27 Best China Wholesale Websites of 2024

by Stanley


Navigating the world of online wholesale can be a rewarding journey for your business, especially when it comes to sourcing products in bulk from China. 

As an integral player in the global B2B marketplace, China’s colossal manufacturing capabilities present a treasure trove of opportunities for importers and eCommerce businesses around the world. 

Whether you’re looking to stock up on the latest gadgets or timeless fashion pieces, these wholesale websites offer a wide array of products at competitive prices, helping you to find the best deals and grow your business.

From established marketplaces like Alibaba to emerging platforms, these websites connect you directly with manufacturers and suppliers in China, simplifying the procurement process and helping you enhance your product offerings.

The goal of this article is to provide you with a comprehensive list of platforms where you can efficiently and affordably source diverse products for your eCommerce or retail needs. 

China wholesale website

Why Choose a China Wholesale Website?


When you buy from China wholesale suppliers, you can access competitive prices due to lower manufacturing costs in China. This can significantly increase your profit margins.

Product Variety

Manufacturers in China offer a wide range of products. Whether you are looking for wholesale clothing from China or the latest electronics, a diverse array of items is at your disposal.


As your business grows, you’ll need to ensure your inventory can keep up with demand. With the biggest wholesale market in China, you can easily adjust your stock levels, allowing you to scale efficiently.

Minimal Order Requirements

Many Chinese wholesalers offer flexible minimum order quantities, which means you can buy in small volumes while still enjoying wholesale prices, helping you manage your inventory and cash flow better.

Direct Factory Access

Buying direct from China factories means you can cut out the middleman for even more savings and have the option to customize products to your specifications.

Simplified Distribution

With the rise of dropshipping methods, many China wholesale websites have integrated services that handle the logistics, thereby simplifying the distribution process for you.

27 Top China Wholesale Websites for Your Business

When you’re looking to stock your business with high-quality goods at a competitive price, China’s wholesale websites are a treasure trove. Here’s a curated list to guide you:

1. Alibaba


Alibaba is a comprehensive marketplace that caters to the needs of businesses worldwide by offering a vast range of product offerings and a tailored trading experience. 

The platform emphasizes quality and secure transactions, ensuring buyer protection from the initial payment to the final delivery.

Product Categories

Alibaba boasts an extensive array of products across multiple categories. Whether you’re looking for electronics, apparel, machinery, or packaging, Alibaba connects you to suppliers offering these products and more.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) can vary widely between suppliers on Alibaba. Some sellers allow purchasing single items, while others may require buying in bulk. 

Pay close attention to MOQ specifications to meet your business’s needs and inventory strategy.

Key Features

  • Verified Suppliers: Ensures reliable and quality production.
  • Order Protection: Trade Assurance covers your order from payment to delivery.
  • Tailored Business Solutions: Offers exclusive discounts and enhanced protection.
  • Dropshipping Support: Provides a supportive environment for dropshipping businesses.


  • Broad Selection: Access to millions of product listings.
  • Customization: Ability to request tailored products.


  • Varied Quality: Differences in product quality among suppliers.
  • Language Barrier: Some suppliers may not be proficient in English, potentially complicating communication.


Pricing on Alibaba is competitive, allowing for negotiation with suppliers. You might also encounter discounts for bulk purchases. It’s important to factor in shipping and any other additional fees when calculating the total cost.

2. 1688.com


1688.com is a leading platform in the B2B marketplace, known for its comprehensive range of products and services catering to businesses. 

It’s particularly beneficial for bulk purchasing, with features that support various business needs, including dropshipping. 

Understanding this platform can give your business a competitive edge in sourcing products directly from Chinese manufacturers.

Product Categories

On 1688.com, you will find an extensive array of product categories that include, but are not limited to, raw materials, industrial products, clothing, household goods, and electronics. 

The breadth of selection allows you to pinpoint just the right items for your specific business requirements.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on 1688.com varies by supplier. Many listings provide flexibility, allowing you to negotiate the MOQ with sellers. 

This means you can start small and scale your operations as your business grows.

Key Features

1688.com’s key features include its vast supplier directory and the ability to transact securely on the platform. 

For those interested in dropshipping, the platform is friendly towards this business model, although it’s crucial to communicate with suppliers about their capacity to fulfill dropshipping orders.


  • Access to a wide range of manufacturers and products, offering competitive pricing.
  • The ability to negotiate with suppliers directly.
  • A robust platform that supports bulk purchases and business scalability.


  • The platform primarily operates in Chinese, which can pose a language barrier.
  • International shipping and payment processes may be complex for new users.
  • Some suppliers may require large MOQs, limiting flexibility for small businesses.


Pricing on 1688.com is typically lower than retail, as it’s catered towards wholesale transactions. 

However, to get the best deals, you will often have to engage in price negotiations with suppliers. 

Keep in mind that additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and customs duties may affect the final price of goods.

3. Taobao


Taobao is a colossal online marketplace in China, offering a vast array of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) products. 

It is known for its extensive product range and support for dropshipping, making it a popular choice for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs looking to source items directly from China.

Product Categories

  • Electronics: Smartphones, accessories, and consumer gadgets
  • Fashion: Clothing, footwear, and accessories
  • Home Goods: Decor, furniture, and appliances
  • Toys & Hobbies: Games, collectibles, and crafts


  • Varies by seller: Some sellers allow single item purchases while others have minimum order quantities.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping-Friendly: Sellers often support dropshipping arrangements.
  • Large Seller Base: Access to a multitude of independent sellers from across China.


  • Diverse Products: Wide selection across multiple categories.
  • Flexible MOQs: Suitable for businesses of all sizes.


  • Language Barrier: Primarily Chinese; may require translation for international buyers.
  • Complex Navigation: Platform can be challenging for new users unfamiliar with the market.


