2 Warehouses in the USA East & West Coast to Fasten Delivery

We are a dropshipping agent with USA fulfillment centers for dropshippers who’re looking for secure, stable, and fast shipping to send your products to your customers. Our USA warehouses are free to use for the first 90 days! 

5X Faster than ePacket, Check our USPS Shipping Option

Instead of waiting for ePacket’s 30-day-delivery from China to the US, why not ship directly from the USA and get your orders delivered in 2-5 days?

NicheDropshipping can be your sourcing agent in China, purchase the winning products from 1688 or Taobao.com at a profitable price or with better quality, and then pre-stock them in our US warehouses.

Once the inventory is stocked in the US warehouse, which takes about 7-10 business days, your orders can be processed the same day and delivered via USPS in 3-5 days! You just need to pay the shipping fee by then.

dropshipping warehouse

Why Go with NicheDropshipping’s USA Warehouses?

Working with a US dropshipping supplier makes your business more sustainable. With NicheDropshipping, you can sell quality products with a fast shipping option and fully automated integration with Shopify.

Source Products from China and Pre-Stock in the USA

We help you to buy products from 1688 or Taobao.com or direct factories in China, to save your purchasing cost, and we will pre-stock your inventory in our warehouse in the USA.

Delivery to Your Customer in 3-5 Days by USPS

We ship the products from our warehouse in the USA mainly by USPS. With two warehouses located in Chino and New Jersey, it usually takes about 3-5 days to arrive at your customer.

Build a Sustainable Dropshipping Business & Gain Repeat Customers

One of the main dropshipping issues is long-time shipping. With our “Ship from USA” plan, we can help you to build a sustainable dropshipping business and gain repeat customers.

Meet the Owner

Hello NicheDropshippers. Welcome to NicheDropshipping.com. This is Stanley Nieh, the founder of NicheDropshipping.

Check the video to learn how we can help your business through our on-demand dropshipping services, including product sourcing and order fulfillment.

How to Get Started with NicheDropshipping.com?

Start using our US fulfillment centers in eight steps.


Create Your Account

Create a free account to use our app and enjoy automated dropshipping.


Store Authorization

Authorize your store to our app.


Source Your Products

Choose existing products at the US warehouses or let us buy and ship your own inventory to the US warehouses.


Product Matching

List our products in your store or connect your listing with ours.


Start Selling & Place Orders

Once you start selling, all your store’s pending orders can sync to our app.


Make the Payment

Choose the orders which you want us to fulfill. Pay the orders in one single payment or split them into several. Easy, secure, and accurate.


Order Fulfillment

We will process your orders within 48 hours and send them by USPS.


Tracking Updates

Tracking numbers will sync to your Shopify store automatically, and your customer will get email notifications from Shopify.

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21 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Niche

Dropshipping has become a popular business model for entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce space without the need to manage inventory or invest heavily upfront. 

In the bustling market of online sales in the USA, partnering with reliable US-based dropshipping suppliers can be a game-changer for your business, ensuring faster shipping times, higher customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge.

Choosing the right supplier is crucial—to succeed, you need partners that align with your niche, meet quality standards, and offer excellent customer support. 

As you navigate this landscape, consider factors like product variety, shipping logistics, and supplier reputation to construct a robust dropshipping framework that can adapt to market demands and drive your online venture forward.

Why Work With US-Based Dropshipping Suppliers?

When you venture into the dropshipping business within North America, especially the USA, aligning with local suppliers gives you a competitive edge. 

US warehouse dropshipping not only allows your online retail store to deliver products with impressive speed, but it also serves your customers’ growing expectation for promptness.

1. Fast Shipping

With a US-based dropshipping warehouse, your products enjoy the advantage of domestic shipping speeds. 

Customers in the country now anticipate rapid delivery—often within 2 to 3 days—which is easily achievable through local suppliers. 

Meeting these expectations can significantly boost customer satisfaction and repeat business.

2. Quality Products

American suppliers are known for their rigorous standards, often equating to higher quality goods. It’s not just about offering products; it’s about offering items that resonate with your customers’ desire for craftsmanship and durability. 

Plus, with eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers in the USA, you can cater to the growing demand for sustainable products.

3. Higher Margins

By offering American-made goods, you can tap into market patriotism where many customers prefer and are willing to pay more for products made in their home country. 

Wholesale prices may be higher, but so is the retail value—a benefit to your profit margins.

4. Accountability and Communication

Working with US dropshipping suppliers promotes accountability due to easier access and fewer language barriers. Should an issue arise, it’s simpler to hold a local supplier responsible and get it resolved quickly, preserving your reputation.

5. Customer Service

Establishing a strong relationship with your customers is key, and nothing ensures this better than excellent customer service

US suppliers can offer more personalized service, swift responses to inquiries, and reliable support, all of which contribute to a positive shopping experience.

A List of Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA for Your Niche

General Niche

1. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping dropshipping suppliers usa

NicheDropshipping is a comprehensive dropshipping service provider, specializing in sourcing, purchasing, quality checking, custom packaging, and order fulfillment. 

