Guangzhou Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

by Stanley


This is an ultimate FAQ guide to answer the widely asked questions regarding one of the most famous shopping markets in the world: The Guangzhou market in China. 

After reading this article, you will have hands-on knowledge about what the Guangzhou market is, the details of this market, and tips to make the most out of your visit to this market.

Please stay connected till the end of this article as you will feel like having a virtual visit to Guangzhou shops and merchandise. Let’s start right away.

What Is Guangzhou Known For?

Guangzhou is known for many things. As per the business nature of this article, you can say that Guangzhou is known for the world’s largest shopping festival known as “Canton Fair” which happens twice every year in Guangzhou.

Other factors that make Guangzhou famous include its fact of being an economic and trade hub for China as it also possesses China’s most critical port for international trade.

Guangzhou market

Additionally, this city is known for its gigantic skyscrapers, delicious food variety, and massive flower festivals.

Is Guangzhou Good for Shopping?

Yes. Guangzhou is home to one of the largest wholesale markets in China and the world. From personal accessories to complex commercial equipment, everything is available in this outstanding city of China.

In addition to the personal choice of shopping, business people working online and offline from all around the globe visit this place to source products at a lower price. Online store owners and retailers with physical stores buy stuff from here to sell it in their shops.

They buy from bulk here, ship it to their countries and start reselling them by adding up their margins.

You can easily find out the products you need because they are available in patches so that you don’t get lost in the market.

You will also find the LCD or banner displays outside the shops showing the list of Guangzhou products or categories of the products that are available there.

Most of these shops are distribution centers of some Chinese brands and the products are manufactured in the nearby factories.

Most of the displayed items and the names of shops and plazas are shown in the English language in order to facilitate international customers.

Guangzhou is good for shopping for multiple reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cheap products.
  • Wide variety of products.
  • Availability of new and trending products.
  • Easy access to your niche because of market segregation.
  • Huge sales and profit margins for businessmen.
  • Great chances of negotiations on prices.
  • Most of the Chinese small and medium enterprises are here to market their products.

What Can You Buy in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is a place from where you can buy virtually anything you can think of. The Guangzhou market is full of shops that deal in daily consumables along with domestic and commercial products.

You will find a mix of customer types in this market. From ordinary people to retailers and factory owners, every kind of shopper will be there in this market because of the diversity of this market.

What Is the Guangzhou Market Address?

Guangzhou market is not a single market. Rather there is a chain of different markets that lie in Guangzhou city. Every market has a different address. They also fall under different districts of Guangzhou too.

You can find brief information along with the addresses of most top markets in Guangzhou in the p described below.

Just to answer this FAQ shortly, you can find most of the different markets in Guangzhou in the following districts mentioned below:

  • Haizhu District
  • Tianhe District
  • Liwan District
  • Yuexiu District

Is There an App for the Guangzhou Market?

There is no official app for the Guangzhou market. However, some shop owners have developed apps for their shops. These apps do not cater to the whole market of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Market app

One of such apps on Google Play Store is Guangzhou Second Hand Market. Other apps including Guangzhou Fashion can also be found on Google Play Store.

But if you are in China or plan to visit the Guangzhou market in person, these apps won’t be of any use because Google services are completely blocked in China.

You can have an idea of the products, streets, and shops by visiting these apps just to have an idea of this market prior to visiting it yourself.

Moreover, we would recommend you not to rely on these apps because as we said earlier, these apps only show individual segments of this market.

Secondly, nothing on these apps is official. Anyone can develop an app and use the name of Guangzhou just to create enticement and intrigue your buying behavior.

If you truly want to explore the diversity of this market, you must visit this place by yourself.

If you cannot visit China or Guangzhou and still want to have a look at this market, you can ask someone else to provide you with a virtual visit by connecting you with a live video call or share some short clips of this market to give you the better clarity.

Another good idea to have a virtual visit to the Guangzhou market is to keep reading this article till the end.

What Is the Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

The Guangzhou wholesale center or market refers to the shops, streets, plazas, and malls, etc that deal with wholesale items. This market offers all kinds of products for B2B or B2C sectors.

The wholesale market of Guangzhou also calls for the wholesale prices of the products.