  • Competitive: Prices are set by individual sellers and can vary greatly.
  • Negotiable: Often room for price negotiation when purchasing in larger quantities.

For more detailed information on each category and how to start dropshipping with Taobao, you might want to explore Taobao’s official website.

4. AliExpress


AliExpress stands out as a powerhouse in the world of online wholesale shopping, providing you with access to a vast array of products at highly competitive prices. 

With a global reach extending to over 200 countries and convenient shopping in 12 languages, it offers a secure payment system and comprehensive buyer protection to ensure a safe and satisfying purchasing experience.

AliExpress is also widely recognized as dropshipping friendly. Many sellers on the platform specialize in dropshipping, providing an easy way for you to fulfill orders directly to your customers. 

However, it’s crucial to communicate with sellers to ensure they understand the dropshipping model and your expectations regarding packaging and shipping.

Product Categories

AliExpress boasts an extensive inventory, featuring more than 100 million products across a wide range of categories. You can find almost anything, from the latest fashion and accessories to computer electronics, toys, tools, and home appliances.


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) on AliExpress varies by seller. Many listings have low or no MOQs, making it easier for small businesses and individual buyers to purchase without committing to large orders.

Key Features

  • Global Shipping: Goods are delivered globally.
  • Safe Payments: Use trusted payment methods.
  • Buyer Protection: Comprehensive coverage throughout your purchase journey.
  • 24/7 Help Center: Assistance whenever you need it.
  • Mobile Shopping: Special features available via the AliExpress app.


  • Diverse product selection for comprehensive inventory management.
  • Generally no MOQ, flexible for small orders.
  • Buyer protection to shop with confidence.
  • Support for multiple languages and payment methods.
  • Mobile app for convenient on-the-go shopping.


  • Shipping can be slow, depending on the region and seller.
  • Some buyers report variability in product quality.
  • Customer service quality may vary from seller to seller.


Pricing on AliExpress is known for its affordability. There are frequent promotions and discounts available, particularly when using the mobile app.

5. DHgate


DHgate has been serving as a bridge connecting buyers from over 220 countries to a vast array of products since 2004. 

As a leading B2B cross-border e-commerce wholesale marketplace in China, it boasts a diverse range of categories and a commitment to efficient trade.

Finding a reliable platform for your business’s sourcing needs can be a challenge, but with DHgate’s extensive product range, flexible purchasing options, and supportive features, it stands out as a robust solution for global trade. 

Whether you’re looking for items to hold in stock or to dropship directly to your customers, DHgate adapts to your business model and supports your growth.

Product Categories

At DHgate, you have access to more than 30 million products spanning 26 different categories. 

These categories cover a broad spectrum, from electronics to home goods, toys, outdoor equipment, and renewable energy products. 

This variety ensures that you can find nearly any item you need for your business.


DHgate is renowned for its flexibility in Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements, which varies by seller. 

This means you can often purchase in smaller quantities, which is ideal for businesses not looking to hold large inventories or those wanting to sample products before committing to bulk orders.

Key Features

  • Secure Payment Process: Streamlined and safe transactions.
  • Reliable Shipping: Partnerships with international couriers like DHL and FedEx.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous supplier criteria and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Dropshipping Support: Allows you to direct ship to your customers, ideal for drop shippers.


  • Wide product range gives you plenty of sourcing options.
  • Supports dropshipping, making it a convenient choice for e-commerce businesses.
  • Competitive pricing due to direct access to manufacturers.


  • Shipping times can vary depending on the supplier and destination.
  • Quality may vary as the marketplace includes numerous independent sellers.


Prices on DHgate are notably competitive, which is a result of direct connections with manufacturers. Additionally, the platform occasionally offers coupons and discounts, which can make sourcing from this website even more cost-effective.

6. Made-In-China


Navigating the realm of global trade can seem daunting, but Made-in-China simplifies the process of connecting with suppliers and obtaining multiple quotes with ease. 

Its user-friendly platform allows you to post sourcing requests efficiently, ensuring that you get competitive pricing for your business needs.

Product Categories

  • Electronics: Audio, photo, and video equipment, along with various electronic accessories.
  • Machinery: From cutting machinery to construction, there’s a wide range of industrial machinery.
  • Agriculture & Food: This includes everything from agri-machinery to food and beverages.
  • Household Items: Find suppliers for furniture, home decorations, and kitchen implements.


  • Varies by supplier
  • Typically noted on product pages

Key Features

  • Verified Suppliers: Assurance of engaging with vetted vendors.
  • Quote Comparison: Ability to compare quotes easily to make informed decisions.
  • Sample Request: You can request samples before making large orders.


  • Broad range of product categories
  • Competitive quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Dropshipping friendly for certain products and suppliers


  • MOQs may be high for small businesses
  • Navigation can be overwhelming due to the vast product range


  • Transparent Pricing: Displayed on the product page.
  • Negotiable With Suppliers: You can often negotiate based on the order volume.

7. Chinavasion


Chinavasion sets itself apart as a versatile platform for a diverse range of electronic gadgets and devices, catering particularly to the wholesale market. 

They offer an interesting mix of products, coupled with drop shipping options, making them a potentially attractive choice for your online business.

Chinavasion supports dropshipping, which could be highly beneficial if you’re looking to minimize overhead for your online store.

Given that all products come directly from China, when integrating Chinavasion into your business, plan for shipment durations and consider the benefits of their direct drop shipping service.

Product Categories

  • Android Tablets & Phones: A variety of smartphones and tablets with the latest Android OS.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Innovative gadgets to meet all your tech needs.
  • Android TV Boxes: Streaming devices to turn any TV into a smart TV.
  • Wearable Devices: Fashionable tech including smartwatches and fitness trackers.
  • Car DVD Players & GPS Devices: In-car entertainment and navigation systems.
  • LED Lights, HD Projectors, IP Cameras: Lighting solutions, projectors for home theaters, and security equipment.


