How to Get Fast Shipping on AliExpress: Optimize Delivery Times for Your Orders

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how to get fast shipping on aliexpress

Shopping on AliExpress offers access to a vast array of products at competitive prices, yet customers often face lengthy shipping times, which can deter urgent orders. How to get fast shipping on Aliexpress? Fortunately, there are methods to expedite shipping and receive items quicker. This article guides buyers through various strategies to achieve faster shipping on AliExpress, from choosing the right shipping options to enhancing communication with sellers.


Applying certain practices can drastically reduce wait times and improve the overall shopping experience. It involves understanding how AliExpress manages shipping, optimizing user account settings for efficiency, and making informed decisions about seller selection and shipping methods. Additionally, for those who need items even faster, external shipping services can provide another route to quicker delivery. By taking proactive steps and utilizing the tools available, buyers can ensure a more prompt arrival of their AliExpress orders.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient shipping on AliExpress can be achieved by understanding and using the platform’s shipping options to your advantage.
  • Optimizing account settings and proactive seller communication are key to securing faster dispatch of orders.
  • Considering external shipping services and monitoring orders can contribute to reducing delivery times.

Understanding AliExpress Shipping Options

how to get fast shipping on aliexpress

AliExpress offers several shipping methods to meet diverse delivery needs. Buyers may select from economy, standard, and expedited shipping, each varying in cost and speed.

  • Economy Shipping:
    • Often free or low-cost.
    • Includes options like China Post or AliExpress Saver Shipping.
    • Longest delivery times, usually taking 20-60 days.
  • Standard Shipping:
    • Strikes a balance between speed and cost.
    • AliExpress Standard Shipping or ePacket are common choices.
    • Delivery times range from 15-30 days.
  • Expedited Shipping:
    • Fastest option, provided by carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT.
    • Higher cost, but delivery can be under 5 days.

AliExpress’s shipping speed also depends on the seller’s processing time, which can add to the overall delivery duration. Buyers should check estimated delivery times for each product before purchase.

When selecting a shipping option, users should consider the tracking service. Some methods offer detailed tracking, while others might not.

For specialized shipping needs, services like Fulfillbot can integrate with AliExpress, offering alternative and potentially faster options.

Buyers can optimize their shipping experience on AliExpress by comparing the balance of cost, delivery time, and tracking services from each method. It’s essential to review the chosen courier’s reliability to ensure timely and secure delivery of purchases.

Optimizing Your AliExpress Account for Faster Shipping

A package being swiftly picked up from a seller's warehouse and handed over to a courier for expedited delivery

To enhance the speed of order delivery on AliExpress, buyers should focus on refining their account settings. Ensuring up-to-date shipping information and selecting preferred shipping methods can streamline the ordering process.

Updating Shipping Information

Buyers are advised to verify their shipping address within their AliExpress account regularly. Accurate and complete address details, including street name, number, zip code, and phone number are essential to avoid any dispatching delays. It is also prudent to mark ‘Primary Address’ if multiple addresses are on file to distinguish the preferred delivery location.

Choosing Preferred Shipping Methods

While ordering, buyers should prioritize selecting shipping options that offer tracking and shorter delivery times. AliExpress provides a variety of shipping methods; however, options like AliExpress Standard Shipping or ePacket generally ensure a balance between cost-efficiency and expedited delivery. Buyers should consider the estimated delivery window provided next to each shipping method to make an informed decision for faster service.

Selecting Products with Faster Shipping Times

A product delivered by Fedex

When shopping on AliExpress, customers can optimize their experience by focusing on products that offer faster shipping times. This can be done through two main strategies: selecting items from local warehouses and identifying products with shorter processing times.

Filtering for Local Warehouses

Customers can expedite shipping by filtering search results to show products stored in local warehouses. AliExpress provides an option to choose the “ship from” filter where shoppers can select their desired country, thus accessing inventory closer to their location. This method shortens delivery time significantly as it reduces the distance the item has to travel.

  • Filter Step-by-Step:
    1. Go to AliExpress search.
    2. Enter desired product keyword.
    3. Click on the “ship from” filter.
    4. Choose the country closest to your location.

Identifying Products with Shorter Processing Times

Another key aspect is the processing time, which precedes the actual transit time. Products with shorter processing times can be identified by checking the product details page, which often lists the estimated processing time. Sellers that commit to faster processing times can move items quickly from the warehouse to the shipping carrier, leading to an overall faster delivery.

  • Look For:

By carefully applying these techniques, customers can make more informed decisions and improve their shopping experience with quicker deliveries.

