12 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools for Your Business

by Stanley


Finding the right dropshipping products can quickly get customers flocking to your online store. Nonetheless, without proper data or market insight, it can be tricky to identify what products your customers would prefer.

A dropshipping product research tool is designed to help you identify winning dropshipping products. It offers insight into the products that consumers prefer as well as consumer habits. More importantly, it finds this information much faster than you could.

However, not every product research tool will do. It is essential to find one that matches your needs. To help you with that, we have put together an informative list of top dropshipping product research tools and how they can add value to your business.

Ready to find money-making products to start dropshipping? Let’s find you the right research tool then, shall we?

Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is a resourceful tool that offers a wide range of product research data. It mainly gathers its data from social media, AliExpress, and Shopify.

Dropship Spy

The data gathered by Dropship Spy can be classified into two main types of information; top products and product analytics.

The top products are basically the products that are hot in the market and are worth considering for your store. Those categorized as ‘winning products’ are current hot sellers while ‘promising products’ are budding trends.

Product analytics, on the other hand, give you more detailed insight into how consumers feel about a product or interact with it. Each product has its own unique set of analytics. They include details such as:

  • Engagement Ratings –these indicate how many people checked out a product online or expressed interest in it through likes or social media comments.
  • Product Reviews- Dropship Soy enables you to download a bunch of product reviews from e-commerce platforms like Walmart or Amazon
  • Sale Reports- this data shows you how well or how poorly a product is selling on various e-commerce platforms

Impressively, the data does not end there. Dropship Spy goes further to offer:

  • Free dropship video ads
  • Free ad copy
  • A profit calculator
  • Recommended supplier info for each product


  • A month’s access will cost you $19 or $39 for the Pro Special and Pro packages respectively.


  • Integrates well with Shopify stores
  • Users have access to many helpful resources
  • Products are regularly updated
  • Free ad content


  • The data may be overwhelming for beginner dropshippers


Ecomhunt promises its subscribers daily updates of new hot products that they can check out for their stores. The products are handpicked by experts and their popularity is backed by product analytics such as:

  • Engagement stats
  • Estimated profit margins
  • Facebook targeting; this is data that shows you what audience segment you could sell the product to

In addition to analytics, Ecomhunt offers examples of product ads and demonstrative videos. Unlike on Dropship Spy, ad content on Ecomhunt is not free-to-use because it is obtained from other online store owners.



  • The free plan offers limited features and delayed product updates but it would be a good idea if you would like to get a feel of how Ecomhunt works
  • The paid membership plan is priced at $29 and comes with full access


  • You can save/bookmark products (and their stats) that caught your eye if you would like to refer to them later
  • Ecomhunt offers training resources and free membership that you use to learn the ropes
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are content with Ecomhunt services
  • The high-quality images provided are free-to-use for Ecomhunt subscribers


  • Its targeting is not tested and should only be used as an example

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper offers product research data through two methods; the Scraper and expert handpicking.

The Niche Scraper is a web crawler that gathers data on product sales in online stores and engagements on social media. This data is then analyzed to find the winning products i.e., those with the highest sales and engagements.

Niche Scraper

Expert handpicking is done by dropshipping experts. They use their understanding of trends and consumer habits to identify products that are likely to become hot sellers.

Hand-picking could give you an edge in the market because not all trends can be picked out by technology. Sometimes, consumer habits are driven by nuances and life events that are not necessarily captured online.

Niche Scraper also offers some additional notable features such as:

  • Ability to sort filter search results- when you look up a product, you can filter: its dates to see data from a certain period, product varieties by price, products by the number of orders, or in niches
  • Competing store analysis- care to know what competing Shopify stores are selling? You can filter your Niche Scraper filters to show which products are popular by store. The results will give you some competitor insights


  • The free plan only gives you access to a limited number of scrapes/searches and limited resources
  • The PRO plan costs $49.95 and comes with full access to all digital content and tutorial resources


  • A blend of tech trends and handpicked products provides a good variety of helpful data
  • Niche Scraper is optimized for dropshipping and integrates well with Shopify
  • The ability to sort search results allows you to get data that is as specific as you need it to be


  • Niche Scraper does not offer supplier recommendations


Intelligynce is a bundle of product research tools. It offers multiple ways to search for data and also allows you to search for different types of data. Let us explore that a bit more.

On search methods, Intelligynce allows you to search product keywords to get information about products you are interested in.

This information is mainly from AliExpress and Shopify. For AliExpress, you can access product data using the Ali Inspector tool.


Now let us look at the types of product research data that Intelligynce provides. In addition to the commonplace, social media engagements, RRP’s, and sale stats, Intelligynce gives you access to:

  • The products being sold by Shopify stores
  • The Shopify stores selling certain products
  • Details on various stores via the Store Inspector tool

It is worth mentioning that aside from its many tools, Intelligynce has great filters that help you limit the search results to only the data you need.