  • Minimum Order Quantity: Typically varies, with many products available for single unit orders, making it easy to test products in your market.

Key Features

  • Drop Shipping: Direct worldwide drop shipping, facilitating the management of inventory and shipping for you.
  • Product Sourcing: Access to a myriad of Chinese manufactured electronics and gadgets.
  • Direct from China: Goods are shipped directly from China, potentially reducing costs.


  • Wide selection of up-to-date electronic devices.
  • Drop shipping support to help streamline your e-commerce operations.
  • The flexibility offered by low MOQ can be particularly advantageous for small businesses and those just starting out.


  • As with many wholesale from China sites, shipping times can be longer than domestic alternatives.
  • The diversity of products could make it challenging to navigate and find specific items without a clear idea of what you’re looking for.


  • Items are competitively priced, often under $9.99 for a range of gadgets.
  • Regular deals and discounts on various electronic items.

8. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources stands out as a significant player among Chinese wholesale platforms, catering especially to businesses seeking to source diverse products from validated wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.

Product Categories

Global Sources features a comprehensive array of product categories. You’ll find electronics, apparel, fashion accessories, hardware, and a myriad other categories suited for a broad range of business needs.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on Global Sources varies by supplier. Some may have low MOQs, which allows you to start small and scale upwards as your business grows without a significant initial investment.

Key Features

Key features of Global Sources include its detailed supplier verification process and a rich selection of suppliers where you can compare different product offerings. 

Dropshipping is also supported on the platform, making it friendly for businesses looking to minimize inventory risks.


  • Access to a wide range of verified suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Ability to negotiate with suppliers for better deals.
  • Supports dropshipping, a low-risk business model for some entrepreneurs.


  • Varying MOQs may not align with every business model.
  • It may be overwhelming to navigate the vast number of suppliers.


Like many wholesale platforms, pricing on Global Sources is not fixed; it depends on the order quantity and specific supplier pricing strategies. To get the best price, you’d typically discuss and negotiate directly with the suppliers.

9. Banggood


Banggood stands as a global platform offering a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, and home appliances. 

With a user-friendly interface and a variety of items, it’s a go-to website for businesses looking to source products at wholesale rates.

Product Categories

Banggood boasts a diverse collection of products. You can find:

  • Electronics: including 3D printers and drones
  • Home Appliances
  • Fashion: apparel for men and women
  • Outdoor & Sports Equipment
  • Toys & Hobbies


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) can vary greatly depending on the product and supplier. This provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes to manage inventory according to their needs.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping-friendly: Banggood supports dropshipping, making it easier to sell without holding inventory.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: The more you buy, the more you save.
  • Global Warehouse Network: Speedy shipping options are on offer thanks to their extensive warehouse network.


  • A wide array of products supports a variety of niches.
  • Flexible MOQ, aiding small and medium businesses to start with lower risk.
  • Dropshipping support allows for a simplified selling process.


  • Diverse product quality, with some items being of lesser quality than others.
  • Shipping times can be inconsistent, depending on the destination country.


Competitive pricing for bulk orders. Discounts vary by product and quantity ordered, providing ample opportunity for businesses to maintain healthy profit margins.

10. Chinagoods


Chinagoods is a noteworthy platform for sourcing a diverse range of products directly from China. 

Whether you’re looking to replenish your inventory or start a dropshipping business, Chinagoods can cater to your needs with its expansive product categories and user-friendly features.

Product Categories

  • Adult Products: Includes sex toys, pleasure devices, and intimate wear.
  • Wearable Technology: Smartwatches compatible with popular brands such as Apple.
  • Footwear: Fashion-forward shoes ranging from sneakers to board shoes.
  • Women’s Apparel: Elegant dresses for banquets and stage performances.
  • Children’s Items: Safe and environmentally friendly mats for children’s play areas.
  • Accessories: Fashionable bags and unique watches.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) varies depending on the product and supplier.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping Friendly: Supports dropshipping, allowing for a streamlined business model.
  • Category Diversity: Offers a wide selection of products.
  • Fashion and Tech Products: Specialized selections in both apparel and tech gadgets.


  • Broad selection for market differentiation.
  • Dropshipping support boosts starting ease.


  • MOQ may be restrictive for some businesses.
  • Product quality may vary between suppliers.


Pricing is competitive, leveraging China’s extensive manufacturing capabilities.

11. YiwuGo


Yiwugo stands as the digital counterpart to the Yiwu International Trade Market, which is known to be the world’s largest small commodities market. 

Your business can explore over 75,000 booths online through its web platform, enabling you to source products directly from the Yiwu market.

Product Categories

Yiwugo provides a vast range of product categories, including but not limited to, jewelry, toys, clothing, hardware, and beauty products. 

Each category is further divided into sub-categories for a more tailored search experience. You can see the full selection and start browsing on Yiwugo’s Product Categories page.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on Yiwugo varies by supplier. 

Still, often you will find it accommodating if you are looking to source in smaller bulk quantities, providing flexibility for your inventory management. 

Ensure to check the details listed with each product for specific MOQs.

Key Features

Key features of Yiwugo include one-stop trade service, where each transaction is traceable and manageable, ensuring a secure buying process for your business. 

Additionally, Yiwugo is dropshipping friendly, providing ample support for businesses deploying this business model. 


  • Access to a wide array of products directly from Yiwu market suppliers.
  • Trade assurance for secure transactions.
  • Dropshipping-friendly options, integrating easily with your business model.


  • Language and communication barriers, as suppliers might primarily speak Chinese.
  • Variations in the quality of products across different booths.