As the factories in China keep on producing products of different niches in bulk quantities, these products reach such markets to be sold to other businesses or individuals.

You will have detailed knowledge about Guangzhou wholesale market and Guangzhou wholesale shopping online huifu xi lu in the upcoming ps of this article as the topic unveils in greater detail.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Clothes in Guangzhou?

Wholesale clothes on Guangzhou Market

Guangzhou is one of the main hubs for wholesale clothes in China. People from within China come here often to shop for their favorite clothes both for personal and commercial purposes.

International business persons and companies working in the clothes and apparel industry via their physical or online stores also visit Guangzhou to purchase clothes from this great market.

These markets cater to all the clothing requirements and are also divided into categories to facilitate the shoppers. These clothes wholesale markets are also segregated for menswear, women’s clothes and fashion, and kids’ clothing.

In addition to the apparel, you will also find clothing accessories in these markets such as undergarments, belts, holders, hats, socks and hosiery items, etc.

Out of all the wholesale segments in clothing, the most important ones are mentioned below.

Do visit them in case you are interested in buying clothes of the latest and trending fashion along with all the varieties of fabrics types, gender, and age brackets.

International clients are not yet lucky enough to access Guangzhou fashion wholesale online but development in this regard can be expected anytime soon. These places are also referred to as the Guangzhou fashion district.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothes in Guangzhou:

We care to share the following tips for the shoppers especially for the international tourists to get the most out of their visit by saving their time and money.

Do refer to these tips along with the ps of this article below if you ever feel blank about where to shop wholesale in Guangzhou.

  • Visit all the floors for the price comparisons.
  • While comparing the prices of the clothes, do not forget to have a sense-check of the quality of clothes as different qualities may be available for the same clothing styles.
  • Negotiations are the key to a successful purchase in Guangzhou. Always negotiate with the shop owners to cut the price only after selecting your desired good quality of clothes.
  • Almost every international fashion and design is available here in Guangzhou clothing markets including European, American, and Korean designs and fashion. If you cannot find a specific style of clothes, don’t lose your search efforts.
  • Try to locate the owner of the shop especially if you intend to buy clothes in bulk quantities for your business. The owners are not easily available but can be traced if you ask shopkeepers to call their owner for a business deal.
  • You can also try to ask for clothing samples as they will be very comfortable in giving you the samples if you offer them a good deal.

Clothing Markets in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

   1. Baima Costume Market

The Baima Costume Market is one of the most desired places to go when it comes to shopping for clothes that have the latest fashion along with premium qualities.

This market is also the most favorite among the international tourists and business persons who are on their commercial trip to this market as this market is immediately near the railway station.

International clients board off the train from Guangzhou railway station and go straight to Baima clothes market to fulfill their shopping appetite.

Shoppers traveling via bus also take their drives from the bus station to this market to excite their fun of buying new and trending clothes at affordable prices.

Shopkeepers and owners have also become experienced enough to deal with international clients. Language still remains a challenge at this market but you can see the boards in the English language at some places.

Guangzhou Market for clothing

This market is one of the leaders in wholesale clothing deals regarding men, women, and children’s clothes along with related accessories with all the varieties and options.

The latest fashion like shirts, jeans, jackets, coats, trousers is all available here in this highly diversified market.

The Baima Costume Market is located on 16 Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

   2. Liuhua Fur & Fashion Market

People generally go to this market for general and fashionable clothing and accessories. Special quality and variety of fur are also found here in this market. It is located on Zhanqian Road in the Yuexiu District of Guangzhou.

   3. Huimei Clothing and Accessories

It is a great source of buying trendy and specialized clothes accessories. You can find this market easily on Zhanqian Road in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   4. Fuli Wholesale Market of Foreign Clothing Trade

This is the trade hub of Yuexiu district as foreigners keep coming here a lot for the purchase of clothes at wholesale rates. This market can be found at 921 Renmin N Road in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   5. Guangzhou World Trade Clothing City

Another trading hub of Yuexiu District is located at Zhanqian Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. This market is extremely famous for every type of apparel and denim clothing for men, women, and kids.

   6. Yulong Clothing Market 

Do consider visiting Yulong clothing market if you are somewhere near Yuexiu District. This market is rich with men and women’s fashionable clothes along with traditional and party dresses.