Communicating with Sellers for Speedy Dispatch

Seller communicates via chat, packing items quickly for shipping. AliExpress logo visible

Effective communication with AliExpress sellers can greatly enhance the chances of receiving your order swiftly. By inquiring about the specific shipping times and asking for priority handling, customers can facilitate faster dispatch of their items.

Inquiring About Shipping Times Before Purchase

Prospective buyers should contact the seller before finalizing their purchase to obtain clear information on shipping timelines. It’s essential to:

  • Ask about estimated delivery dates, considering the buyer’s location.
  • Confirm if the seller’s processing time can align with the buyer’s needs.

This proactive approach can be seen in the guidance provided on How to Get Your AliExpress Order Faster: The Definite Guide, emphasizing the value of seller communication.

Requesting Priority Handling

After the initial contact, buyers may request priority handling of their orders to further expedite processing. Here’s how one can approach this:

  • Politely ask if the seller can prioritize your order in their dispatch queue.
  • Highlight any time-sensitive needs (e.g., items needed for an upcoming event).

Keep the communication courteous and concise to maintain a positive relationship with the seller.

Leveraging Membership Benefits for Expedited Shipping

To obtain faster shipping on AliExpress, members can harness the platform’s membership benefits. AliExpress offers membership levels from Silver to Diamond, and with higher tiers come more substantial shipping advantages.

Membership Tiers

  • Silver: Members get access to special discounts.
  • Gold: Increased discounts and occasional free shipping offers.
  • Platinum: Faster response from customer service and priority shipping options.
  • Diamond: The pinnacle tier with the best shipping deals.

Members should keep an eye on special campaigns that frequently offer faster shipping options. Promotions tend to coincide with sales events or holidays, thereby maximizing membership perks.

Utilizing Available Options

Those on higher membership tiers often have access to AliExpress Premium Shipping, which provides significantly faster delivery than standard options. Although this comes with a higher cost, the time saved may justify the expense for time-sensitive purchases.

Staying Informed

Members must stay abreast of cut-off times and peak seasons, as these can impact shipping speeds. They are encouraged to read updates from AliExpress to leverage expedited options when they become available.


Members should regularly check their membership status and available shipping options within the AliExpress platform to ensure they are making the most of expedited shipping benefits available to them.

Evaluating Shipping Costs versus Delivery Speed

A person comparing shipping options on a computer, with a scale showing fast delivery on one side and low shipping costs on the other

When purchasing items on AliExpress, one of the critical decisions shoppers face is choosing between various shipping methods. It’s essential to balance the cost of shipping with the expected delivery speed. Lower-priced shipping often correlates with longer wait times, while expedited shipping can significantly hasten the arrival of packages at a higher cost.

Cost-Effective Options: For buyers not in a rush, standard shipping methods can offer a cost-saving solution. However, they should be prepared for delivery times that can extend several weeks or even months. It’s not unusual for standard shipping to take over a month, depending on the destination country.

Expedited Shipping: Buyers needing items quickly can opt for faster shipping methods. These services, such as AliExpress Premium Shipping, offer much shorter delivery windows, often ranging from 7 to 15 days, but come at a considerably higher cost.

To compare the two:

Shipping TypeCostDelivery Speed
StandardLowSlow (several weeks)
ExpeditedHighFast (up to 15 days)

Buyers should also consider external factors that might affect shipping times, such as holidays and customs processes in the destination country. In certain cases, bulk ordering can be a solution for faster delivery since it simplifies logistics for suppliers and may lead to reduced processing times.

Ultimately, individuals must weigh the urgency of their needs against their willingness to incur additional costs. While AliExpress offers a variety of shipping options to meet different needs, each option represents a trade-off between cost and speed.

Utilizing External Shipping Services for Faster Delivery

Packages swiftly loaded onto a delivery truck outside a warehouse. A courier hands over a shipment to a shipping company representative

When seeking faster delivery options from AliExpress, one might consider external shipping services. These services can facilitate quicker delivery through specialized logistics solutions not directly available on the AliExpress platform.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers can handle inventory and shipping operations, often resulting in reduced transit times. They typically forge relationships with multiple carriers, allowing them to offer more competitive delivery windows. By employing a 3PL, sellers can batch their orders, which leads to more efficient processing.

Dropshipping agents represent another key player in attaining quicker shipping times. For instance, Fulfillbot Dropshipping Agent offers a model promising delivery within 6-15 days, significantly faster than standard options.

Shipping OptionEstimated Delivery TimePotential Benefit
AliExpress StandardVaries
3PL ProvidersReducedBatch shipping, multiple carriers
Dropshipping Agents6-15 daysDirect and quicker

Buyers should also explore premium shipping services such as DHL or FedEx, which can further expedite delivery. Although these services may incur higher costs, they provide greater visibility and faster delivery than standard shipping methods.

