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The best niche products for dropshipping in 2019

Top niches to dropship in 2020 and the ultimate guide to choose the best dropshipping niche for your online store. Check this out now!

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hey guys, how is it going?

till now , the Amazon, Ebay, PL, Arbitrage, FBA, MF,  Dropshippers, Shopify and all Ecom sellers, Q4 is almost at an end !!!!

I hope it was great for you. If not I offer some free advice below for the best niche products to sell at 2019:

I know now most people are trying to wind things down now but after Christmas and January sales can be super if you choose the right products, I would advise you to take action right now for January and not just wait to see what happens, Ive made a list of more than 100 items or ideas in no particular order of things that sell very well online after Christmas and at the start of the new year, Anything on this list or anything with similarity will work quite well.

“big starts from small, small can be bigger, to grow big, let us start from small.

by stanley nieh

here is  a list for the best niche products in 2019


Storage containers

Refuse Sacks, garbage bags

Detox Products

Weight loss products

Memory cards,

Christmas decoration storage bags

Christmas Tree storage bags


Week Planners

pocket Planners


Elbow and Knee pads


Weight loss pills

Weight loss belts

Green Tea

Water bottles

Yoga Mats

Instrument cases like guitar cases, Violin Keyboard bags

HDMI, USB, and Charging leads



Music stands

Self help books

Yoga Pants

Cycling gloves

Running shoes

Exercise bikes




Ab rollers

Money making books and courses

Quit smoking kits

Gym Clothing

Weight lifting Belts

Weigh lifting gloves

Protein powders, Creations and Supplements

Fat burners

Green Tea

Weight benches

Message machine

Step counters

Teeth whitening strips

Language learning books and CDs

Leaner Driver books

Clothing organisers

Pop up wardrobes

Hiking boots

Tv stands and brackets

Football boots


Goal keeper gloves


Pimples and spot removers

Cooking equipment

Tubbleware and meal prep containers

Coat hangers

Stress Balls

Tiy organiser boxes

Compartment boxes

Lead tidy devices

Usb Plugs

Body weighing scales

Fat calipers

Scented candles


Headphones and Earphones

Dental tools

Cross trainers

Gymnastic equipment, mats, leotards, Mits, Beams, Rings

Wall planners


Dry erase pens

Money boxes

Office Chairs

Office furniture

Pinter Inks

Paper organisers

Pet Beds

Pet leads

Pet bowls

Cleaning supplies

Yoga balls

High visibility jogging and cycling jackets 

Face rejuvenating creams

Books on beating the blues

Alarm clocks

Waste Bins

Laundry baskets

Sport bags and kit bags

eCigarettes, Vaporisers juices and power banks

Wine racks

Slow cookers

Salt lamps

Baking instruments

Protein shakers

TV remote controls

Guitar straps, tuners, pedal and picks

Bycycle rain/dust covers, Locks lights

Ladies Slimming under suits

Shoe racks and storage

Ceramic and stone frying pans that use no oil

Decaf products

Electric toothbrush heads

Keyboard holder

Guitar stands and hangers

Fruit bowls and baskets

Large fridge water dispensing jars

Puppy training sheets

Knitting / Crochet needles and accessories

Birdwatching binoculars

Ski Apparatus, goggles, hats, snoods, gloves, masks

Reading lights

Reading glasses

Punch bags, Gloves and wraps

Fishing rods, reels, bags, nets, seats, tackle boxes and tackle

Hunting equipment clothing and accessorises

Craft and scrapbook accesories

Swimming short, caps, suits, goggles, earplugs

Camping, hiking and rambling accessorises

Horse riding accessories

Bath bombs

Water purifier jugs

Coconut oil

S.A.D therapy lights

Fat reducing cooking instruments like the George foreman

Under bed storage boxes

Bath salts

Camera accessorises and equipment like bags and straps

Vegetable dicers, slicers, Spiralizers

Tablets for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Food weighing scales

Dance, Ballet clothing and equipment

Healthy eating cook books


And don’t forget about ALL THINGS ACCESSORIES that need bought or an additional extra to the Christmas hot sellers of 2018 (check the amazon best sellers ranking lists for ideas)


Happy selling for 2019!!!

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