You can find Yulong market on Guangyuan West Side Road, Sanyuanli, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   7. Xindadi Fashion Plaza

This is one of the largest wholesale garment markets in Guangzhou. This is a multi-story plaza with a cluster of large and small shops.

You can find this clothing plaza at 122 Zhanqian Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   8. Jinhong Zhanxi Wholesale Clothing Malls

While discussing shopping plazas of Guangzhou, Jinhong Zhanxi malls cannot be ignored. You must also pay a visit to these shopping malls for every type of stitched and unstitched clothes.

You can find these malls on 145, Huanshi W Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   9. Jindu Building of Foreign Clothing

The list of shopping plazas in Yuexiu is not over yet. Jindu building has an awesome collection and a variety of different types of clothes and accessories.

You can visit this building for personal and business motives at the same time as the shopkeepers are quite used to such practices.

This grand building is located in Liuhua Fur & Fashion market on Zhanqian Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   10. Yima Costume Wholesale Square

Yima Costume Wholesale Square

Yim Costume wholesale square is a one-stop shopping solution for nearly all kinds of clothing and costumes. Interestingly, you will also find themed costumes of international comic characters here.

People also visit this wholesale square for shopping for special costumes like Halloween and Christmas.

Yima costume wholesale square is located on 11 Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

   11. Gold Elephant Fashion Wholesale Center

Gold Elephant fashion center is meant for wholesale garments, denim, and ready to wear clothes. It is located on 59 Zhanxi Road, San Yuan Li, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

Clothing Markets in Tianhe District, Guangzhou:

   12. Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Another massive wholesale market for clothing is Shahe market in Guangzhou. It is also quite famous there in Guangzhou and China as it has a tremendous number of small and large shops for clothing.

There are various plazas, buildings, and smaller shops in this market selling garments of all types. It may take quite some time for you to have a complete tour of this market so it is advised that you pre-plan your visit to this market in advance.

Planning and shortlisting the clothing items that you want to purchase from this market would be a good idea to save your time and energy. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you are bogged down in this massive market.

Shahe Clothing market is famous for its wholesale business opportunities. You can visit this market for your personal clothing needs as well.

This market is also divided into certain patches. You will find that there are segments of this market that deal in specific types of clothing niches and garment qualities. They may be divided into the following categories.

  • Premium Quality Clothes

These clothes are manufactured with high care under a specific set of guidelines. The factories manufacturing these clothes follow stitching SOPs as they are quite concerned about the qualities.

Keeping the factor of quality in mind, you cannot ignore the aspect of little higher prices of these clothes. Nevertheless, you can always have the leverage of arguing with shop owners if you want to do business with them as commercial terms are always flexible.

  • Medium Quality Clothes

These clothes are meant to be somewhere in the middle of high and low qualities of clothes. You will find that these clothes have reasonable fabric and stitching quality.

You can also find good quality clothes in this price range but for that, you have to search for a lot of clothing items to shortlist the best quality clothes.

  • Cheapest Clothes with Compromised Quality

Then comes the cheapest clothes where there is a minimal margin of negotiations. These clothes are also high in demand as these are meant for people who have low purchasing power.

Businesses are also interested in buying these clothes as these clothes have low margins but they are sold in bulk quantities. You can still have negotiations with the shopkeepers but don’t expect to be facilitated with huge discounts.

You would certainly have to compromise on quality because the lower quality is the main reason behind these clothes being so cheap.

  • Export Leftovers

There are some specific ps in this market that sell the export leftover clothing items. Factories manufacturing clothes for international brands often produce in bulk quantities that are more than the quantity they were supposed to produce.

Additionally, if the factories that are in contract with the brands are bound to follow the instructions passed on to them by the brands they are working with.

If these guidelines are ignored in some of the items, those pieces of clothes are rejected by their quality inspectors and these clothes are sold out to the local market.

Guangzhou Market

Note that there will be no tags or labels of the brands as this is strictly prohibited but the quality of the fabric and styles match with the standards of those brands.

These leftovers are also available in these markets and can be easily found if you have an idea of the brands and their clothing articles that are in vogue.