The company offers a seamless one-stop solution for dropshippers, particularly focusing on sourcing products from China and stocking them in US warehouses for faster delivery.

Key Products Offered

NicheDropshipping does not offer specific products, but rather specializes in sourcing a wide range of items according to the dropshipper’s needs. This includes anything from fashion and electronics to home goods and more.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Not specified, as they cater to varied dropshipping demands, including both bulk purchasing and individual order fulfillment.

Key Features

  • Sourcing and purchasing from Chinese suppliers
  • Quality assurance and custom packaging
  • Fast order fulfillment from US warehouses
  • Automated integration with Shopify
  • Diverse product sourcing according to client needs


  • Offers a complete dropshipping solution from sourcing to delivery
  • US warehouses for quicker domestic shipping
  • Automated system compatible with Shopify
  • Flexible sourcing for a wide range of products


  • Focuses mainly on sourcing from China, which might not suit all dropshippers
  • Lack of clarity on MOQ and specific product categories


Pricing is tailored according to individual client needs and services availed.

2. GreenDropShip


GreenDropShip is a dropshipping supplier that provides resellers with over 20,000 natural, organic, gourmet, and specialty products. 

They cater to Shopify, WooCommerce, and marketplace merchants, offering a seamless integration for product import and direct shipping to customers from their warehouses in Los Angeles, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Key Products Offered

GreenDropShip offers a diverse range of over 20,000 products. These include groceries, body care items, supplements, and various specialty products. 

They also handle complex packaged goods, fragile glass products, and even perishable food items, which sets them apart from many other dropshipping suppliers.


GreenDropShip does not impose a minimum order quantity, allowing members to import products individually or in bulk, and offering flexibility in creating customized bundles or variety packs to meet retailer needs.

Key Features

  • Wide selection of brand name products, predominantly made in the USA.
  • Real-time inventory management in their own warehouses.
  • No minimum order quantity, offering flexibility to retailers.
  • Amazon FBA prep services for merchants using Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • Dedicated customer service team for member support.


  • Extensive product range catering to the natural and organic market.
  • American-made products ensuring high quality and safety standards.
  • Flexible ordering options with no minimum order requirement.
  • Comprehensive services including Amazon FBA prep.


  • Specialized in a specific niche, which may not suit all dropshippers.
  • Limited to the types of products offered, focusing primarily on natural and organic items.


GreenDropShip operates on a membership model, providing access to wholesale prices. Members can save costs and get better deals with bulk purchases. 

Their pricing structure is designed to benefit both small-scale and large-scale retailers, with discounts and competitive rates for volume purchases.

3. US Direct

US Direct

US Direct is a prominent dropshipping supplier that offers a vast selection of products from top US-based wholesale suppliers. 

Their range exceeds 200,000 items, sourced from reputable wholesalers like UNFI (Honest Green), Bradley Caldwell, Sportsman’s Supply, Williams Trading, Synnex, and CWR Electronics.

Key Products Offered

US Direct’s extensive product range covers various categories, from camping and outdoor essentials to clothing, home and grocery items, pet supplies, and beauty and fragrance products.


US Direct does not specify a minimum order quantity.

Key Features

  • Access to over 200,000 products.
  • Sourced from top US-based wholesale suppliers.
  • A wide range of niches and product categories.


  • Large variety of products across multiple niches.
  • Products sourced from reputable US wholesalers.
  • Focus on top-selling categories.


  • US Direct only ships within the USA (lower 48 states), limiting international reach.


Their website does not provide specific pricing details and would likely depend on the individual product and wholesale supplier​​​​​​.

4. National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers is likely a service that offers a wide range of products for dropshipping. Such services typically allow retailers to sell various items without holding physical stock, as products are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer.

Key Products Offered

Typically, dropshipping companies offer an extensive catalog that includes a diverse array of products. These can range from everyday consumer goods to more niche items, depending on the dropshipper’s network of suppliers.



Key Features

  • Wide Product Range: Access to a variety of products from different categories.
  • No Inventory Requirement: Eliminates the need for physical stock, reducing overhead costs for retailers.
  • Shipping and Logistics Handled: The dropshipping service manages all aspects of order fulfillment and shipping.


  • Flexibility in Product Selection: Retailers can test different products without significant investment.
  • Ease of Entry: Ideal for new entrepreneurs or businesses looking to expand their product offerings.


  • Dependence on Supplier’s Stock and Quality: Retailers rely on the dropshipper for product availability and quality control.
  • Potential Shipping Delays: As products are often shipped directly from suppliers, there can be variability in shipping times.


Every dropship order incurs a dropship fee of $0.99. Unlike many other dropshippers who charge this fee per item or warehouse, National Dropshippers only charge a fee per order.

Beauty and Health

5. Supliful


Supliful is a prominent player in the dropshipping industry, offering specialized services that cater to entrepreneurs and businesses in the e-commerce sector. 

Known for its user-friendly platform and efficient dropshipping solutions, Supliful has carved a niche in providing seamless integration for online stores, simplifying the process of sourcing and selling products. 

