6 AdSpy Alternatives to Boost Your Ad-Spying Skills

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AdSpy is often referred to as the King of ad intelligence tools.

This title is well-suited to AdSpy, however, there are also other platforms having a share in the crown.

Of course, none of these tools are entirely as good as AdSpy, but they’re still worthy of consideration.

And they might even leave AdSpy behind in certain aspects. 

So, in this article, we’ll go over some of the best AdSpy alternatives, and discuss their features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Let’s get right into it.

What Is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a tool for analyzing marketing campaigns, specifically ads running on Facebook and Instagram.

AdSpy allows you to assess trends, track successful campaigns, and give an in-depth analysis of what your competitors are up to.

The best part about AdSpy is its massive collection of data that extends worldwide. 

However, not only do you get access to this data, but you’re also able to quantify it easily.

AdSpy’s interface, filters, search functionality, and ability to display complex data in its simplest form are unparalleled. 


The 6 Best AdSpy Alternatives 

If you’re looking for a spy tool for other platforms or simply can’t find your desired features in AdSpy, here’s a list of some great alternatives. 

1. PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is a big name in the world of social media marketing.

The feature that makes PowerAdSpy stand out is its coverage extending beyond the borders of just Facebook and Instagram. 

Much like AdSpy, PowerAdSpy focuses on giving you a competitive advantage by giving you insights into the world of social media ads.

The tool has a wide range of filters to narrow your search results. 

You can find ads from various industries by keywords, country, demographics, and more.

PowerAdSpy even has a unique tool that finds text written on visual ads, giving meme marketing a whole new meaning.

Although PowerAdSpy does not have a database as big as AdSpy, it still comes pretty close.

This deficiency is also compensated by its inclusion of platforms other than Facebook and Instagram. 


Key Features

  • 110+ Million ads from 100+ countries
  • Database covers ads on Google, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Text-in-image feature


  • 10-day free trial (full access)
  • Basic $49/month
  • Standard $99/month
  • Premium $149/month


  • Covers ads on several platforms
  • Allows you to display/hide specific ad data 
  • Available as a Chrome Extension
  • Unique search features focused on both ads and audience 
  • Offers various affordable pricing plans


  • Substandard interface
  • Can be complicated for newbies

2. Dropispy

Dropispy is another tool that gives AdSpy a run for its money. 

As the name suggests, Dropispy is specifically targeted at dropshippers and resellers

The primary reason behind Dropispy’s advent was to create a platform that neither compromises on spying features nor breaks the bank.

Much like AdSpy, Dropispy’s specialty lies in bringing you a plethora of Facebook ad data to marketers.

In terms of features, Dropispy offers various filters to apply to your searches. It also gives you some leverage in accessing the targeted audience.

The best part, however, is that Dropispy brings you almost the same features as AdSpy but at lower rates.

Though the tool lacks coverage of Instagram, Facebook alone is a medium that can take your marketing goals to the next level.

Other than the basics, Dropispy incorporates a Shop Search feature. It gives you valuable insights into what your competitors are selling and how successful they are at it.

If you dive a bit deeper, you can even spy on the ads these specific online stores are using to promote themselves.

Another cool feature you get from Dropispy is sorting ads by the amount of engagement, i.e., shares, likes, and comments.


Key Features

  • Helps you find and analyze Facebook ads
  • Primarily designed for dropshippers
  • Numerous sorting features e.g. sorting by engagement on ads


  • Free (basic features)
  • Premium $29/month
  • Business $250/month


  • One of the cheapest and best ad spying tools
  • Lets you do more than just spy on your competition
  • Numerous sorting features
  • Impressively large database
  • Ideal spying tool for dropshippers


  • Only covers Facebook ads
  • Only compatible with Google Chrome

3. BigSpy

Up next on our list of best alternatives for AdSpy is none other than BigSpy.

Much like the rest of our picks, BigSpy is a tool for marketers to take a sneak peek at their rival businesses, particularly the advertisements they run.

One of BigSpy’s specialties is its database extending to the big three social media platforms i.e., Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. The inclusion of Twitter in the platform mix is appreciated.

BigSpy even offers a panel for trending ads where digital marketers can observe trending products in the market.

This particular feature allows them to stay ahead of their competition and become the first to offer in-demand products to consumers.

Despite the tool offering its basic features for free, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription if you’re serious about crafting an effective promotion strategy.

Regardless of all the features BigSpy offers, much of the homework needed to improve your marketing tactics would be done by you.

The tool, although it gives you lots of valuable insights, doesn’t exactly show you how you can be better at marketing than your opponents.

BigSpy AdSpy alternative

Key Features

  • Allows you to search ads on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, and Google
  • Trending ads section lets you find winning products in real-time
  • Can sort ads by demographics, engagement, and location


  • Free 
  • Basic $9/month
  • Pro $99/month
  • Group $249/month


  • Presents a ton of valuable information about ads
  • Covers all mainstream social media platforms
  • Lets you stay up-to-date with current-day trends and hot products
  • Fairly priced
  • Data is updated every 24 hours


  • Can be hard to determine why a certain campaign is successful
  • Loads of data displayed can be overwhelming for a beginner

4. SocialPeta

If you were tired of all the ‘spys’ on our list, our next pick is SocialPeta.

Although SocialPeta is not precisely like our above-mentioned options, it still counts as a spying tool and an alternative to AdSpy.

So, what’s so special about this one? Trusted by big names like Google and Alibaba, SocialPeta takes spying to the next level through its massive database.