Guangzhou Market

These clothes may have minor defects that made their way to these local markets. You are advised to keenly observe the quality of these clothes and see if there are major defects that can hinder the sale of those clothes in your business.

The location of the Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market can be easily found in Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

   13. Ready-Made Clothes Wholesale Market

The name of this wholesale market speaks for itself. This market is famous for ready-made clothes including men, women, and baby clothes.

There is an alteration facility also in this market where you can get your clothes trimmed to fit your size if you are buying them for your personal use.

But people mostly come here for wholesale deals as they want to buy in bulk and get huge discounts after negotiations.

The ready-made clothes wholesale market is located on Lianquan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. 

   14. Wanjia Costume Wholesale Square

Tianhe district also has a dedicated costume square known as Wanjia costume wholesale square.

The costumes starting from the famous international characters to superheroes, this costume market will fulfill all your costume needs.

Wanjia costume wholesale square is located on 143 Xianlie E Road, Shahe, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

   15. Jinpeng Clothing Market

Jinpeng clothing market is full of different small and large stalls and shops to cater to the needs of everyday clothing.

You will find that there are open stalls in this market that are selling at really competitive prices. You will also find covered shops to offer you the best wholesale prices for your clothing business.

Jinpeng clothing market is located on Meidong North Extended Line, Shahe, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Clothing Markets in Liwan District

   16. Yaosheng Clothing Wholesale Market

Clothing Markets in Liwan District

Go to this Guangda clothing wholesale market Guangzhou for designer clothes and the latest fashion. You will find a lot of boutiques here where you can easily check out the clothes hanging in a line with different colors and sizes of your choice.

This wholesale clothing market can be found on Changti Road Shopping Leisure Street in Liwan District, Guangzhou. 

   17. Shisanhang Wholesale City

Shisanhang wholesale city falls among the top 10 wholesale markets in Guangzhou. It is full of shops and stalls that are busy selling clothes of every kind. Different segments of this market are meant for different niches in clothing, apparel, denim, and accessory categories.

Shisanhang wholesale city is located on 11 Xinglong N Road, Changti Road Shopping Leisure Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou.

Clothing Markets in Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Haizhu district also holds its entity to offer wholesale spots for a clothing business. Out of all the wholesale areas in Haizhu district, the following clothing markets are worth visiting. 

   18. Guangzhou Kyushu Fabric Market

People who love trending items visit this market for stitched and unstitched clothes. This highly famous market is located in Haizhu District in Guangzhou. 

   19. Guangzhou Lixin Cloth Leather Market

Leather lovers set their direction to the Guangzhou Lixin cloth leather market. From leather jackets to finely finished uppers, this market will offer you everything in pure and mixed leather.

The address of Guangzhou Lixin cloth leather market is street 1 – 4, Kangle Xiyue New Area Nanyue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. 

   20. Zhongda Changwang Fabric and Accessories Trading Plaza

Last, but not least in our list of clothing markets in Guangzhou is Zhongda Changwang fabric and accessories trading plaza. As its name suggests, this plaza really means trading business.

It is considered the largest textile hub of China and some people also call it the World Textile Trade Center.

The main highlights of the textile products that are available here are as follows.

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Pure wool
  • Chiffon
  • Fleece
  • Jersey
Guangzhou Market

The Zhongda Changwang fabric and accessories trading plaza is also a king of accessories including belts, ties, laces, cufflinks, tags, and ribbons, etc.

You will find some of the best work-related to collar, buckle, zipper, buttons, brooches in this trading plaza as well.

Zhongda Changwang fabric and accessories trading plaza is located on 168 Ruikang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

Is Guangzhou Safe?

Yes. Guangzhou is safe to visit, shop, stay and roam around. This amazing city is the center of attention in China due to foreigners’ influx.

In addition to that, this city has everything that it takes to be called a safe city. Police and law enforcement agencies in China take special care to keep this city protected in every respect.

Safety of the foreigners and locals is also a compulsion in Guangzhou in a way to keep the sanctity and trust of this city at national and international levels.

Moreover, the most exciting and famous international festival called “Canton Fair” is held in this city twice a year. This calls for extended security of this city in every way.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Guangzhou?