The company stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth dropshipping experience for its clients.

Key Products Offered

The company’s product range includes a variety of health supplements, vitamins, and personal care products. 

They offer an extensive catalog that features items such as protein powders, multivitamins, skincare products, and organic supplements, catering to a diverse customer base with varying health and wellness needs.


Supliful operates with a flexible approach to minimum order quantities (MOQ), accommodating the needs of both small and large-scale businesses. 

This flexibility allows clients to test the market with smaller orders before scaling up, reducing the risk and investment required for new product launches.

Key Features

  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Seamless integration with major eCommerce platforms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customized branding options


  • Streamlined dropshipping process with easy integration
  • Wide range of health and wellness products
  • Custom branding options for product differentiation
  • Flexible MOQ suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Reliable customer support and service


  • Limited to health and wellness niche, which may not suit all dropshipping businesses.
  • Branding services might incur additional costs.


  • Free Plan
    • Cost: $0
    • Start your own product line with no upfront investment
    • Access to help center & email support
    • Integration with 1 store
  • Starter Plan
    • Cost: $49/month
    • Includes everything in the Free plan
    • Up to 15% discounts on products
    • Additional product mockups
    • Live customer support on weekdays
  • Creator Plan
    • Cost: $349/month
    • Includes everything in the Starter plan
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Branded customer support
    • 15 hours of total support per month

Each plan is tailored to meet the needs of different stages in your business journey, from starting out to scaling up!

6. FragranceNet


FragranceNet offers dropshipping services for a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products. They specialize in fragrances but also offer skincare, makeup, haircare, aromatherapy, and candles. 

Known for their extensive collection of over 17,000 genuine, brand-name fragrances, they also stock skincare, makeup, haircare, aromatherapy, and candles. 

FragranceNet is a key player in the beauty industry, supplying products globally.

Key Products Offered

  • Fragrances
  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Haircare
  • Aromatherapy
  • Candles


No specific minimum order quantity mentioned.

Key Features

  • Over 17,000 products from top beauty brands.
  • Global supply of genuine, brand-name beauty products.
  • Wide variety of products covering fragrances, skincare, makeup, and more.


  • Extensive product range with a focus on quality and authenticity.
  • Global reach, providing a wide market base.
  • Diverse product categories catering to various customer preferences.


  • Dependence on stock availability as listed on their website.


FranceNet offers free standard shipping for orders over $59.00. It is advised to contact them directly for detailed pricing information regarding their dropshipping program. ​​

7. Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint offers a streamlined process for dropshipping beauty products in the USA. 

They provide an Excel Order Batch File system, where you can fill in multiple orders and the file automatically calculates the total cost, shipping fees, and optional insurance. 

Orders are typically shipped within one business day after payment confirmation.

Key Products Offered

Various beauty and cosmetic products


Not specified

Key Features

  • Automated Excel Order Batch File for easy bulk order processing
  • Quick shipping, typically within one business day after payment verification
  • Email shipment notification with a confirmation number for tracking


  • Simplified bulk order submission and processing
  • Automatic calculation of costs and shipping fees
  • Fast shipping turnaround time


  • International Economy shipping services do not offer tracking.
  • Commercial relationship and communication are solely between Beauty Joint and the dropshipper, not the end customer.


Joining Beauty Joint’s dropshipping program involves a straightforward fee structure:

  • Initial Setup Fee: A one-time fee of $25 USD for setting up your account.
  • Monthly Subscription: A recurring fee of $15 USD per month.

What’s Included:

  • No Hidden Costs: Beyond the product costs, shipping fees, and optional insurance, there are no additional processing fees.
  • Wholesale Discounts: Enjoy a substantial 30% discount off the listed retail prices for all your wholesale product purchases.
  • Variable Shipping Fees: Shipping costs vary based on the service type and delivery location.

Fashion and Jewelry

8. Alpha Imports

Alpha Imports

Alpha Imports is a prominent name in the jewelry and gemstone industry, established in 1988. Based in New York City, they specialize in various jewelry and precious stones, offering both men’s and women’s collections. 

Their product range is vast, encompassing everything from bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to anklets, brooches, and tie pins, designed by renowned global designers.

Key Products Offered

  • Bracelets, Earrings, Charms
  • Chains, Bangles, Necklaces
  • Rings, Anklets, Brooches
  • Cufflinks, Tie Pins


Not specified on the website.

Key Features

  • Extensive collection of both men’s and women’s jewelry.
  • Products designed by world-class designers.
  • Variety of gemstones available.


  • Offers a diverse range of jewelry and gemstones.
  • High-quality and designer-made products.
  • Long-standing reputation in the industry.


  • MOQ details are not explicitly mentioned.
  • Pricing information requires direct inquiry.


Their dropshipping program involves no fees.

9. FootwearUS


FootwearUS offers a unique drop shipping option that caters to both small businesses and individuals. Their flexible model allows orders of any size without a minimum purchase requirement. 