Pricing on Yiwugo is competitively low, reflecting the advantage of sourcing products from the Yiwu market. 

The specific cost will depend on your negotiation with suppliers and the volume of your order. For a detailed overview of the pricing, visit the Yiwugo website.



Known for its wide variety of trendy fashion at affordable prices, SHEIN has become a go-to source for retailers looking to stock up on contemporary styles. 

For business owners, understanding SHEIN’s operations can help you decide if it aligns with your purchasing needs.

With no prohibitive MOQ and a clear dropshipping-friendly stance, SHEIN presents itself as a viable option for retailers, especially those tapping into the world of online sales with an eye on current fashion trends.

Product Categories

SHEIN offers an extensive range of products primarily focused on women’s clothing, but it also carries men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. 

You’ll find a trendy and broad selection suitable for various age groups and personal styles.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for SHEIN is particularly flexible, allowing you to purchase up to 99 garments of each product in various sizes as long as they are in stock. 

This means you can buy up to 99 garments in size M and another 99 in size L, ensuring you meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

Key Features

  • Trend-oriented: Frequent updates with the latest fashion trends
  • Dropshipping: Suitable for dropshippers looking to feature contemporary styles
  • User Experience: User-friendly website design for easy navigation and ordering


  • Variety: Wide selection across numerous categories
  • Low MOQ: Allows for a varied inventory without requiring large purchases
  • Trendy: Rapid turnover of styles to keep your inventory fresh and current


  • Brand Focus: Predominantly SHEIN’s in-house brands
  • Shipping Times: Can vary considerably depending on the destination


SHEIN is reputed for its competitive pricing. The cost per item typically decreases with larger orders, but you’re afforded the flexibility to test products with smaller quantities without significant financial commitment.

13. LightInTheBox


LightInTheBox is a globally recognized Chinese wholesale website known for its vast product range and no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. 

This makes it an ideal platform for small to medium-sized businesses looking to source products internationally.

Product Categories

At LightInTheBox, you can discover a wide assortment of goods. You’ll find everything from fashionable clothing and accessories to cutting-edge electronics and home goods. 

Their categorized listings make it easy for you to navigate and find precisely the items you’re searching for your business inventory.


One of the standout features of LightInTheBox is that there is no MOQ. This flexibility allows you to order as little or as much as you need, which is particularly beneficial if you are starting small or testing new markets.

Key Features

  • Multilingual Site Interface: The website is accessible in multiple languages, accommodating a broad audience.
  • Variety of Payment Options: For convenience, a range of payment methods are accepted.
  • Dropshipping Service: This platform is dropshipping friendly, allowing you to ship products directly to your customers.


  • Diverse Product Range: Caters to various niche markets.
  • Broad Customer Base: Appreciated by a global audience for its comprehensive selection.


  • Shipping Costs: May vary largely depending on the destination.
  • Customer Service: Some users may find response times longer than desired.


Pricing on LightInTheBox is competitive, with opportunities to save through bulk purchases. They offer clear and upfront pricing on their website, allowing you to make informed financial decisions for your business.

14. Zaful


Zaful is well-recognized for its trendy and affordable fashion, catering to those seeking a variety of styles. Offering an extensive range of clothing and accessories, its platform is user-friendly, making it a favored choice for online shopping.

Product Categories

At Zaful, you can explore a wide assortment of products including:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Bags


Zaful provides flexibility with low MOQs, which is convenient for small business owners and those looking to place personal orders.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping: Zaful supports dropshipping, offering a seamless integration for online retailers to ship products directly to customers. 
  • User Experience: Zaful’s website is designed for easy navigation, ensuring a straightforward shopping experience. 
  • Trends: The site regularly updates its inventory to include the latest fashion trends.


  • Fashion-Forward: Regularly updated with the latest trendy items.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive prices that allow for a good markup.
  • Global Shipping: Offers international shipping for a wider customer reach.


  • Shipping Times: Depending on the destination, shipping can take longer than some competitors.
  • Variability in Quality: Some items may vary in quality.


Pricing on Zaful is affordable, making it a cost-effective option for buying in bulk. They often run promotions and discounts, providing additional savings for bulk purchases.

15. CJDropshipping


CJDropshipping is a renowned platform that specializes in providing dropshipping services from a global network to businesses worldwide. It streamlines the process of sourcing products and fulfilling orders for eCommerce businesses.

Product Categories

CJDropshipping offers a diverse array of products, ranging from fashion accessories and electronics to home goods and beauty products. You can find a spectrum of items to match the niche of your online store.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is flexible on CJDropshipping. You can order single items, which is ideal for dropshipping businesses that want to avoid holding inventory.

Key Features

  • ODM: Custom design products to stand out from the competition.
  • Fast Shipping: Options such as CJ Prime for expedited delivery times.
  • Real-Time Data: Stay up-to-date with shipping calculations and methods.



  • Shipping times can vary greatly depending on the destination.
  • Limited branding options compared to holding your own inventory.


CJDropshipping provides competitive pricing, and costs are primarily based on the products you choose to sell and the shipping methods you select. 

Detailed pricing information for specific items and services can be accessed directly on CJdropshipping’s official website.

16. TBdress


TBdress stands out as a China wholesale website that prioritizes keeping you ahead of retail trends. 

By subscribing to their services, you’re positioned to receive early notifications on discounts, fresh arrivals, and a plethora of special offers regularly.

When planning to incorporate dropshipping into your business, TBdress doesn’t explicitly state their policy on dropshipping. 

However, their business model and features, like early access to information and diverse product ranges, suggest a degree of dropshipping friendliness. 

As always, it’s best to contact their support for confirmation on whether they facilitate dropshipping arrangements officially.

