSourcing has established itself as a reputable name in customizing and wholesaling bras from Yiwu. Their extensive network includes 400+ bra manufacturers, all of whom have undergone stringent factory audits and maintained long-term partnerships with JingSourcing. This guarantees clients 100% production capacity and impeccable bra quality, thanks to JingSourcing’s wealth of experience and industry know-how.

Part 2: Comprehensive Services and Customization Options as a Trusted Bra Supplier:

As a full-service bra supplier, JingSourcing offers a comprehensive range of services, including OEM and ODM customization, sampling, mass production, quality inspection, and shipping. They also provide custom bra packaging and product photography at competitive rates, ensuring a streamlined experience for clients from start to finish. With their commitment to quality and client satisfaction, JingSourcing stands as a trusted partner in the bra industry.


Integrating Suppliers with Your Online Store

When building your online bra and lingerie business, connecting with reliable dropshipping suppliers is critical. This ensures your inventory is always updated and you’re able to offer a wide range of products without handling the physical merchandise.

Shopify Integration

For those of you utilizing Shopify as your ecommerce platform, integrating dropshipping suppliers can be quite straightforward. Shopify offers a range of apps that allow seamless synchronization of products from your supplier to your online store. With apps like Oberlo, you can find the best bras suppliers to sell online, and automatically update your store’s inventory, prices, and product details. This integration helps maintain an up-to-date catalogue with little manual intervention.

Some supplier platforms may offer direct integration via native Shopify apps. This allows you to import products directly into your store with a few clicks. With Shopify, you can manage your store’s layout, products, and customers in one place while relying on the supplier to fulfill the orders.

WooCommerce and Other Platforms

If you’re using WooCommerce, or other ecommerce platforms like Wix, Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy, the integration process can vary. WooCommerce, an open-source plugin for WordPress, gives you more flexibility but may require additional steps to link with suppliers.

For WooCommerce, you might need to use specific plugins that facilitate the connection to your chosen dropshipping suppliers or resort to CSV files for manual updates. Integrations for WooCommerce and other platforms may not be as streamlined as Shopify, but they are still highly effective. Many suppliers provide detailed guidelines on how to connect their products to these platforms.

It is vital to check if your supplier supports integration with your ecommerce platform of choice. This could involve installing a dedicated plugin or using a universal solution that operates across multiple platforms like Spocket or CJdropshipping, which can provide you with ways to connect suppliers to your store. The goal is to ensure real-time synchronization of products, reducing the risk of selling out-of-stock items, and allowing immediate order processing.

quality assuarance quality check

Maximizing Profits and Ensuring Quality

When you’re embarking on a dropshipping venture, especially within the lingerie and bra niche, your success hinges on striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-end product quality. Your aim should be to source products that delight your customers while maintaining a profit margin that sustains and grows your business.

Balancing Cost and Product Quality

Cost plays a pivotal role in your pricing strategy and ultimately affects your profitability. However, don’t forget that product quality should never be compromised. By choosing a reliable supplier, you can offer quality bras and lingerie that satisfy your customers’ desire for luxury and fashion. Find suppliers who provide a range of materials, from basic cotton to luxurious laces, to cater to diverse market segments and help you stand out.

Strategies for Sourcing High-Quality Products

To source high-quality products, consider suppliers who have a clear track record of providing clothing products including bras and accessories that merge quality with style. Tools like SaleHoo can be a cornerstone of your strategy, given their extensive directory of vetted wholesalers. Never shy away from asking for sample products to assess the quality firsthand. This ensures you partner with suppliers who provide items that align with your brand’s promise of excellence and elegance.

delivery logistics

Logistics and Customer Satisfaction

When navigating the complexities of lingerie dropshipping, your focus should be on two key areas: getting orders to your customers efficiently and handling any logistics issues with a touch of grace. This ensures a seamless shopping experience that keeps buyers coming back.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Timeliness is everything. As you select your dropshipping partners, pay attention to their ability to keep stock levels healthy and their order fulfillment process streamlined. With lingerie, if your vendor’s inventory management is not in sync with your online platform, you could face stockout situations leading to delayed deliveries. Look for partners who provide real-time inventory updates and have a robust logistics network that supports global shipping.

  • Packaging: The right packaging can enhance your brand experience. It’s worth finding a supplier who offers discreet and appealing packaging to make your customers feel special.
  • Free Shipping: Consider offering free shipping to stay competitive in the online market. You may find some suppliers willing to share the cost, given the high perceived value of lingerie items.

Navigating Shipping and Returns

Shipping can make or break your brand reputation. Opt for suppliers having a solid track record with few reviews mentioning delivery issues. Suppliers who understand the nuances of global shipping will ensure that your customers receive their orders regardless of location.

  • Return Policy: A clear and customer-friendly return policy is essential. Since lingerie is a personal product, returns can be tricky, so work with your suppliers to create a policy that protects both you and your customers.
  • Sourcing & Partners: Build relationships with suppliers who have a strong logistics background. Consider their sourcing strategies as well as how they manage returns as part of your decision.

Remember, your role is to keep an eye on these logistics elements to provide a top-notch experience for every customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dropshipping bras and lingerie can be an excellent business opportunity with the right suppliers and strategies in place. These FAQs will guide you through the process of starting your business and choosing the best suppliers.

How do I start dropshipping bras and lingerie?

To start dropshipping bras and lingerie, you need to establish an online store and partner with suppliers who offer dropshipping services. Find suppliers that fit your brand’s style and offer quality products, then set up your platform to handle inventory and process orders.

Which companies offer dropshipping services for intimate apparel in the USA?

There are a number of companies such as My Online Fashion Store that offer dropshipping for intimate apparel in the USA. They typically provide a wide range of products and cater to rapid fulfillment needs.

What are the best practices for selecting a dropshipping supplier for lingerie?

When selecting a dropshipping supplier for lingerie, consider factors like product quality, shipping times, and customer service. Ensure they have a reputable track record and transparent communication channels.

Can you recommend some profitable lingerie dropshipping suppliers?

Profitable lingerie dropshipping suppliers include names like Shein, specializing in women’s clothing, and suppliers that offer a variety of styles to market to different customer preferences.

How do I partner with a private supplier for my lingerie dropshipping business?

To partner with a private supplier for your lingerie dropshipping business, reach out directly to companies that match your business values and customer demographic. Negotiate terms that benefit both parties and ensure a steady supply of products.

What should I look for in a quality dropshipping supplier for elegant lingerie?

Look for a quality dropshipping supplier for elegant lingerie that offers high-end products with excellent material and craftsmanship. Customer reviews, service reliability, and the supplier’s ability to keep up with fashion trends are also crucial. Suppliers like Elegant Moments Lingerie may be worth considering due to their specialized focus and service offerings.

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