This approach is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate both online and offline, providing a convenient solution for those who require smaller quantities than the standard $200 order minimum.

Key Products Offered

The company provides an extensive catalog of footwear, including formal wear shoes, wide-width styles, and special-occasion footwear.


There is no minimum order quantity for FootwearUS’s drop shipping service, making it an ideal option for businesses that need to order in small quantities or even a single pair of shoes.

Key Features

  • Flexibility in order quantities
  • Extensive catalog of merchandise
  • Blind Drop Ship option for direct delivery to customers
  • Free shipping for US addresses
  • Option to special-order for individual customers


  • No minimum order quantity required
  • Wide range of footwear products
  • Suitable for both small and large businesses
  • Blind shipping to maintain customer loyalty


  • The drop ship option might be more expensive than ordering in bulk
  • Limited to footwear products, which might not suit businesses looking for diverse product categories


FootwearUS offers a 35% discount on retail prices for products priced $49.95 or higher for dropship accounts. Shipping is free for US addresses. 

The pricing model is more favorable for larger orders but still accommodates smaller purchases. Pricing details are visible after logging in to an approved dropship account.

10. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is a renowned name in the fashion industry, focusing on providing trendy and stylish women’s clothing for dropshipping. 

With a wide array of options including daily wear, activewear, jumpsuits, sportswear, accessories, innerwear, and more, they cater to a diverse range of fashion preferences.

Key Products Offered

  • Women’s Clothing: Dresses, Jumpsuits, Tops, Bottoms, Activewear
  • Accessories: Jewelry, Handbags


Not specified

Key Features

  • Wide range of fashionable women’s clothing
  • Constantly updated styles to keep up with trends
  • Offers a variety of sizes, including plus sizes


  • Extensive collection of stylish and trendy apparel
  • Regular updates with new fashion items
  • Inclusive size range


Limited to women’s fashion and accessories


Not publicly listed; available upon registration

Home and Lifestyle

11. Mod Made

Mod Made

Mod Made is a direct source of modern classic furniture and home decors. They specialize in supplying wholesale furniture and dropshipping services to furniture stores and the interior design trade. 

Currently, they are focusing on expanding their customer base to include more furniture shops and A/V resellers.

Key Products Offered

Their product range includes:

  • Home Furniture: Stylish and functional furniture for various home settings.
  • Office Furniture: Contemporary furniture options for office spaces.
  • Restaurant Furniture: Tailored furniture solutions for dining and hospitality establishments.


Mod Made does not enforce a minimum order requirement, which suggests flexibility and convenience for customers, regardless of the order size.

Key Features

  • Wholesale and Dropshipping Services: Catering to both bulk buyers and those needing dropshipping services.
  • Expanding Customer Base: Actively seeking to grow their network of retailers and resellers.


  • Versatile Product Range: A diverse selection of furniture suited for different environments.
  • Competitive Pricing: Committed to offering high-quality products at competitive prices.


  • Limited to Furniture and Decor: Their specialization is focused on furniture and home decor, which may not cater to broader retail needs.
  • Exclusion of eBay-Related Customers: Currently, they do not accept customers who intend to resell on eBay.


MSRPs are available on their website.

12. Aspire Home Accents

Aspire Home Accents

Aspire Home Accents is a unique retailer specializing in a wide range of home decor and furnishing items. They offer an extensive selection of accent furniture, accessories, lamps, and wall decor, catering to various tastes and interior design needs.

Key Products Offered

Their product lineup includes:

  • Accent Furniture: Such as racks and tables.
  • Accessories: Including boxes, trunks, candle holders, table top items, vases, and more.
  • Clocks: Wall clocks, mantel clocks, and floor clocks.
  • Lamps: A variety of lighting options.
  • Mirrors: Different styles and sizes.
  • Planters: Options for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wall Art: Artistic pieces for home decor.
  • Closeouts: Special deals on various items.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) details are not explicitly mentioned on the website, which suggests potential flexibility in order sizes, accommodating different customer needs.

Key Features

  • Diverse Product Range: Offers a wide array of home decor items.
  • Stylish and Functional: Focuses on both aesthetics and utility in their product designs.


  • Variety in Selection: A broad range of products to suit different home decor styles.
  • Focus on Home Decor: Specialization in home accents ensures a curated selection for interior decoration needs.


  • Niche Specificity: While extensive in home decor, their product range is focused on this particular niche and might not cater to those looking for more generalized or varied household items.
  • Lack of Detailed Information: The website may require more exploration for specific details on each product.


MSRPs are displayed on the website. Contact them directly for pricing details on their dropshipping program.

13. Sagebrook Home

Sagebrook Home

Sagebrook Home is a dropshipping supplier specializing in home decor products and accessories. 

They require ecommerce businesses and online retailers to have a fully functional and complete website before considering their application for dropshipping. 

Their approval process ensures that the retail business or ecommerce site features a range of home decor items. Sagebrook Home offers drop shipping services exclusively within the Continental United States.

Key Products Offered

The supplier primarily deals in home decor products and accessories, providing a range of items to beautify living spaces.