Product Categories

TBdress offers an extensive assortment of merchandise, encompassing a wide range of clothing options for both men and women. You’ll discover a variety of dresses, suits, outerwear, and accessories to satisfy diverse fashion appetites.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on TBdress varies by product, but they are designed to be accommodating for retailers of different sizes, ensuring that you can place orders that align with your specific inventory needs.

Key Features

One key feature of TBdress is its commitment to timely communication through its newsletter, which ensures that you’re always in the loop regarding the latest deals and fashion offerings. 

Furthermore, the platform is recognized for its user-friendly interface and its efficient handling of customer subscriptions.


  • Early Access to Promotions: Stay ahead with exclusive updates on upcoming deals.
  • Varied Selection: A broad catalog caters to diverse fashion demands.
  • Subscription Benefits: Subscribing offers a direct line to new stock and savings.


  • Email Limitations: A single email can’t be used to create multiple accounts.
  • Subscription Overload: Potential for an influx of communication, which may be overwhelming for some.


Pricing on TBdress is competitive, ensuring that you get value for your money. You’re likely to find affordable price points that cater to both small-scale purchases and larger wholesale orders.

17. Tomtop


Tomtop is a recognized global wholesale website where you can access a vast range of products to diversify your inventory. 

Established in 2004, it is reputable for electronics and gadgets but also offers a plethora of other categories. 

Tomtop supports dropshipping, catering to businesses aiming to minimize inventory risks.

Product Categories

  • Electronics: Camera accessories, audio & video devices, and smart home gadgets.
  • Fashion: Clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories.
  • Outdoor & Sports: Camping, sports equipment, and outdoor recreation items.
  • Home & Garden: Household items, decor, and gardening tools.


Often, Tomtop does not enforce a strict MOQ, which allows for flexibility in order quantities, though some products may vary.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping Friendly: Specifically set up for dropshippers with supportive features.
  • One-stop Shop: Diverse product range satisfies various consumer needs.
  • Membership Benefits: Offers points and rewards system for members.


  • Wide product assortment, enabling one-stop shopping experience.
  • Offers dropshipping, beneficial for businesses without their own storage facilities.


  • Shipping times can be long, depending on location and chosen shipping method.
  • Some products may have quality variance.


  • Offers competitive pricing with opportunities for discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Wholesale pricing varies by product, quantity, and current promotions.

18. Yaaku


If you’re seeking a diversified range of products for your business without a required minimum order quantity (MOQ), Yaaku might be the China wholesale website you’re interested in. 

It caters to businesses looking to source fashion items, ranging from clothing to accessories.

Product Categories

Yaaku offers a wide selection of products, focusing primarily on fashion and apparel. You’ll find a variety of items including:

  • Women’s clothing (dresses, tops, pants)
  • Men’s apparel (shirts, trousers)
  • Fashion accessories (jewelry, bags)
  • No MOQ items available for smaller orders


Yaaku distinguishes itself by not enforcing a MOQ on their product range, allowing more flexibility for small business owners and those looking to place smaller orders. For wholesale pricing benefits, orders above $1000 are preferred.

Key Features

  • Extensive catalog of fashion-related products
  • Dropshipping friendly: perfect for businesses that want to avoid inventory risks
  • User-friendly website navigation


  • Diversity of Products: A broad array of contemporary fashion items.
  • No MOQ: Ideal for testing the market with small quantities.


  • Language Barrier: Most communication is not in English, which can lead to potential misunderstandings.
  • Shipping: Options and times may vary, impacting your planning.


Pricing on Yaaku is competitive, with products available at various price points to suit different business scales. Wholesale prices are accessible for orders surpassing the $1000 mark, offering economies of scale for larger orders.

19. Supplyia


When exploring opportunities for importing products from China, Supplyia is a comprehensive solution that provides various sourcing and logistic services which can greatly streamline your importing process. 

This company caters to small steps, such as product sourcing and quality control, to larger steps like shipping solutions.

Dropshipping is not explicitly addressed, but Supplyia’s range of services, including warehousing and logistics, can potentially accommodate dropshipping needs. 

These services can be beneficial if you’re looking to streamline the process of shipping directly from Asia to your customers.

Product Categories

Supplyia does not maintain a traditional product catalog as their focus is tailored to your specific sourcing requirements. 

They support e-commerce companies in sourcing a wide range of products and materials at competitive prices, by connecting with well-known or reliable suppliers globally.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) depends on the product and supplier requirements. Supplyia assists in negotiating the MOQ with suppliers, offering you flexibility based on whether this is your first procurement or you are scaling up order sizes.

Key Features

  • Free Product Sourcing Services: Begin with no initial cost, useful for obtaining samples and quoting.
  • Secure Payment: Multiple payment methods keep funds safe.
  • Factory On-site Audits: Ensure the manufacturing process meets your standards.
  • 3PL Warehouse Fulfillment: Efficient, secure warehousing options.
  • International Logistics Solutions: Comprehensive shipping arrangements.


  • Custom services: Including Import and Export Consultation, Professional Photography, and Custom Packaging Assistance.
  • Tiered Plans: Free, Basic, Pro, and Extra tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quality Control: In-depth product inspections for consistency and quality.


  • Production Lead Times: It can take 1-2 months from initial communication to final order.
  • No Direct Product Catalog: Product selections are made by sourcing rather than choosing from an existing catalog.


Supplyia offers tiered pricing based on service complexity:

  • Free Plan: Basic product sourcing.
  • Basic Plan: Starts at 3%, suitable if you have existing suppliers.
  • Pro Plan: Ranges from 5-9%, including manufacturing sourcing and private label solutions.
  • Pro+ Plan: $20 fee-based service, with faster response and issue resolution.