In all cases, it’s advised to check the reliability of the external service provider and weigh the additional costs against the benefits of faster shipping. Detailed communication with suppliers regarding these external options can ensure an understanding of the complete shipping process, from order fulfillment to customer delivery.

Monitoring Your Order and Shipping Progress

A package on a conveyor belt with a fast shipping label, a progress bar showing order status, and a clock indicating quick delivery on a computer screen

When a customer makes a purchase on AliExpress, keeping track of the shipping progress is essential for receiving the order promptly. AliExpress provides a tracking system that allows customers to monitor their orders in real time. Customers should regularly check the tracking information using the AliExpress app or website.

  • Immediately After Purchase: The seller processes the order. The buyer should note the estimated shipping time provided.
  • Once Shipped: Tracking information becomes available. The buyer should check this in the Order Details section.

Monitoring tools often categorize shipping progress into stages:

  1. Processing: The order is being prepared by the seller.
  2. Dispatched: The order has left the seller’s warehouse.
  3. In Transit: The order is on its way to the destination country.
  4. Out for Delivery: The order has reached the local area and will be delivered soon.
  5. Delivered: The order has arrived at its final destination.

Customers are advised to act promptly if there are any unexpected delays or issues. In some cases, customers may need to contact the seller for additional information, especially if the tracking status is unclear or not updated.

For more detailed tips on expediting shipping, customers may refer to “How to Get Your AliExpress Order Faster: The Definite Guide”.

It is imperative for buyers to understand that while they can monitor and follow up, the actual shipping speed depends on factors such as the chosen shipping method and the efficiency of postal services. Therefore, timely monitoring and proactive communication are crucial for a smooth purchasing experience on AliExpress.

How to Get Fast Shipping on Aliexpress? Dealing with Shipping Delays

Packages piling up in a warehouse, workers rushing to meet deadlines, a frustrated customer waiting for their order

When orders from AliExpress face delays, it is crucial for customers to utilize the platform’s buyer protection, communicate effectively with sellers, and understand the dispute resolution process.

Understanding AliExpress Buyer Protection

AliExpress provides a Buyer Protection program that safeguards customers if their orders are not delivered within the promised time frame. Customers should first check the protection period, which is usually 60 days but may vary depending on the shipping method used. It’s essential to take note of the protection period’s end date, as this is the time limit within which a buyer must act if the order has not arrived.

Contacting Seller for Updates

If a shipment is delayed, the next step is to contact the seller directly. Customers can do this by going to their order details and clicking on the “Contact Seller” option. One should inquire about the shipment’s status and request the tracking number if it has not been provided. It’s advisable to communicate in a clear and polite manner, as the seller may offer a more specific update or a solution.

Dispute Resolution for Delayed Shipments

If the seller’s response is unsatisfactory or if the item has still not arrived after the buyer protection period, the customer may open a dispute. This is done by filing a claim through AliExpress’ platform before the end of the buyer protection period, stating that the item has not been received. AliExpress will mediate between the buyer and the seller to resolve the issue, which can lead to a refund or a reshipment depending on the evidence provided and the terms of the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find concise responses to common inquiries about optimizing shipping times when ordering from AliExpress.

What options are available to expedite shipping on AliExpress?

Users may choose from several shipping options on AliExpress to hasten delivery, such as AliExpress Premium Shipping and ePacket, which often deliver faster than standard shipping methods.

What is the fastest shipping method offered by AliExpress?

The fastest shipping method on AliExpress is usually AliExpress Premium Shipping, which uses courier services for expedited delivery, significantly reducing transit time.

How can sellers reduce the shipping time for AliExpress orders?

Sellers can reduce shipping times by bulk ordering and stocking popular items to ship in larger quantities. These practices can shorten processing times and expedite order fulfillment.

Are there any dropshipping agents that provide quicker shipping than AliExpress standard methods?

Yes, dropshipping agents like Fulfillbot offer services that can facilitate quicker shipping compared to AliExpress’s standard methods, with some able to deliver orders in as little as 6-15 days.

Why are delivery times typically longer on AliExpress, and how can they be improved?

Delivery times on AliExpress are typically longer due to international shipping logistics and the distance packages travel. Buyers can improve these times by selecting faster shipping services or sourcing products from sellers located nearer to the destination country.

How can international buyers decrease the duration of shipping from China?

International buyers can decrease shipping durations from China by opting for air shipping over sea or land, seeking faster shipping options on AliExpress, and choosing sellers who offer direct shipping to the buyer’s country.

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