Not explicitly stated, but they require a complete and active ecommerce setup for business collaboration.

Key Features

  • Specializes in a wide variety of home decor products.
  • Requires a complete and live ecommerce or retail website for partnership.
  • Exclusively offers drop shipping within the Continental US.
  • Requires filling out an Ecommerce application and Credit Card authorization form for order processing.


  • Focus on a specific niche of home decor, offering a variety of products in this category.
  • Ensures that partners have a well-established online presence, potentially leading to a more professional collaboration.


  • Limited geographical reach, only shipping within the Continental US.
  • Might not be suitable for businesses in the initial stages or without a well-established online presence.


Shipping charges for drop ship orders are billed to the partner’s UPS/FedEx shipping account. They enforce MAP pricing on select lighting products.

Sports and Outdoors

14. I&I Sports

I and I Sports

I&I Sports is a comprehensive supplier in the United States, renowned for its extensive range of products related to martial arts, paintball, and airsoft. 

It serves as a one-stop destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a diverse array of equipment, accessories, and apparel.

Key Products Offered

The store offers a wide range of products including martial arts gear, paintball guns and accessories, airsoft guns and sets, camo clothing, and tactical gear. Additionally, they supply various training aids, DVDs, and books related to these sports.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) details are not explicitly mentioned, suggesting flexibility in order quantities, which can accommodate both individual buyers and bulk purchasers.

Key Features

  • Extensive Product Range: Catering to diverse needs within its niche markets.
  • Instructor Discounts: Special pricing for martial arts instructors.
  • Physical Store Presence: They have a physical location with specific opening hours.
  • Comprehensive Services: Including repairs, tune-ups, and equipment sales.


  • Specialized Focus: Expertise in martial arts, paintball, and airsoft products.
  • Discount Offers: Regular discounts on various products, ranging from 10% to 50%.
  • USA-Wide Shipping: Offers shipping across 48 states in the USA.
  • Secure Payment Options: Supports multiple secure payment methods.


  • Limited Information on MOQ: Lack of clear information on minimum order requirements might require direct inquiry.
  • Focused Niche: While a strength, their specialized focus might limit variety for non-niche customers.


I&I Sports is known for affordable pricing, with regular discounts and sales on a range of products. They offer dropshipping services at no extra costs.

15. Kroll Corp. – Tactical Gear Dropshipping

Kroll Corp

Kroll Corp. stands out as more than just a leading wholesaler for law enforcement equipment; it’s a comprehensive source for tactical and survival gear. 

The company specializes in providing a wide array of products that cater to the needs of law enforcement, public safety, and military sectors.

Key Products Offered

They offer a diverse range of products including tactical apparel, duty gear, survival equipment, and bags. One of their notable lines is the Vertx Pro series, which combines comfort and durability, catering to the specific needs of their target customers.


The website does not explicitly mention Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), suggesting that they may offer flexibility for different order sizes, whether for small-scale or bulk purchases.

Key Features

  • Specialized Product Range: Focused on tactical and law enforcement gear.
  • Rapid Stocking and Delivery: Committed to providing quick options for stocking and offering products.
  • Wholesale Exclusive: Tailors its offerings to meet the bulk demands of dealers and retailers.


  • Focused Niche Expertise: Specialization in law enforcement and tactical gear ensures a comprehensive product range for these sectors.
  • Quality and Comfort: Emphasizes the balance between comfort and durability in products, particularly in apparel.


  • Limited Consumer Market: The specialized focus might limit options for non-professional consumers or those outside the tactical and law enforcement areas.
  • Lack of Detailed MOQ Information: Potential buyers might need to inquire directly for specific order requirements.


Best to contact Kroll Corp for the pricing details of their dropshipping program.

16. Wholesale Blades

Wholesale Blades

Wholesale Blades stands as a distinguished supplier in the cutlery and outdoor gear market, catering to a wide range of customers including outdoor enthusiasts, knife collectors, cosplay lovers, and those serious about personal safety. 

With over 15 years in the business, they offer an extensive collection of products that are both top-rated and competitively priced.

Key Products Offered

Wholesale Blades’ product range includes ultra-durable knives, a wide selection of outdoor gear (like airsoft guns, blank guns, and crossbows), self-defense weapons (including pepper sprays and stun guns), and intricately designed swords. 

Their collection is expansive, catering to both functional and decorative needs.


No MOQ required.

Key Features

  • No Drop Shipping Fee: They offer the convenience of dropshipping without additional charges, which is a standout feature compared to competitors.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Orders of six or more of the same item receive a 20% discount, making bulk purchases more economical.
  • Wide Product Variety: From everyday carry knives to specialized swords, their range is vast and varied.


  • Affordable Pricing: Products are offered at reasonable wholesale prices.
  • Specialized Collections: Their range includes unique items like foam and wooden swords, catering to niche markets.
  • Ease of Business: Low MOQ and no dropshipping fee make it easy for new and small-scale businesses to partner with them.