When you explore options for sourcing products from China, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) stands out as a premier online marketplace

It connects global buyers with a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers from Asia, particularly Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Product Categories

  • Electronics: A wide array of consumer electronics, components, and accessories.
  • Fashion: Includes apparel, accessories, and footwear.
  • Gifts & Premiums: Creative and custom gift options suitable for various occasions.
  • Home Products: Decor, furniture, and kitchenware for personal and wholesale purchase.


Suppliers on HKTDC set their own Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), so you’ll find flexibility to meet different business needs.

Key Features

  • Diverse Suppliers: Access to over 130,000 quality suppliers.
  • Dropshipping: Some suppliers offer dropshipping services, beneficial for e-commerce businesses seeking to minimize inventory risk.
  • Advisory Services: Tailored advice for businesses looking to enter the Mainland China market.


  • Verified Suppliers: Assurance of dealing with reputable and authenticated businesses.
  • Product Magazines: Stay updated with the latest market trends and product innovations.


  • Website Navigation: New users might find the platform somewhat challenging to navigate initially.
  • Locale Focused: A stronger focus on Hong Kong and Asia could limit options for global sourcing.


  • Membership Plans: HKTDC offers various plans, providing different levels of features and services.
  • Commission Fees: Transactional costs depend on the specific agreement with suppliers.

21. DIYTrade


DIYTrade is a dynamic online trading platform where you can expand your sourcing channels, reduce costs, and explore a vast directory of products. 

With its easy-to-navigate website, DIYTrade offers a streamlined process for both buyers and sellers in various industries.

Product Categories

  • Agriculture & Foods
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Computers & AV Digital
  • Others


Varies by supplier, with flexible options available.

Key Features

  • Free Product Alert subscriptions for buyers to stay updated.
  • Website building services for sellers to showcase products.
  • Extensive product listings with over 5.8 million items.


  • High diversity in product categories.
  • Support for dropshipping, appealing for online retailers.
  • Community engagement with a large base of over 84,000 members.


  • Potential language barriers in communication.
  • Varying quality amongst suppliers, requiring thorough vetting.


  • Free signup and browsing.
  • Pricing for individual products and services varies based on supplier and order specifications.

22. Trade Key

Trade Key

When considering TradeKey.com for your business purchasing needs, you’ll find a comprehensive marketplace that connects you with over 10 million importers and exporters globally. 

This platform offers a free membership, which can broaden your sourcing opportunities significantly.

Product Categories

TradeKey encompasses a wide array of product categories including agriculture, apparel, automobiles, beauty and personal care, business services, chemicals, computer hardware and software, and much more. 

This variety ensures that you can likely find the specific products that fit your business niche.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) can vary significantly depending on the supplier and product category. It’s essential to contact suppliers directly to understand their MOQ requirements and determine if they align with your purchasing needs.

Key Features

  • Free Membership: Access to a vast network of buyers and sellers without an initial fee.
  • Diverse Suppliers: Connections to manufacturers, often based in China, offering a substantial range of products.
  • Dropshipping Support: Some suppliers on TradeKey offer dropshipping services, facilitating a more flexible and low-risk form of e-commerce.
  • Customer Support: Assistance provided for creating marketing materials and expanding your business reach.


  • Wide Product Selection: TradeKey’s diverse marketplace ensures a variety of options for purchasing.
  • Global Reach: Network with international traders, expanding your access to unique products.
  • Marketing Help: Get assistance with promotional activities like Google Ads and social media advertising.


  • Varied Supplier Quality: As with many global marketplaces, supplier quality can vary, which may require thorough vetting.
  • Potential Communication Barriers: Dealing with international suppliers could lead to language and time zone challenges.


While joining TradeKey is free, suppliers may have their pricing structures. Typically, prices will vary based on product type, quantity, and supplier. It’s crucial to negotiate terms directly with suppliers to ensure competitive pricing for your orders.

23. Trade Easy

Trade Easy

Trade Easy has become a noteworthy sourcing provider for buyers worldwide, especially for those seeking to procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With a focus on facilitating seamless business operations, Trade Easy’s adoption of online meeting solutions has made it an efficient platform for connecting buyers and suppliers.

Product Categories

Trade Easy offers a diverse range of products with a strong focus on PPE, including masks, gloves, face shields, and medical gowns. 

Additionally, the platform gives access to high-quality fashion manufacturers, catering to buyers in European chain stores, wholesalers, and online retail.


  • Personal Protective Equipment: Often has a higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) due to increased demand and production requirements.
  • Fashion Products: MOQ varies, typically set by individual manufacturers and negotiable based on buyer needs.

Key Features

  • Online Meetings: Leveraging technology, Trade Easy hosts over 100 online meetings monthly, doubling the engagement rate.
  • Fashion Industry Presence: Proven track record with participation in Texworld Paris, showcasing fashion manufacturers and garnering significant buyer interest.


  • Expertise in PPE Sourcing: A reliable choice for bulk PPE purchases, aiding global needs during health crises.
  • Innovative Meeting Solutions: Early adoption of video conferencing for buyer-supplier interactions facilitates consistent communication.


  • Product Focus: While strong in PPE and fashion, may not cater to all industries.
  • Technology Requirements: Reliance on video conferencing may be challenging for those with limited access to or discomfort with this form of communication.


Pricing through Trade Easy varies significantly depending on the product category and supplier. For specific price inquiries, buyers are encouraged to engage via online meetings to negotiate terms directly with suppliers.

24. Lovely Wholesale


When exploring the options on Lovely Wholesale, you rapidly discover a destination geared towards those seeking a variety of products with the convenience of an online shopping experience that’s enhanced by the ease of using a dedicated app.

Product Categories

Lovely Wholesale offers a diverse range of categories including clothing, accessories, and more, catering specifically to your fashion-forward inventory needs.


Typically, Lovely Wholesale does not impose a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), enabling you to purchase products in both large and small quantities according to your business’s demands.

