2 Warehouses in the USA East & West Coast to Fasten Delivery

We are a dropshipping agent with USA fulfillment centers for dropshippers who’re looking for secure, stable, and fast shipping to send your products to your customers. Our USA warehouses are free to use for the first 90 days! 

5X Faster than ePacket, Check our USPS Shipping Option

Instead of waiting for ePacket’s 30-day-delivery from China to the US, why not ship directly from the USA and get your orders delivered in 2-5 days?

NicheDropshipping can be your sourcing agent in China, purchase the winning products from 1688 or Taobao.com at a profitable price or with better quality, and then pre-stock them in our US warehouses.

Once the inventory is stocked in the US warehouse, which takes about 7-10 business days, your orders can be processed the same day and delivered via USPS in 3-5 days! You just need to pay the shipping fee by then.

dropshipping warehouse

Why Go with NicheDropshipping’s USA Warehouses?

Working with a US dropshipping supplier makes your business more sustainable. With NicheDropshipping, you can sell quality products with a fast shipping option and fully automated integration with Shopify.

Source Products from China and Pre-Stock in the USA

We help you to buy products from 1688 or Taobao.com or direct factories in China, to save your purchasing cost, and we will pre-stock your inventory in our warehouse in the USA.

Delivery to Your Customer in 3-5 Days by USPS

We ship the products from our warehouse in the USA mainly by USPS. With two warehouses located in Chino and New Jersey, it usually takes about 3-5 days to arrive at your customer.

Build a Sustainable Dropshipping Business & Gain Repeat Customers

One of the main dropshipping issues is long-time shipping. With our “Ship from USA” plan, we can help you to build a sustainable dropshipping business and gain repeat customers.

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Hello NicheDropshippers. Welcome to NicheDropshipping.com. This is Stanley Nieh, the founder of NicheDropshipping.

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How to Get Started with NicheDropshipping.com?

Start using our US fulfillment centers in eight steps.


Create Your Account

Create a free account to use our app and enjoy automated dropshipping.


Store Authorization

Authorize your store to our app.


Source Your Products

Choose existing products at the US warehouses or let us buy and ship your own inventory to the US warehouses.


Product Matching

List our products in your store or connect your listing with ours.


Start Selling & Place Orders

Once you start selling, all your store’s pending orders can sync to our app.


Make the Payment

Choose the orders which you want us to fulfill. Pay the orders in one single payment or split them into several. Easy, secure, and accurate.


Order Fulfillment

We will process your orders within 48 hours and send them by USPS.


Tracking Updates

Tracking numbers will sync to your Shopify store automatically, and your customer will get email notifications from Shopify.

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Top 15 Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA and How They Benefit Your Business Growth

Launching your own business as an entrepreneur or setting up an e-commerce store is not all it takes to be successful. There is always a constant demand for reliable dropshipping suppliers in the market. Once you find them, you’ve struck gold! It is the key to launching a robust business that progresses over the years.

One of the best ways to make your mark as an entrepreneur in the business world is to deliver high-quality products and ensure they reach your customers from certified and trustworthy dropshipping suppliers.

It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur or an online seller with your store looking to expand your business. This article gives you an insight into the leading dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

We have curated a list of top dropshipping suppliers in the USA who can cater to your business needs.

Top USA Dropshipping Suppliers


Figure 4 Dropshipping Supplier USA NicheDropshipping

Nichedropshipping is based in China. However, they have an established line of dropshipping business in the USA with two warehouses located there.

This company is one of the leading suppliers that aims to aid small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals by shipping products to US-based customers within 2 to 5 days of placing the order.

Nichedropshipping takes pride in delivering exceptional services and ensuring the supply of products and goods of top quality.

Nichedropshipping services include product sourcing, customized brand packaging, photography and video of products, bulk inventory storage, labeling of products, etc.


Figure 1 Dropshipping Supplier USA TeleDynamics
Teledynamics tops the list if you are looking to dropship electronic gadgets and related products. This company is located in Austin, Texas. It is one of the top suppliers for more than 80 electronic brands that range from Panasonic to Sony, Motorola, Siemens, AT&T, and several others.

Teledynamics dropshipping company offers their services without any minimum order requirements, unlike other competitors in the market. They also do not charge for a blind dropship.

What makes them unique is that the services are also covered under credit card and COD options. You get access to orders and online catalogs once you’ve launched your business with them.

Whitney brothers

Figure 2 Dropshipping Supplier USA Whitney Brothers

Whitney brothers manufacture furniture for kids. They also handle dropshipping services of their products to nurseries, playschools, creches, daycare centers, kindergartens, playrooms, and even homes. Each of their products has a lifetime warranty. This dropshipping supplier in the USA was founded in the year 1904.