It really depends on your intention to visit Guangzhou. As this article is intended for business-minded people, we would suggest the timing of visiting Guangzhou for business prospects.

We would recommend that you should visit Guangzhou in the spring and autumn seasons because the world’s largest import and export fair called Canton Fair is held in these seasons.

So, you can visit Guangzhou in the months of April and May for the spring season and you can visit in September and October for the autumn season.

What Should I Wear in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is not known for its harsh weather conditions. So, visiting Guangzhou doesn’t call for wearing any kind of special clothes.

Nevertheless, you should carry the dresses and accessories corresponding to the weather in Guangzhou on the days of your visit.

Guangzhou is not very rainy, cold, or extremely hot. So, you can take reasonable clothes with you to roam around freely in the streets and markets of Guangzhou.

How Far Is Guangzhou from Hong Kong?

The distance from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is around 130 to 140 kilometers. So, it accounts for the following travel time by different mediums.

  • Around 1 hour by high-speed train.
  • Around 2 to 3 hours by train.
  • Around 3 to 4 hours by bus.

How Far Is Guangzhou from Shanghai?

Guangzhou is approximately 1500 kilometers far from Shanghai. The time to travel between Guangzhou and Shanghai is mentioned below.

  • Around 18 to 20 hours by road.
  • Around 7 to 8.5 hours by high-speed trains.
  • Around 2 to 3 hours by air via direct flight.

What Is the Best Area to Stay in Guangzhou?

Again, it depends upon the purpose of your visit to Guangzhou. If you are reading this article till now, we assume that you would probably be interested in visiting Guangzhou from a business perspective.

So, we would recommend that you stay in a district where a majority of the wholesale markets in Guangzhou are in your easy access.

Keeping that in mind, we would recommend the following districts to stay in Guangzhou.

   1. Yuexiu District

There are a lot of hotels with every facility for international visitors in the Yuexiu district. Hotels and restaurants have more experience in dealing with international clients.

Additionally, plenty of wholesale markets are there in this district. So, you won’t have to travel much for visiting these markets.

   2. Haizhu District

The Haizhu district has some of the coolest places to stay in Guangzhou. The hotels are cost-competitive and provide a cozy ambiance for your comfortable stay in this city.

As Haizhu also has a lot of wholesale markets, plazas, and streets, you won’t have to go far away to fulfill your shopping appetite.

   3. Tianhe District

Tianhe has some of the finest hotels and residences for international guests. People of this district are also very friendly to accommodate and guide the tourists. Additionally, it is also regarded as having the best hotels for families with kids.

What Is Special about Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is one of the most important cities in China. In addition to its business importance, there are many other things that are special about Guangzhou. These are mentioned below:

  • International port for world trading.
  • Cultural and traditional importance.
  • Historical importance as it dates 2,000 years back.
  • Pearl River.
  • Transport hub of China.
  • Importance with its link to the Silk Road with Pakistan.
  • International Trade Fair known as the Canton Fair.
  • Skyscrapers and shopping malls.
  • Gardens and Safari Parks.
  • Lakes and Forests.
  • Temples, Cathedrals, and Mausoleum.

Where Can I Buy Shoes in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou Market for shoes

Shoes are one of the widely shopped items in the Guangzhou market. All kinds of varieties are available here and people from all around China and the world come here to Guangzhou for shopping shoes.

The most favorite types of shoes available here are mentioned below:

  • Casual shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • Men and ladies shoes
  • Kids shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Traditional shoes
  • Joggers and sneakers, etc.

In order to cater to the needs of the shoe industry, the following markets, plazas, and places are highly recommended if you want to purchase shoes from Guangzhou.