With a whopping 70 platforms under its eagle eye, SocialPeta puts other spying tools to shame.

Think of any industry, any product, any online store, and it’s almost impossible that SocialPeta doesn’t cover it.

Thanks to its almost worldwide coverage, you get access to the strategies of your competitors worldwide through a single dashboard.

Also, did we mention that SocialPeta doesn’t only give you loads of data but keeps it updated in real-time?

Most review websites have given SocialPeta at least a 4.5 rating out of 5, making it one of the best spying tools you can use.


Key Features

  • Lets you analyze your competitors’ data
  • Covers 70 channels, 69 countries, and 1.3 billion ads
  • Provides product data from well-known e-com websites
  • Provides insights into costs incurred on ads


Unfortunately, SocialPeta’s pricing plans are not available to the public. You’ll have to request a quote on their website after mentioning what features you need.


  • Hands down one of the best marketing tools in the market
  • An all-in-one tool for improving marketing campaigns
  • Offers advanced keyword search and bidding analysis
  • Provides incredibly accurate and well-updated data in graphics


  • Can be very expensive depending on the use

5. Spyfu

Although Spyfu is not exactly a tool for finding and measuring the success of visual ads, it’s still useful to spy on your competitors’ marketing strategies.

The tool primarily incorporates a database where you can access SEO tactics being implemented by other online businesses.

You can enter a keyword into Spyfu’s search bar and gain insights into websites where it’s serving as a magnet for traffic.

Moreover, you can also track website backlinks, see where they rank on Google, and how they’re standing out in the digital world.

Spyfu’s legitimacy as a valuable tool is unquestionable. It’s trusted by renowned companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.

We understand that spying on visual ads differs from spying on keywords, but if you’re looking for a tool that offers keyword analysis in AdSpy’s style, look no further.

In summary, Spyfu can help you learn from leading businesses without making the mistakes they made.


Key Features

  • Gives insights into SEO tactics implemented by the best in the industry
  • Keep track of domain bidding on Google Ads
  • Spot deficiencies in your strategies and rectify them
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Domain analysis


  • Basic $39/month
  • Professional $79/month
  • Team $299/month


  • Ability to utilize the hottest keywords in the best possible way
  • Access to SEO tactics of the industry’s finest
  • Access to all data, regardless of the membership plan
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Relatively affordable


  • Can be difficult to understand for beginners due to outdated tutorials
  • Database does not dive that deep

6. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is another tool we would recommend as an alternative to AdSpy.

It has a solid comprehensive ad database mainly targeted at affiliate marketers. 

However, AdPlexity stands out due to its unique categorization of Facebook ads.

AdPlexity offers you 7 different products: Desktop, Mobile, Native, Push, Carriers, and E-com.

The most-used products are Desktop and Mobile. This division is based on ads displayed on Desktop computers and mobile phones.

If you want to dive deeper into ad campaigns and discover push notification ads, going for Push would be a good option.

AdPlexity E-com lets you observe which products of your competitors are performing the best, how fast they’re selling, the last time they were promoted, and much more.

With AdPlexity’s API, you can easily incorporate the improvements in your marketing campaigns.

So, you don’t just get to see areas of improvement, but AdPlexity helps you fill those gaps out too.

Some other cool perks of using AdPlexity include access to a 24/7 customer support team ready to answer your queries.

To sum it up, AdPlexity is also another great tool for marketers looking to go above and beyond. It is a bit expensive, but it sure is worth the price.


Key Features

  • Helps find effective campaigns by keywords, affiliate network, publisher, etc.
  • Monitors data from 70+ countries
  • Advanced ad research
  • Offers API


  • Push, Native, and Carriers $149/month
  • Desktop, Mobile, and E-com $199/month


  • Extensive and in-depth database
  • Offers 7 different tools for obtaining data from different device types
  • Divides desktop, mobile, push, and native ads for monitoring specific campaigns
  • Real-time data
  • Easy to use
  • Download and clone landing pages


  • No free trials allowed
  • Expensive

FAQs about AdSpy Alternatives

Is There a Free Version of AdSpy?

Unfortunately, AdSpy does not offer a free version to its users. The subscription cost of AdSpy costs $149/month. 

Users are allowed to utilize all of the features in this membership plan.

If this plan is out of your budget, consider opting for alternatives such as Dropispy or PowerAdSpy.

What Is the Best Ads Spying Tool?

The best ads spying tools are:

  • PowerAdSpy
  • SpyFu
  • Dropispy
  • AdSpy
  • Anstrex
  • AdFlex

All of these tools come with various features to help you with competitor analysis and learning about your target audience. 

Is Dropispy Worth it?

Dropispy is a highly recommended tool for dropshippers looking to stand out from their competition.

The tool allows you to analyze Facebook ad data of rival brands and businesses.

Not only is it priced fairly, but it also offers various spying features helpful to dropshippers in scaling their business.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to see your competitors outperforming you in business.

Fortunately, these spy tools can help you eavesdrop on your competitors’ marketing strategies to give you the edge you need.

AdSpy truly excels at this, but if you’re tight on a budget or find it too complicated, then you can opt for the AdSpy alternatives listed above. 

Lastly, you can spy on your competitors all you want, but all that info is useless if you can’t capitalize on it by sourcing quality products.

This is where NicheDropshipping has got you covered. Our expert agents can help you source premium quality products at competitive prices. 

So let’s team up and create value for your customers!

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