  • Focused Product Range: While extensive in certain areas, their specialization might not cater to all segments of the cutlery and outdoor gear market.
  • Niche Specificity: Some of their products, like cosplay weapons, may have a limited customer base.


Their dropshipping program is 100% free.


17. Pet Stores USA (Pet Supplies)

Pet Stores USA

Pet Stores USA, a division of UTM Distributing Company, has established itself as a major player in the pet industry’s e-Commerce sector. 

Founded in the 1960s, this Cincinnati-based distributor has over 40 years of experience. They specialize in drop shipping services, offering a catalog of over 2,500 top-branded pet items. 

Their approach focuses on delivering products directly from their warehouse to consumers, emphasizing their role as an authentic wholesaler without competing in the retail market.

Key Products Offered

Their product catalog exceeds 2,500 items, encompassing a wide variety of pet supplies. This range includes but is not limited to, accessories, food, toys, grooming tools, and health care products for a variety of pets.


The website does not explicitly mention Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), which suggests flexibility and possibly no stringent MOQ requirements, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Extensive Product Catalog: Over 2,500 items catering to a broad range of pet needs.
  • Drop Shipping Expertise: Specialized in a drop shipping model, enabling retailers to expand their catalog without holding inventory.
  • Centralized Warehouse: Efficient distribution from their centrally located warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Wide Variety of Pet Products: A comprehensive selection meeting the diverse needs of the pet market.
  • Experienced Wholesaler: Over four decades in the pet supply industry, offering reliable and knowledgeable service.
  • Strong Retail Partnerships: Focused on supporting retail partners rather than competing with them.


  • Niche Specificity: Exclusively focused on pet products, which might not appeal to retailers outside this niche.
  • Limited Direct Retail Services: As a wholesaler, they do not provide retail services to individual customers.


Contact them directly for more details on how to get started with their dropshipping program.

18. Brybelly (Toys and Games)


Brybelly stands out as a versatile supplier in the retail and wholesale market, known for its design-driven products. 

Their website showcases a wide array of items across various categories, emphasizing their commitment to both quality and innovative design.

Key Products Offered

While the specific products are not detailed on the overview page, Brybelly’s categorization into education, toys, and sports indicates a wide range of products. 

These likely include educational materials and tools, various types of toys for different age groups, and sports equipment and accessories.


No MOQ required.

Key Features

  • Design-Driven Products: Emphasis on innovative and quality designs across all product categories.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Catering to diverse market needs with products in education, toys, and sports.


  • Diverse Product Range: A broad spectrum of products caters to various customer needs.
  • Focus on Design and Quality: Commitment to offering well-designed and high-quality products.


  • Lack of Detailed Product Information: The absence of specific product details on the overview page may require potential customers to explore further for precise information.
  • Broad Niche: While versatile, the wide range of products might lack the depth of specialization compared to niche-specific suppliers.


You must log in to see their product prices.

19. Essential Pet Products (Pet Supplies)

Essential Pet Products

Essential Pet Products has established itself as a leader in drop shipping pet supplies, boasting over two decades of experience in the field. They pride themselves on offering superior products, ensuring that all brands they distribute meet high standards. 

By keeping abreast of the latest trends in pet fashion, materials, and styles and regularly attending pet industry trade shows, they have a keen understanding of market demands and what products sell well.

Key Products Offered

While specific products are not detailed, Essential Pet Products offers an extensive and growing list of pet supplies. This range likely includes items such as pet food, toys, grooming tools, and health care products.


No minimum purchase requirements.

Key Features

  • Drop Shipping Model: Allows retailers to sell products without holding inventory, as orders are shipped directly to customers from Essential Pet Products.
  • Support for Retailers: Provides necessary information and resources for selling products online, through direct mail, or in traditional retail settings.
  • Data Feeds and Images: Offers the necessary data and visual aids for retailers to set up an efficient online storefront.


  • Experience in Pet Supplies: Over 20 years of experience in the pet supply industry, offering reliability and expertise.
  • No Inventory Investment Required: Ideal for businesses looking to minimize upfront costs and risks.
  • Comprehensive Support: Provides extensive support to help retailers set up and succeed in selling pet products.


  • Lack of Detailed Product Information: Potential retailers may need to inquire further for specific product details.
  • Focused Solely on Pet Products: While this is a strength in terms of specialization, it limits the market to only pet-related retailers and customers.


No hidden charges such as set-up fees, dropship fees, and order fees. You only pay for the product and shipping fees. 

20. Print Aura (Print on Demand)

Print Aura

Print Aura is a versatile and dynamic on-demand printing and dropshipping service. 

They stand out for their no minimum order requirements, allowing customers to order anything from a single item to large quantities without setup costs. 

Everything is printed on demand, ensuring flexibility and customization for various needs.

Key Products Offered

Their product range is vast, encompassing hundreds of different garments across various brands, colors, styles, and sizes. In addition to clothing, they offer custom printing on mugs, bags, cellphone cases, hats, and more.


Print Aura has no minimum order requirement, which is a significant advantage for customers looking for flexibility in order quantities and those wishing to avoid large upfront investments.