Key Features

One standout feature is the Lovely Wholesale app, which provides an additional 10% discount with the use of a code. The platform also emphasizes user experience by allowing customer preferences through cookies to customize browsing.


  • Wide selection: Find a broad array of fashion products.
  • App discounts: Save more with app-exclusive offers.
  • Low commitment: No strict MOQ eases the buying process.


  • Niche focus: Primarily concentrated on fashion and accessories.
  • Variable pricing: Discounts on the app may lead to price discrepancies.


Pricing on Lovely Wholesale is competitive, with promotions like percentage discounts off retail prices. Regular updates on deals are a staple that keeps you informed about the best pricing options available.

Note: Verify the specifics like the app discount code and potential for price variation directly on Lovely Wholesale’s official website to ensure accurate, up-to-date information.

25. Gearbest


Gearbest is a global online marketplace known for its wide array of electronics and gadgets, providing business owners like you with a platform to source products directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

Moreover, Gearbest accommodates dropshipping, making it a friendly platform for e-commerce stores that rely on this business model. 

The site’s product range and shipping options are conducive to integrating dropshipping into your business operations.

Product Categories

  • Cell Phones & Accessories: Smartphones, cases, chargers.
  • Clothing & Apparel: Men’s and women’s fashion, accessories.
  • Computers & IT Accessories: Laptops, peripherals, storage devices.
  • Consumer Electronics: Cameras, audio, smart home gadgets.
  • Health & Beauty: Personal care, wellness products.
  • Home Improvement & Tools: DIY tools, smart home improvements.
  • Jewelry & Watches: Fashion and luxury pieces, smartwatches.
  • Outdoors & Sports: Gear for sports, fitness, and outdoor activities.


Gearbest typically does not impose a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), making it an accessible option for small businesses and those looking to test the market before making larger investments.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Online Service: Assistance available round-the-clock.
  • Multilingual Support Team: Breaking language barriers in customer service.
  • 72H Price Protection: A safeguard against price fluctuations shortly after purchase.
  • 40+ Worldwide Payments: Diverse payment options catering to international buyers.
  • New Collections Regularly: Often updated product offerings.


  • High-Quality Selection: Rigorous product quality control for peace of mind.
  • Affordable Prices: Products priced to offer cost savings.
  • Express Shipping: Expedited and reliable global warehouse shipping.
  • After-Sales Support: Readily available professional assistance.


  • Limited Customization: Products usually come as-is, with less scope for personalized specifications.
  • Language Barriers: Despite multilingual support, some communication hurdles can persist.


Gearbest provides factory-direct prices, which can mean significant savings for your business. Prices are competitive, reflecting the direct sourcing model from suppliers and manufacturers.

26. JD.com


Recognized as a major player in the Chinese online wholesale market, JD.com offers a vast array of products and services that cater to various business needs. 

It stands out for its comprehensive customer protection policies and integrated services that support both large-scale purchasing and dropshipping.

Product Categories

JD.com boasts an expansive product selection that covers a wide range of categories. You can find everything from electronics to apparel, and home goods to auto parts in their inventory, ensuring you can source products for nearly any niche.


Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) vary depending on the product and seller on JD.com. Some items may not have a set MOQ, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to place orders according to their specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping Friendly: JD.com supports dropshipping, providing a practical option for businesses looking to minimize inventory risks.
  • Quality Assurance: The platform has stringent quality control measures to guarantee that only legitimate goods are sold.
  • Logistics Services: JD.com’s own logistics network offers efficient and reliable shipping services.


  • Broad range of high-quality products
  • User-friendly interface with extensive search filters
  • Strong reputation for customer protection
  • No membership fees required


  • Primarily caters to the Chinese domestic market
  • Language barrier for non-Chinese speakers
  • International shipping can be complex and costly


Pricing on JD.com is competitive and varies by product. While some items may be priced higher than on other wholesale websites, JD.com’s commitment to quality and authenticity often justifies the cost. 

Always compare prices across various sellers on the platform to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your business needs.

27. Geekbuying


When looking for a wide range of tech products, especially to keep warm during the winter season, Geekbuying is a notable online marketplace wherein you can find a variety of electronic gadgets and accessories. 

This platform is known for its diverse product offerings that include the latest in tech comfort and convenience for chilly seasons, as well as electronic modes of transportation to enjoy the winter landscape.

Product Categories

Geekbuying provides an ample selection of products, prominently featuring electronic items. 

Here, you’ll discover everything from winter heating appliances and hot gadgets to electric bicycles, gaming monitors, smart devices, and more catered to making your winter experiences both warm and tech-savvy.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for products can vary on Geekbuying, but many items are available even in single units, making this site particularly friendly for small businesses or individual consumers not looking to make large volume purchases.

Key Features

  • Deal of the Day: Offers daily discounts on select items.
  • Local Stock: Certain products are available for shipping within 24hrs.
  • Free Returns: Offers a 7-day return policy on items.


  • Diverse product range catering to various tech needs.
  • Allows purchase of items in low quantities, which is ideal for dropshipping.
  • Fast shipping options from local warehouses.


  • As a specialized retailer, product variety is less when compared to general wholesale platforms.
  • The website mainly targets consumer electronics, which may not suit all business needs.


Geekbuying showcases competitive pricing, with savings offered through daily deals. 

Beyond China Wholesale Websites: More Ways to Find Quality Suppliers

Finding suppliers beyong China wholesale websites

When you’re looking to diversify your supply chain, considering other avenues beyond China wholesale websites can lead to finding quality suppliers for your business. Here are effective strategies that you can follow:

1. Trade Fairs

Attend local and international trade fairs to directly interact with manufacturers and suppliers. Trade fairs like Canton Fair provide you with opportunities to network, see products in person, and negotiate deals on-site.