Sunrise wholesale

Figure 3 Dropshipping Supplier USA Sunrise Wholesale

The sunrise wholesale dropshipping suppliers are based in California. This company was established in 1999 and has expanded its services since then to cover the supply of products that range from home decor to equipment, toys, electronics, appliances, and more.

Innovative Beauty

Innovative beauty is a company dealing with the manufacture and dropshipping of beauty products. This company is based in Las Vegas, USA. They dropship products not just to customers in the US but also internationally.


IFuncity is one of the major game-changers in the business world. It has a large client base and has been serving customers across more than 65 countries.

They dropship a wide range of products that includes fashion accessories, cameras, electronics, video games, photography equipment, and more. 

The products supplied by them fall under both branded and non-branded items. With this company, you get complete access to daily updated product feeds.

Park flyers

Figure 5 Dropshipping Supplier USA ParkFlyers

Park flyers are among the top dropshipping suppliers in the USA to go to for online toy stores. They have been in the business since 1999 and specialize in dropshipping toys, remote and radio-controlled gadgets, toy helicopters, drones, cars, boats, and several other toys. Park flyers are based in New Jersey.

VIG Furniture

Figure 6 Dropshipping Supplier USA VIG Furniture

This is one dropshipping company that is online retailer friendly, and you get exceptional services without hassles. They have been specializing in office, home, and industrial furniture since 1998.

Based in California, VIG furniture has a large warehouse that is believed to store more than 6000 furniture items of European and Italian designs, ready to be shipped to customers in the US and worldwide.

Aspire home accents

Figure 7 Dropshipping Supplier Aspire Home Accents

The Aspire home accents dropshipping company deals exclusively with home decor since 2011. Some of the leading products supplied by this company include lamps, furniture, home accessories, clocks, mirrors, planters, wall art, etc.

It is based in California and ensures a reliable wholesale supply of such items. They provide all the details concerning the dropshipping products, from data and information to photos, inventory updates, delivery tracking, and high-quality packaging.


Figure 8 Dropshipping Supplier USA Arett Sales

Arett dropshipping company takes care of garden equipment, tools, supplies, outdoor products, home, lawn, garden, and holiday items. They supply these products to customers situated in every nook and corner of the USA. 

This company ensures that its customers stay happy and satisfied with the timely and safe delivery of home and outdoor living supplies. 

Arett was established in 1951 with its base in New Jersey.

Pet stores USA

Figure 9 Dropshipping Supplier USA Pet Stores USA

The Pet stores USA is headquartered in Ohio with a warehouse in Cincinnati. It connects several businesses and companies with pet lovers and customers around the USA. It dropships exclusive pet products of all types. 

This company is known to hold some of the most extensive warehouse facilities that store more than 2500 pet products.


Figure 10 Dropshipping Supplier FragranceNet

FragranceNet is one of the pioneers in the business of dropshipping beauty products and has been so since 1997. This company is synonymous with a wide range of cosmetic brands ranging from skincare and body care to hair care, makeup, gels, styling products, etc.

FragranceNet is one of the largest suppliers and takes pride in being the supplier for more than 17000 beauty and cosmetic brands in the US. FragranceNet is headquartered in New York City.

Alpha Imports

Figure 11 Dropshipping Supplier USA Alpha Imports

Alpha Imports is one of the oldest names related to dropshipping wholesale jewelry, accessories, and gemstones, established in 1988. 

This company supplies various items to customers that include bracelets, earrings, charms, chains, bangles, necklaces, rings, anklets, brooches, cufflinks, tie pins, and more—classic worldwide designers design all the jewelry pieces. 

Alpha Imports specializes in both women’s and men’s jewelry. This company is based in New York City.

Footwear US

Figure 12 Dropshipping Supplier USA FootwearUS

Footwear US are dropshippers dealing solely with both men and women’s footwear for more than 40 years. 

It is one of the oldest companies in the field, established in 1977 and supplying top quality, comfortable, and affordable, fashionable footwear, traditional and classic designer footwear, shoes, sandals, and more. Amongst its product offerings, there are popular trademarked brands as well. 

Footwear US, based in New Jersey, has earned quite a reputation for itself and has progressed exponentially over the years. If the orders placed are for customers resident in the US, then Footwear US supplies them free of shipping charges.

Wholesale fashion square

Figure 13 Dropshipping Supplier Wholesale Fashion Square

This dropshipper company is exclusive of all-season women’s clothing. It includes daily wear, activewear, jumpsuits, sportswear, accessories, innerwear, etc. Wholesale fashion square has an A+rating by the better business bureau. It was launched in the year 2006 and is based in California.