Key Features

  • On-Demand Printing: Allows for flexibility and customization in orders.
  • Diverse Product Range: A wide variety of products available for custom printing.
  • Design Tool: Customers can create high-quality mock-ups for any product.


  • Affordable Printing: Competitive pricing with no minimum order.
  • Fast Turnaround: Standard processing within 3-5 business days, with expedited options available.
  • High-Quality Printing: Utilizes Direct to Garment technology for premium printing results.
  • Global Shipping: Ability to ship worldwide, starting at $5.50.


  • Variable Quality Across Products: As with any large-scale custom printing service, product quality may vary.
  • Dependence on Print Technology: The final product quality heavily relies on the direct-to-garment printing technology.


Print Aura offers affordable printing services. The pricing is structured to pay only for the quantity needed, ensuring cost-effectiveness for both small and large orders. 

This flexible pricing model makes it an attractive option for various customers, from individual designers to larger businesses​.

21. Dripshipper (Coffee)


Dripshipper is a unique service in the dropshipping market, specializing in private label coffee products. They offer a platform where you can create custom-branded coffee products, launch your website, and start selling all in the same day. 

Trusted by over 1,000 businesses for wholesale and coffee dropshipping, Dripshipper taps into the lucrative $80 billion coffee industry in the USA.

Key Products Offered

Dripshipper provides a variety of specialty coffee options, including single-origin coffees like Bali Blue, Colombian, and Brazilian. 

They offer over 40 types of wholesale beans and flavored coffees for dropshipping or bulk purchase, ensuring the coffee is freshly roasted the same day it ships.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) details are not explicitly mentioned, which suggests flexibility in order quantities, accommodating both small and large orders.

Key Features

  • Brand Building: Offers the opportunity to build a unique coffee brand with customizable packaging and labeling options.
  • Compliance and Quality: Their coffee roasters comply with necessary regulations, including FDA, offering organic and Fair Trade coffee.


  • Unique Product Offering: Specialty in private label coffee allows for a unique market position.
  • Low Risk and Beginner-Friendly: Ideal for those new to dropshipping, with no need to handle logistics or order fulfillment.
  • Customization Options: Various packaging options and the ability to use custom label designs.


  • Niche Specificity: Limited to the coffee market, which may not appeal to broader dropshipping interests.
  • Dependency on Supplier’s Roasting Schedule: Freshness depends on the supplier’s roasting and shipping schedule.


  • STARTER Plan
    • Cost: $30/month
    • Unlimited Orders
    • Unlimited Products
    • Automatic Order Fulfillment
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • 1-Click Product Add
    • Cost: $99/month
    • Includes Everything in STARTER, Plus:
    • Live Monthly Training
    • Priority Support
    • Dedicated Success Manager
  • ELITE Plan
    • Cost: $197/month
    • Includes Everything in PRO, Plus:
    • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching
    • Dedicated Success Manager

Each tier offers tailored features to suit your business needs, from beginners to more advanced users seeking personalized guidance.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA?

Finding a dropshipping supplier in the USA involves several steps to ensure you partner with a reliable and efficient supplier. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide:

1. Identify Your Niche.

Understand the specific products or market you want to cater to. Use tools like Google Trends or social media platforms to identify popular products within your chosen niche.

2. Research Potential Suppliers.

Utilize online directories such as ThomasNet, Maker’s Row, or SaleHoo to find lists of USA-based suppliers.

Attend trade shows relevant to your niche. They are great places to make direct contacts with suppliers.

Look at where competitors source their products. Sometimes suppliers are mentioned on their site, or you can infer based on product characteristics.

3. Evaluate Supplier Reliability.

Look for reviews or ratings of the suppliers online, especially on platforms like Better Business Bureau (BBB). Request references from the suppliers, which could be other businesses they have partnered with.

4. Contact Suppliers.

Make a list of questions to ask, including minimum order quantities (MOQs), shipping times, return policies, and pricing. Contact the suppliers via email or phone. Be professional and clear about your needs and expectations.

5. Sample Orders.

Before committing to a supplier, place a sample order to assess product quality, packaging, and delivery times. Check if the product matches the quality and specifications you expect.

6. Negotiate Terms.

Once you’re satisfied with the sample, discuss terms like pricing, payment methods, shipping costs, and handling times. If possible, get a contract or agreement in place to formalize the partnership.

7. Continuously Monitor and Adapt.

Keep tabs on the supplier’s performance in terms of product quality, shipping times, and responsiveness. Be aware of market changes or new trends that might affect your niche or supplier relationship.

Additional Tips

Local Trade Organizations: Consider reaching out to local trade organizations or chambers of commerce for recommendations.

Legal Considerations: Ensure that the supplier complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Diversify Your Suppliers: Don’t rely on a single supplier. Having multiple suppliers can reduce risk.

Remember, finding the right supplier is a critical step in setting up a successful dropshipping business. Take your time to research and choose a partner that aligns with your business goals and values.