Shoes Wholesale Market in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

  • Yuehe Shoes Wholesale Market, Yuexiu District
  • Taibai Shoes and Leather Shopping Center, Yuexiu District
  • Chengdu Shoes City, Yuexiu District
  • Jiulong Shoe Trade City, Yuexiu District
  • Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City, Yuexiu District
  • Vans, Yuexiu District

Shoes Wholesale Market in Liwan District, Guangzhou

  • Buyuntiandi Shoes World, Liwan District
  • Universe Costume & Shoes Plaza, Liwan District
  • Tianfu Shoes City, Liwan District
  • West City Shoes Plaza, Liwan District
  • Tianhe Shoes City, Liwan District
  • Xicheng Shoes Materials Market, Liwan District
  • Guangzhou Tianyu Shoes, Liwan District

Shoes Wholesale Market in Haizhu District, Guangzhou

  • Haizhu Huanan Shoe Trade City, Haizhu District
  • Xinhua South Shoes City, Haizhu District

Shoes Wholesale Market in Baiyun, Guangzhou

  • Guihua Lou Leather Mall, Baiyun
  • Guangda Shoes Industry Business And Trade Plaza, Baiyun
  • Shengjia Leather Trading Centre, Baiyun

Is Guangzhou Expensive?

No. Guangzhou is not expensive if you compare the rates of its wholesale items with any other country’s financial or business hub. There is a reason why international traders and retailers have started taking China as their main product source.

China has emerged to become the world supplier in terms of every product and it does not have any plans to slow down in near future.

The Chinese government has always encouraged its factories to produce cheap products so that they can export the products to international markets.

Is Guangzhou Market expensive?

Plus things are always on sale and shop owners tend to attract customers by displaying huge discounts.

As Guangzhou is the center of international trade in China, things offered here in this market cannot be too expensive to be afforded.

What Food Is Guangzhou Known For?

Chinese have their own taste buds when it comes to food. But if you are a food maniac and want to explore the rich in taste and healthy food in Guangzhou, then we have the following recommendations for you.

  • Cantonese dishes like Dim Sum.
Guangzhou Market food
  • Claypot Rice.
  • Yuntun Noodles.
  • Shrimp Dumplings.
  • Seafood of all kinds.

What Language Is Spoken in Guangzhou China?

Cantonese is the language that is widely spoken in Guangzhou. Cantonese is a branch of the Chinese language that originated from Canton (Guangzhou). Hence, the name Cantonese.

The Guangzhou market name changed many years ago, otherwise, it was called the Canton market by the local Chinese people.

Where Can I Buy Souvenirs in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou Market for souvenirs

Souvenirs are specialty items but can be found at multiple places, markets, and shops in Guangzhou.

While they can also be found at general gift shops and markets, the dedicated shops for souvenirs are mentioned below with their district names.

  • Taiwan Souvenir Shop, Panyu District
  • Shangliju Sun Yat-sen University Souvenirs, Haizhu District
  • Jinan Souvenirs, Tianhe District
  • Shanghai Haohua Crown Souvenir Co. Ltd., Liwan District
  • Junxi Panyu Speciality Souvenirs, Panyu District

Where Can I Buy Electronics in Guangzhou?

Electronics is a vast category and Guangzhou is even wider to accommodate every type of electronic item that the world is in need of. There are multiple markets in Guangzhou to cater to the needs of electronics.

Guangzhou Market for electronics

Starting from mobile phones to drones, cameras, and computers, everything is available in these shops and dedicated markets. You should also visit these markets in detail to add up to your personal electronics-related collection.

Some of the most important and huge electronic markets in Guangzhou are listed below along with their districts.

Electronic Markets in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

  • Jing Hong Electronic Market, Yuexiu District
  • Lucky Electronics Market, Yuexiu District
  • Xinhe Electrical Appliance Market, Yuexiu District
  • Jinwei Electron Market, Yuexiu District
  • Shengxian Dashatou Second-Hand Trade Market, Yuexiu District
  • Zhuojia Electronics, Yuexiu District

Electronic Markets in Tianhe District, Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou Pacific Ocean Computer Market, Tianhe District
  • Tianhe Computer Town, Tianhe District
  • Jinqiao Computer Second-Hand Market, Tianhe District
  • Zhongyuan Second-Hand Computer Market, Tianhe District
  • Guangzhou Computer Town Xicheng, Tianhe District
  • Sharp Electronics Sales, Tianhe District
  • Guangzhou Xinsaige Dianzicheng, Tianhe District

Electronic Markets in Panyu District, Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou Mingtu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Panyu District
  • No.1 Digital Communication Market Chain Store, Panyu District

Electronic Markets in Liwan District, Guangzhou

  • New Asia International Electronic & Digital City, Liwan District
  • Guangzhou Lingnan International Digital Plaza, Liwan District
  • Zhongbai Electronic City, Liwan District

Electronic Markets in Haizhu District, Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou Maide’er Electronic Co, Haizhu District
  • Guangzhou Puxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Haizhu District

How Many Days Should I Spend in Guangzhou?