Why Is USA Dropshipping a Good Idea?

The USA is home to several manufacturing companies, entrepreneurs, suppliers, and businesses. Most of them also provide dropshipping services. 

Here are some of the reasons choosing USA dropshipping suppliers can be beneficial for your business.

Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is crucial for the growth of any business, store, or e-commerce website. 

Establishing a loyal customer base is possible when your dropshipping suppliers are from the US. It makes everything more reliable and trustworthy to the customer as they can quickly contact and get in touch with them regarding their packages. 

Figure 14 USA Dropshipping Is Good for Customer Satisfaction

In addition, customers are satisfied with the fast shipping, quality packaging, shipping options, and that their suppliers are from their homeland.

Shipping Benefits

Supply and delivery of products generally come with shipping costs, especially when you purchase them online. Hiring dropshipping companies located in other countries can cause delays in delivering the package by days and sometimes weeks, leaving customers frustrated and unhappy.

How Linking with US Dropshippng Suppliers Benefit Your Business?

Shipping Options

Customers always look for the fastest and most reliable way that they can receive their purchases. A company or business that offers its customers a wide range of shipping options shows your customers that you care about their comfort.

Speedy Shipping and Delivery

When dropshipping companies are located in the US, the delivery can be done quickly. The shipping of the product might take between 3 to 5 days. In some cases, where the customers are staying nearby or within the locality, the product’s delivery might take a day or two.

Figure 15 US Dropshipping Makes Shipping Fast

Speedy delivery of the order can leave your customers satisfied and coming back for more! It is one of the best marketing tools that pave the way for business success.

Good Tracking System

With the progress in technology and the growing trend of online shopping, customers prefer to keep track of their orders and purchases. Link your business with a US dropshipping company that has an accurate and reliable tracking system.  

Boost Sales

Choosing a US dropshipping supplier helps to boost the purchase of American-made products and items. Customers prefer supporting sales from within their country due to the all-around benefits.

Higher Quality

When customers place orders for products and goods, they expect it to be delivered in top quality. US manufacturers and dropshippers are known to focus on supplying quality products to each of their customers. No matter the cost, quality is of prime importance.

American Made Products

Choosing US dropshipping suppliers for American-made products gets the stamp of approval and loyalty from customers. People would love to contribute to the growth of products manufactured and businesses established in the country.

What to Look for When Choosing a Dropshipping Supplier in the USA?

With a wide range of dropshipping shipping suppliers in the US market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Not all of them are great and perfect to address your business needs. 

After all, deciding on a US dropshipping supplier is one of the significant business moves you will make. 

Here are some of the top things to look out for.


A US dropshipping company established and been in the business for several years is a reliable one.

Check out the client base of the supplier as it is an indication of satisfied and loyal customers.

Get references from other companies and clients regarding their services.

Do the research and browse through the US dropshipping company’s website and social media pages before partnering with them to supply products to your loyal customers.

Go through the reviews and comments to know more about them and whether they can be trusted. If possible, you can also personally visit the office of the supplier before making a move.

Cooperation and Communication

Establishing a business relationship with US dropshipping suppliers is possible only if they can cooperate, coordinate, and communicate with the manufacturers and customers.

Figure 16 Communication Matters When Choosing US Dropshipping Suppliers

The communication should be professional and done on time. Your business depends on it! Check whether they are friendly and provide good customer services. Launching a business relationship with a dropshipper is done for several years, and it should be one that seamlessly gets on well.

Shipping Details

One of the many things to look into is the shipping details. The US dropshipping companies should be capable of taking on orders and shipping the package fast to the customers.

They should also offer all the necessary shipping options for the convenience of your customers. 

Find out all the details regarding the US dropshipper supplier’s shipping costs and other related information so that you are not charged extra, nor are your customers taken by surprise.

Additional Charges

Typically, dropshipping suppliers charge additional fees for shipment and services provided. Check for additional charges before hiring them, so that you do not have to pay for surprise billings.


In the case the dropshipping supplier is also a manufacturer of products, then check out their production capacity. 

This will enable you to make the right business decisions based on the production done.It will also give you an idea if the company can take on a surge in demand for products. If not, they could slow down the progress of your business.


Most of the services provided by US dropshipping suppliers have a warranty, guarantee, returns, and other company policies. Read through all the terms and conditions before partnering with them.  


Now that you have the top dropshipping suppliers USA list, you can wisely choose one that can take care of your business needs and keep your customers satisfied with their services. 

Partner with some of the country’s best dropshipping companies and watch your business soar to new heights.

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