Criteria for Choosing a Dropshipping Supplier in the USA

When selecting a dropshipping supplier in the USA, it’s essential to consider multiple factors that affect your business. Here’s a concise guide to help you:

  1. Product Quality: Prioritize suppliers that offer high-quality products. Evaluate samples to ensure they meet your standards and reflect well on your brand.
  2. Shipping Speed: Work with providers that offer fast shipping. Customers expect quick delivery, and your supplier’s ability to dispatch products promptly is crucial.
  3. Supplier Reputation: Research potential vendors to check their reputation. Look for reviews and testimonials from other merchants to gauge reliability.
  4. Product Range: Ensure the manufacturers or wholesalers provide a diverse product selection. This gives you the flexibility to cater to your target market.
  5. Pricing Structure: Understand all fees involved. Effective pricing by the supplier allows for competitive retail costs and healthy profit margins.
  6. Tech Integration: Choose companies with user-friendly platforms that integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce system, easing inventory and order management.
  7. Customer Support: Dependable customer service from your distributors is vital. They should be responsive and helpful to address any issues swiftly.
  8. Return Policy: A clear return policy from the supplier is necessary. It should facilitate easy returns of defective goods without causing undue stress.

Remember, these criteria will guide you towards a supplier that aligns with your business ethics and goals, strengthening your operations and customer satisfaction.

Tips for a Successful Dropshipping Journey in the USA

Embarking on a dropshipping journey in the United States can be a fulfilling venture. To ensure your dropshipping business thrives, pay attention to logistics, refine your marketing strategies, prioritize customer satisfaction, and embrace the latest technology.

1. Strive for Fast Shipping and Handling.

Fast shipping is a key differentiator for your dropshipping business. Work with dropshipping agents in the USA or US warehouse dropshipping services that offer quick turnarounds to stand out. 

This approach not only caters to the American expectation of rapid service but can also significantly boost your customer satisfaction and repeat business.

2. Leverage Marketing and Sales Strategies.

Your marketing efforts should be as dynamic as the American marketplace. Utilize a blend of SEO, social media, and email campaigns to create visibility for your wholesale products. 

Stay ahead by analyzing retail trends and adapting your sales strategies to the changing demands of your North American customers.

3. Maintain Quality Customer Service.

Customer service is the backbone of your dropshipping company. Ensure your dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping are also aligned with your commitment to quality service. 

Offer prompt responses to inquiries and resolve issues efficiently, cultivating trust and loyalty among your USA-based clientele.

4. Integrate Technology Solutions.

Adopt technology solutions that streamline your business processes. This can range from inventory management systems to customer relationship management (CRM) tools. 

By using technology to your advantage, your dropshipping business can run more smoothly and effectively, freeing up your time to focus on growth and development.

FAQs about Dropshipping in the USA

Navigating the world of dropshipping in the USA can bring up many questions, especially if you’re just starting out. 

Here, you’ll find clear answers to some common queries that can help set you on the path to success with dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

Is Dropshipping Legal in the US?

Dropshipping is a legal business model in the United States. Like any business venture, you are required to comply with federal and state tax laws. 

It’s important to ensure you have the proper business licenses and permits, and that you adhere to all consumer protection standards.

How to Start Dropshipping in the USA?

To begin dropshipping in the USA, conduct market research to identify a niche, select a selling platform, and then partner with a reliable dropshipping supplier. 

Setting up a business entity and understanding the legalities, like tax obligations, are also critical steps. 

After these are in place, create your online store, list products, and start marketing to potential customers.

What Strategies Should I Use to Select Profitable Dropshipping Products from USA Suppliers?

To select profitable dropshipping products from USA suppliers, look for items with high demand and low market saturation. 

Analyze market trends, consumer interests, and competitor data. Prioritize products with consistent sales patterns rather than fad items that may only be popular for a short period. 

Additionally, consider the shipping costs and supplier fees to ensure a good profit margin.

Capitalizing on Dropshipping Opportunities in the USA with Niche

In the ever-expanding world of eCommerce, dropshipping stands out as a streamlined approach for entrepreneurs to supply products without maintaining a physical inventory. 

The USA, with its diverse market, is particularly ripe for niche dropshipping businesses.

When starting your journey, you’ll want to connect with trusted US-based dropshipping suppliers presented on this list as selecting the right supplier is a critical stepping stone in building a successful operation. 

Reliable partners not only manage your inventory with an efficient dropshipping warehouse but also help maintain customer satisfaction with timely deliveries.

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Consider suppliers that cater to growing consumer awareness about sustainability.
  • Location: Partner with suppliers based in the USA for quicker shipping times.
  • Niche Markets: Identify niche markets within the American consumer space for targeted selling.

Fortify your business with USA-based dropshipping companies that excel in providing quality service and products. Aim to create a seamless shopping experience that encourages repeat business and customer loyalty.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself fully into the dropshipping realm and require specialized assistance, don’t hesitate to request a quote from us. 

Take advantage of a robust selection of suppliers and our US warehouses and capitalize on the opportunity to maximize your dropshipping success in the USA.

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