  • The monthly subscription costs $39
  • The lifetime costs $99 as a one-off payment or a 4-installment fee of $29


  • Intelligynce provides multiple tools in one
  • The research stats on products and Shopify stores are quite detailed
  • It offers analysis on a very wide variety of products(over 2.5 million)


  • The tools and vast data offered by Intelligynce can be helpful but they can also be overwhelming.



If you are keen on dropshipping via AliExpress, this would be a good product research tool to consider. Contrary to its intriguing name, it is 100% legal and fully dedicated to providing research on products you can buy on AliExpress.

The curated list of trending products on Thieve is handpicked by dropshipping experts, bloggers, and other e-commerce pundits. Aside from the product recommendations, this tool also offers information on:

  • The types of ads that convert for different products
  • Recommended suppliers for specific products
  • Data on dropshipping competitors e.g your competitor stores, how much traffic they receive, what products they sell
  • Trending untapped niches based on Google searches


  • The Dropship plan costs 15/month and offers access to curated product listings and free-to-use as content
  • The Pro plan costs $49/month and offers early access to hot seller products and premium images and video content


  • The product research data is well-curated and not overwhelming
  • The media content provided is high-quality and can be helpful for beginner dropshippers that may not have the resources or the skill to make video ads for dropshipping
  • AliExpress dropshipping supplier recommendations can make it much easier to navigate the site


  • This tool only focuses on dropshipping products offered on one platform


ShopInspect likely gets its name because it gives you access to data about other online stores. More specifically, competitor Shopify stores. The platform refers to this feature as, ‘ uncover then dominate them’.

In a nutshell, the ‘Uncover then dominate them’ features allows you to identify your competitors, the trending products they sell, and how they market them. This will give you an idea of how to best approach the market.


ShopInspect also has an algorithm that gathers data on the web to identify viral products. This would be helpful when you have identified a niche and are not sure what particular products you should be focusing on.

This research tool further enables you to:

  • Adinspect- you can search for different product ads to get marketing ideas and feedback data on whether those types of ads were successful
  • Predict sales- this will show you the sale stats of certain products in your target niche to help you decide if they are worth having in your store
  • Customize and find a target for product ads- ShopInspect offers free-to-use and premium videos that you can customize to make your ads. It also gives you data on which audiences you should target


  • The Standard plan costs $16 but excludes Adinspect and only allows limited searches
  • The Legendary Plan grants you full access to all features


  • The plans are reasonably priced
  • The video content provided and targeting info make creating marketing ads easier


  • It does not offer supplier recommendations

Sell The Trend

If you have been holding out for a product research tool that covers all the bases, Sell The Trend may be it. It does not just provide you with research data, it also provides you with tools to help you use the data.


To paint a better picture, here is a glimpse at how Sell The Trend works.

  • Start by identifying your preferred niche
  • Search the Sell The Trend database for products in that niche and analyze their research data
  • You can also search products based on stores and see what your competitors are selling
  • Find suitable suppliers from the vendor list provided by Sell The Trend
  • Use the Video Creator tool to create ads and the Facebook Interest Targeting tool to figure out what demographic to target
  • Use the Sell The Trend integration to coordinate orders

Notice how at each stage, there is a tool to help you get the job done. Impressive, isn’t it? Notably, this tool gathers and can sort product research data based on country. This is not a common provision.

Sell The Trend integrated with Amazon, WooCommerce, CJDropshipping, Shopify, and AliExpress.


  • There is a free 7-day trial
  • The paid plan costs $39.97/ month all-inclusive


  • It provides helpful research and dropshipping tools at every stage
  • It offers product research data organized into over 83 niches and multiple countries
  • It is optimized for dropshipping

Wish Inspector

Wish Inspector is a 2 in 1 product research tool. Its main function is to help you find winning dropshipping products. However, as a bonus, it also helps you manage some dropshipping functions.

Wish Inspector

On research, you can look up any product using various keywords or purchase-related terms like the number of times it has been ordered.

The search results will present you with 26 different parameters of information. You can choose to look through all of them or try to filter them down to those that you find relevant.

In terms of dropshipping functions, you can use this tool to:

  • Download product images and descriptions
  • Import unlimited products to your Woocommerce or Shopify store in one click
  • Organize inventory: Wish Inventory generates SKUs for product variations which comes in handy when dropshipping multiple suppliers


  • The plans cost $77 and $87(they are one-off payments)


  • It offers multiple dropshipping tools in one
  • The filters are fast and effective at whittling down the extensive search results


  • It is only compatible with Mac and PC



Pexda lists products based on niches but provides research data on individual products. The product lists are updated every day and comprise information such as:

  • The number of times a product has been ordered recently
  • Its social media engagements

In addition to product data, Pexda also offers examples of Facebook ads, free ad copy, and recommendations for your target market. For your benefit, the results are tied to your location if you provide the requisite details


  • The Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans cost $14.95, $24.95, and $99.95 per month respectively.