If wholesale business suits you well and you are on a business trip to Guangzhou, you need at least 7 days to have an idea of how Guangzhou markets can be of help to your business.

The number of days to be decided for a visit to Guangzhou would really depend upon your experience to search for the items that you need for your business and your skills to shortlist and finalize the products.

Not getting lost in the big markets is also an art. So, it would be of great help if you properly plan your visit and you exactly know what to buy, where to buy from, and the rates for a good and successful business deal.

In short, you would have to decide the number of days to stay in Guangzhou yourself. If you have other people to help with your shopping, it would be an added advantage to cut down the required days to visit this city.

Do They Speak English in Guangzhou?

Not really. The residents and locals of Guangzhou usually do not speak English. They speak Cantonese and Mandarin in their daily lives.

But you would be lucky enough to interact with someone who has some ability to speak English after dealing with multiple international clients.

Can We Access the Guangzhou Market Online?

Not fully. While there are certain shops that run and operate their online stores, you cannot explore or visit the whole Guangzhou market online.

It may happen in the near future if someone in China or Guangzhou decides to make the Guangzhou market available online. But, at the moment, the Guangzhou market is not fully accessible online and there is no official website or an app for the Guangzhou market.

What Is the List of Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou?

The Guangzhou market list can be segregated into multiple categories and niches. Although most of the markets are a mix of different products, you can easily find the following items in the Guangzhou market. 

  • Clothing, Textile, and Fabrics wholesale market
  • Shoes Wholesale Market
  • Furniture
  • Ceramic
  • Leather
  • Watches
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Glasses
  • Fake and Second-Hand Products Market
  • Industrial and Agricultural Supplies Market
  • Antique items
  • Automotive parts

We have also discussed specific wholesale markets in this article, but for your convenience, we have listed down some of the famous and widely visited markets in different niches.

Fashion, Jewelry, and Clothing Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Market for jewelry

Following is the list of fashion and jewelry-related wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

  • Baima market in Yuexiu District
  • Shahe Wholesale Market, Tianhe District
  • Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Markets, Liwan District
  • Liwan Plaza, Liwan District
  • Taikang Jewelry City, Yuexiu District

Furniture Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

  • Tianjian Decoration Materials Market, Baiyun
  • Mayland home, Tianhe District
  • Mingli Plastics Furniture Wholesale Department, Haizhu District
  • Haole Home Furnishings Market, Liwan District

Ceramic Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Market for wholesale ceramics

The ceramic wholesale markets include pottery and utensils. The main markets in this category are listed below:

  • Danshan Ceramics Wholesale Market, Panyu District
  • Shili Ceramics Wholesale Center, Haizhu District
  • Nantian International Hotel Utensils Market, Haizhu District

Watches Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

  • Nanfang Clock & Watch City, Yuexiu District
  • New Kowloon Watch Centre, Yuexiu District
  • East Watch City, Yuexiu District

Glasses Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Market for wholesale glasses

The wholesale markets for glasses include the following major markets in Guangzhou city.

  • Xin Jiang Glasses City, Yuexiu District
  • Yuehe International Optical Centre
  • Guangdong International Glasses Trade Center, Liwan District
  • Ming Quan Glasses Supermarket, Baiyun District

Leather Accessories (Bags) Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou Market for leather accessories

Baiyun market Guangzhou is the name of the game in the leather world. All the leather items can be found here with a lot of varieties and quality patches.

The list of main leather-related markets in Guangzhou is mentioned below. 