2. Online Supplier Directories

Besides Alibaba, explore other directories such as Global Sources where verified suppliers list their products. These platforms often enforce strict quality control standards.

3. Sourcing Agents

Companies like NicheDropshipping assist you in identifying and partnering with high-quality manufacturers, taking care of negotiations and shipping logistics.

4. Industry Networks

Leverage your business networks. Other business owners in your community may recommend reliable suppliers they’ve worked with.

5. Social Media Channels

Platforms like LinkedIn allow you to connect with manufacturers and view their activity, partnerships, and endorsements from other businesses.

6. Local Industry Meetups

Joining groups on platforms like Meetup can lead to connections with suppliers and manufacturers within your industry.

FAQs about China Wholesale Websites

Navigating the world of wholesale purchasing from China can be complex. This FAQ section aims to demystify the process and offer you pertinent advice for making informed decisions.

Are There Some Wholesale China Websites with Free Shipping?

Yes, some China wholesale websites might offer promotions with free shipping. 

However, these are typically limited-time offers or dependent on meeting certain order criteria. 

Free shipping is more common for smaller items, and most frequently, shipping costs are calculated based on the volume and weight of the order.

How to Buy Wholesale from China?

There are three main ways to buy wholesale from China:

From a China Wholesale Website

The first way is to buy your dropshipping products directly from Chinese wholesale websites. Above, we mentioned a lot of great websites for wholesale products. 

Depending on your MOQ and product type, you can choose between Alibaba, 1688, Chinavasion, DHgate, AliExpress, etc. 

With the Help of a Dropshipping Agent

The second method of buying wholesale is working with a dropshipping agent in China who can act as the middle-man and find manufacturers or trade companies that offer the best wholesale prices. 

When choosing an agent, ask about their fulfillment center, inventory storage capabilities, and warehouses locations. Dropshipping agents that can store your bulk orders in warehouses close to your customers offer better delivery times. 

By Visiting China Wholesale Markets

Finally, the third way to buy in bulk from China is to visit their trade markets in person. 

This option is typically for more experienced dropshippers who can afford the trip and navigate the Chinese markets. 

What Are Some Cheap Wholesale Products from China?

China is known for offering a wide variety of affordable products. You can find cheap wholesale products ranging from electronics, clothing, jewelry, to accessories. 

The cost advantage is attributed to large-scale manufacturing and local sourcing of materials. Always compare sellers to ensure you are getting a competitive price.

How to Choose Good Quality Products When Buying Wholesale from China?

Due to the nature of the business model, most dropshippers never see the product that they’re selling in person. Since you’re sourcing from across the ocean, ensuring that the product is good quality can be challenging. 

Here are some techniques to help you order correctly and sell good quality products:

Place a Detailed Order

To get what you’ve ordered, you need to ensure that you actually order correctly and give your supplier all the details they need. 

For instance, don’t just order 50 pieces of M-sized purple T-shirts, but give them the exact color code of the purple you want, and ask them for their size M measurements in inches or centimeters. Don’t forget to discuss or specify the material as well. 

If you place an incorrectly explained order that’s not specific enough, you won’t have the grounds to ask for a return and refund. So, always make sure you’re as detailed as possible with your sourcing requests. 

Read the Product Reviews

Next, don’t forget to read the product reviews. Often, the reviews from other buyers can give you precious information regarding the delivery time, conditions in which the items arrived, sizing or fit issues, and similar. 

Look at User Photos

When you’re reading all the user reviews, don’t forget to open the photos they’ve attached. 

Often, the product can come looking completely different than on the listing photos. So, user photos can show you how the product looks without effects and photo editing. 

Order a Sample

And finally, the best and safest way to ensure your dropshipping product is of good quality is by ordering a sample before placing a bulk order. 

Suppliers that sell wholesale and in bulk are familiar with the concept of samples, so some of them will even point that out in their listing. Often, they agree to send a sample at a discounted price. 

How Can I Avoid Scams Buying from a China Wholesale Website?

If you’re worried about getting tricked while buying in bulk, here are some safe practices to follow:

Check Product Reviews

When buying from a China wholesale website, the first thing to do is check the product reviews. Avoid buying products that have no product reviews or those that have bad user reviews. 

Check Supplier Reviews

Many platforms, such as Alibaba, offer supplier reviews on top of product reviews. Like this, you can get an idea of how satisfied other buyers were with the supplier’s service. 

Verification or Audit Badges

Different platforms can have different ways of vetting or verifying suppliers. Look for symbols or badges that say “verified supplier”, “audited”, “guarantee”, “vetted”, “trade assurance”, “inspected”, and similar. 

Always Google Your Supplier

For instance, if you’re searching for a dropshipping agent and supplier in China, check Google first. Type something like “best dropshipping agent China”. 

Typically, the first few organic results will have websites with the best authority rating and user interactions, so those are your safest bets. 

Wrapping Up: Maximizing the Benefits from China Wholesale Websites

Let’s wrap it up: making the most of China’s vast wholesale market is key for your business growth. These platforms are your gateway to a wide array of products, from stylish wholesale clothing to cost-effective goods, all at great prices.

Choosing the right suppliers is crucial. This step is vital for protecting your investment and ensuring you’re getting top deals. 

Quality is king. Partner with reliable suppliers to guarantee the products you receive are exactly what you expect.

Communication with vendors is as important. Clear conversations prevent misunderstandings and ensure your requirements are clearly understood. 

Remember, smart bulk purchasing from China can greatly cut your costs. But always weigh cost-saving against product quality to keep your customers happy.

Looking to boost your business with smart sourcing? Reach out to us for a free quote and take the first step towards seamless sourcing and bulk purchasing from China!

Our team of experienced sourcing agents at NicheDropshipping can guide you through China’s wholesale scene, helping you find the best products for your needs. 

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