  • Geo-tagging search results provides dropshippers with more relevant information
  • The Standard plan has a great introductory price for dropshippers starting off on a budget.


  • It does not offer vendor details


AliExpress is a favorite go-to platform amongst dropshippers. The problem is, it can be a bit of a maze. There are endless suppliers to choose from and very many variations of the same product.


Alishark is a great product research tool that, like the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, is dedicated to AliExpress products.

It, nonetheless, stands out because it does not just give you data on AliExpress products but also makes the platform easy to navigate. It achieves this by:

  • Providing product information– before you get to the research data, Alishark informs you of its price, ratings/reviews, sale and order history, countries where it is a hot seller, and even its viable shipping options
  • Providing filters- the easiest way to zero in on your niche on a voluminous platform like AliExpress is by using filters. Alishark provides very many of them and you can use more than one at once
  • Showing product trends– curious about consumer habits, Alishark will show you product sale histories and top products on customer wishlists

It would be remiss not to mention that Alishark is one of very few product research tools that offer live stats. They are not relayed in real-time, but you can watch how they progress through the day.


  • It has a full-access 2-day trial for $1
  • The paid plan costs $20/ month



  • It is only applicable for AliExpress products


Finding the right dropshipping products is tough but finding the right dropshipping niche is even harder. Should you try a limited or a general niche? How can you even tell if a niche is profitable?


FindNiche seeks to answer all your product selection questions. However, unlike most other tools on this list, it takes a different approach by focusing on niches instead of just individual products.

Wondering how it works? Here is how:

  • Enter the product that you are considering in the FindNiche search bar
  • FindNiche will provide you with a list of product stats including sale history, price, number of orders, and so forth
  • It also provides you with similar stats for other products within the same niche

If you prefer, you can filter the search results such that you can only see results from Shopify or AliExpress stores.

FindNiche also provides insights on ads for different platforms and their potential target audiences.


  • The Basic and Elite plans cost $9 and $59 respectively


  • It focuses on the big picture(niches) which are just as important as individual products
  • It allows users to focus on the platform of their choice between AliExpress and Shopify


  • It is not possible to filter sales data to only show dropshipping sales


SaleSource makes a great effort towards providing solutions on product research. It goes further too and provides resources that you could use to implement the decisions you make based on the data.


Let us illustrate that further. As a SaleSource subscriber, you can:

  • Get research data on a product I.e leading buyer countries, competitors selling the same product, estimated income from selling said product
  • Use the data to identify products that would be suitable for your market
  • Select a suitable supplier from the long list of options provided by SaleSource

Better still, SaleSource is specifically designed for e-commerce and is significantly optimized for dropshipping.


  • The plan costs £13 and is available on a 7-day money-back guarantee trial period


  • It is compatible with eBay, AliExpress, WooCommerce, Shopify
  • It provides numerous helpful resources for dropshippers

FAQs on Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Is Investing in a Dropshipping Product Research Tool Worth it?

Compared to the option of just rolling the dice when choosing dropshipping products, investing in a product research tool is a much safer option.

Admittedly, the data you get from a product research tool is not 100% accurate. Your store may not always excel based on research. However, when coupled with your discernment, these tools provide much-needed guidance.

How Do I Identify the Right Product Research Tool For My Needs?

It would be best to begin by defining what your needs are. Would you like to focus on products or niches, or both? Would you prefer a product research platform that offers supplier recommendations?

Go further and consider factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • The compatibility of the research tool and the e-commerce platform you use for your dropship store
  • The simplicity of the tool; it would be ideal to choose a research tool whose data presentations are relevant and easy to understand

Once you have a defined list of needs, you can easily figure out which product research tool fits the bill.

How Should I Apply the Data I Get From a Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

Think of the data from a product research tool like a map that shows you which dropshipping paths to follow and which ones to avoid.

Paths to avoid include:

  • A highly saturated market i.e., products that are sold by too many stores or a dropshipping market that has too many dropshippers within your niche
  • Low-value products with low orders – if a product is affordable and still only garners low orders, it is likely not popular and could prove hard to sell

Paths to consider include:

  • Products with a consistently high sale history- if a product shows a consistent trend of high orders, it may be worth venturing If the competition is not too stiff
  • Promising products- offering unique products and staying ahead of the competition is a great way to set your dropshipping store apart. If the data shows a positive trend, try and include promising products in your store

Final Thoughts

In any circumstance, including dropshipping, flying blind is brave but extremely risky. This is why resources that offer guidance like product research tools are so important.

Whether you are a novice or a dropshipping veteran, having the right data can help you avoid costly mistakes. It could also help you discover new frontiers that could enable you to scale up your business.

Nevertheless, it could be that data analysis is not your strong point as an entrepreneur. If so, working with us may be a much better option.

We, at NicheDropshipping, have years of experience in sourcing winning products. We also provide all-inclusive dropshipping services.

Contact us today and let us help you find the right products for your dropshipping business.

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