  • Zhonggang Leatherwear Mall, Baiyun District
  • Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Center, Baiyun District
  • Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza, Baiyun District
  • Yisen Leather Building, Baiyun District
  • Fair Price Leather Wholesale Market, Baiyun District

Auto Parts Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

  • Guangdong Yongfu International Automotive Supplies Center, Tianhe District
  • Yichenglong Car Accessories, Tianhe District
  • New Guangcong Auto Parts Trade Market, Baiyun District
  • Baiyun Motorcycle Parts Wholesale Market, Baiyun District
  • Xinguangcong Auto Parts Market, Baiyun District
  • Huangshi Automobile Accessories Wholesale Square, Baiyun District
  • China Auto Parts, Baiyun District
  • Yi Yun International Automobile Accessories Plaza, Yuexiu District
  • Yongfu Automobile Parts Town, Yuexiu District
  • Yi Yun International Automobile Accessories Plaza, Yuexiu District

Electronic Accessories Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

  • Nanfang Building, Liwan District
  • New Asia International Electronic & Digital City, Liwan District
  • Jing Hong Electronic Market, Yuexiu District
  • Pacific Ocean Computer Market, Tianhe District
  • Tianhe Computer Town, Tianhe District
  • Zhongbai Electronic City, Liwan District

Toy Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou:

  • Onelink Plaza Int’l Wholesale Center, Yuexiu District
  • Zhonggang Toys Wholesale Market, Yuexiu District
  • Liwan Toy Wholesale Market, Liwan District
  • Yide International Exquisite Toy And Stationery Square, Yuexiu District

The above-mentioned wholesale markets are just a few of the markets that are named here to give you an idea of how enormous the wholesale markets are in Guangzhou. 

In order to have a complete view of all the markets in Guangzhou, you have to pay a physical visit to this awesome city. 

Which Market Is Near Guangzhou Airport?

As the airport falls under the vicinity of Baiyun District in Guangzhou, all the markets falling under Baiyun district would be nearer to the airport. 

How Can We Compare between Guangzhou and Yiwu Markets?

Guangzhou and Yiwu markets may look similar to strangers. But if you observe and analyze closely, you will find many differences between both of these wholesale markets. 

Some of the main differences between the Guangzhou wholesale market and the Yiwu wholesale market are mentioned below. 

  • Clothes and wearables vs more generic items including gifts etc
  • Yiwu market is full of manufacturers and wholesalers while the Guangzhou market has a mix of manufacturers and traders and middlemen. 
  • Guangzhou market has the edge of having China’s most important shipping port. Yiwu, on the other hand, takes a few days to ship your products.
  • The segments in the Yiwu market are properly organized which gives the shoppers an edge to locate the desired products easily. Markets in Guangzhou are a mix of different products at the same place which generally confuses the shoppers, especially from foreign countries. 
  • There is a slight difference in the process of the products in both markets. You will find that the same products that are sold in the Guangzhou market are available at the Yiwu market at a cheaper cost. This is because of the wider business diversity of the Yiwu market as compared to that of the Guangzhou market. 
  • The suppliers in the Guangzhou market tend to be interested in making bigger deals as compared to suppliers in the Yiwu market because there are bigger factories that supply to the Guangzhou market as compared to the wholesalers at the Yiwu market. 
  • You can order lower quantities from the Yiwu market as compared to larger MOQs at the Guangzhou market.
  • Guangzhou market operates from 9.30 am to 7 pm while the Yiwu market opens at 9.30 am and closes at 5 pm. 
  • Yiwu market suits dropshippers and online retailers because of its business trend and relatively smaller MOQs. The Guangzhou market generally suits established businesses especially in the fields of clothing, accessories, and shoes, etc. 
  • Yiwu market has properly organized booths and shops. Its walking paths and street sign boards are also well managed. Guangzhou market is not well managed for these purposes. 
  • You will find more translator services and agent services in the Yiwu market compared to limited services in the Guangzhou market. 
  • The Yiwu market generally offers a peaceful atmosphere to the buyers compared to the noisy and ill-planned environment offered at the Guangzhou market. 
  • The language differences and difficulties in communicating with wholesalers in Guangzhou are higher as compared to the Yiwu market that generally has more experience in dealing with international clients. 
  • Yiwu market has more options to be accessed online as it has the official Yiwu website for accessing this market. On the other hand, the Guangzhou market has limited online access. 


We have covered all the major aspects of the Guangzhou market in this detailed FAQ guide. We hope that this article would have added value to your knowledge about wholesale markets in Guangzhou. 

If you still have any questions, comments, or anything else to share with us, do let us know in the comments p. We take every comment, question, and suggestion very seriously and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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